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Acer Travelmate | Aspire | Extensa Laptop Replacement Battery

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Item No.: Dekcell - BL-5720

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 Color  Black  Voltage  14.80V
 Capacity  4400mAh  Type  Lithium Ion
 Cells  8 Cell

Price: $49.95    MSRP:$89.50    (Saved $39.55)

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Dekcell Acer Travelmate | Aspire | Extensa Laptop Replacement Battery with ultra fast charging technology through continuous measuring and optimizing of energy acceptance levels charges batteries from any level to full capacity. Microprocessor-controlled circuitry ensures you get a full charge for your Acer laptop every time. An LED indicates the battery charge status. Built-in battery-protection and fault-detection circuitry prevents overcharging and overheating. It is a really high quality laptop battery with high performance and price ratio. You can reassure of purchasing our Acer replacement battery!
  • Replacement for Acer Laptop Battery A5525024, BATCL50L4, BT.00803.005, BT.3506.001, BT.T3504.001, BT.T3506.001, LC.BTP04.001, LCBTP04001, LIP8151CMP, LIP8151CMPT, LIP8151CMPT/TW, MCL50, MCL51, BATCL50L, BTP-04
  • Battery Type: Li-ion,
  • Voltage: 14.80V,
  • Capacity: 4400mAh, Black
  • Condition: Brand new, one year warranty!

  • This laptop battery is compatible with the following Acer laptop models:
    Travelmate Series: Travelmate 290, 291, 292, 293, 2350, 2352, 2353, 2354, 2355, 4050, 4051, 4052, 4053, 4150, 4151, 4152, 4153, 4154, 4650, 4651, 4652, 4654, 4655
  • Aspire Series: Aspire 9100, 9101, 9102, 9103, 9104, 9105, 9500, 9502, 9503, 9504
  • Extensa Series: Extensa 2350, 2900, 2902LMi, 2950

Compatible Acer Model Number

Aspire 9010Aspire 9010 SeriesAspire 9100Aspire 9100WLMiAspire 9101
Aspire 9101WLMiAspire 9102Aspire 9102WLCAspire 9102WLCiAspire 9102WLMi
Aspire 9103Aspire 9103WLMiAspire 9104Aspire 9104LMAspire 9104LMi
Aspire 9104WLMAspire 9104WLMiAspire 9104WLMITVAspire 9104WSMiAspire 9105
Aspire 9105WLMiAspire 9500Aspire 9500WSMiAspire 9501WLMiAspire 9502
Aspire 9502WLMiAspire 9502WSMiAspire 9503Aspire 9503EWSMiAspire 9503WLMi
Aspire 9503WSMiAspire 9504Aspire 9504WLMiAspire 9504WSMiExtensa 2350
Extensa 2900Extensa 2902LMiExtensa 2950Travelmate 2350Travelmate 2352
TravelMate 2352LCiTravelMate 2352NLCiTravelMate 2353TravelMate 2353LCTravelMate 2353LCi
TravelMate 2353LMTravelMate 2353LMiTravelMate 2353NLCTravelMate 2353NLCiTravelMate 2353WLMi
TravelMate 2354TravelMate 2354LCTravelMate 2354LCiTravelMate 2354LMTravelMate 2354LMi
TravelMate 2354NLCTravelMate 2354NLCiTravelMate 2354NLMTravelMate 2354NLMiTravelmate 2355
TravelMate 2355LCTravelMate 2355LCiTravelMate 2355LMTravelMate 2355LMiTravelMate 2355NLC
TravelMate 2355NLCiTravelMate 2355NLMTravelMate 2355NLMiTravelMate 2355XMTravelmate 290
TravelMate 290DTravelMate 290ELCTravelMate 290ELCiTravelMate 290ELMTravelMate 290ELMi
TravelMate 290EXCTravelMate 290EXCiTravelMate 290LCTravelMate 290LCiTravelMate 290LMi
TravelMate 290XCiTravelMate 290XiTravelMate 290XMiTravelMate 290XViTravelmate 291
TravelMate 291LCiTravelMate 291LCi-GTravelMate 291LmiTravelMate 291LMi-GTravelMate 291LMi-G XPHome
TravelMate 291XCiTravelMate 291XCiHTravelmate 292TravelMate 292ELCTravelMate 292ELCi
TravelMate 292ELMTravelMate 292ELMiTravelMate 292EXCTravelMate 292EXCiTravelMate 292LC
TravelMate 292LCiTravelMate 292LMTravelMate 292LMiTravelMate 292LMi-V68MBTravelmate 293
TravelMate 293ELCTravelMate 293ELCiTravelMate 293ELMTravelMate 293ELMiTravelMate 293LCi
TravelMate 293LMiTravelmate 4050TravelMate 4050LCTravelMate 4050LCiTravelMate 4050LM
TravelMate 4050LMiTravelMate 4050WLCiTravelMate 4050WLMiTravelMate 4051TravelMate 4051LC
TravelMate 4051LCiTravelMate 4051LMTravelMate 4051LMiTravelMate 4051WLCiTravelMate 4051WLMi
TravelMate 4052TravelMate 4052LCTravelMate 4052LCiTravelMate 4052LMTravelMate 4052LMi
TravelMate 4052NLCiTravelMate 4052WLCiTravelMate 4052WLMiTravelMate 4053TravelMate 4053LMi
Travelmate 4150TravelMate 4150LCTravelMate 4150LCiTravelMate 4150LMTravelMate 4150LMi
TravelMate 4150NLCiTravelMate 4150WLMiTravelmate 4151TravelMate 4151LCTravelMate 4151LCi
TravelMate 4151LMTravelMate 4151LMiTravelMate 4151NLCiTravelMate 4151WLCiTravelMate 4151WLMi
Travelmate 4152TravelMate 4152LCTravelMate 4152LCiTravelMate 4152LMTravelMate 4152LMi
TravelMate 4152NLCTravelMate 4152NLCiTravelMate 4152WLMiTravelmate 4153TravelMate 4153LM
TravelMate 4153LMiTravelmate 4154TravelMate 4154LMTravelMate 4154LMiTravelmate 4650
TravelMate 4650LCTravelMate 4650LCiTravelMate 4650LMTravelMate 4650LMiTravelmate 4651
TravelMate 4651LCTravelMate 4651LCiTravelMate 4651LMTravelMate 4651LMiTravelMate 4651NLM
TravelMate 4651WLMiTravelmate 4652TravelMate 4652LCTravelMate 4652LCiTravelMate 4652LM
TravelMate 4652LMiTravelMate 4652NLCiTravelMate 4652WLCiTravelMate 4652WLMiTravelmate 4654
TravelMate 4654LMTravelMate 4654LMiTravelMate 4654WLMiTravelmate 4655TravelMate 4655LMi

Compatible Acer Part Number


Product Reviews

Avg. Customer Rating: (4.8 out of 5) based on 4 reviews. Write Your Review

1. Flaw but Good Service

By Gary Trammell from Virginia on Apr 29, 2011

I thought shipping was too much, as far as finding the item notifications, ordering and delivery date. Everything was great. Thanks!

2. YES

By Hank from San Juan, PR on Mar 3, 2010

I love the fact that the battery from THIS company made my Acer 9101 alive again!!! I really have no complaints - they did everything up to my expectations! I would even call California BBB to give them thumbs up! Seriously, they are awesome!

3. High Recommendation

By Debra from Maine on Oct 14, 2009

Positive experience with vendor, definitely recommend to others. Product was exactly as stated. Easy ordering and quick shipping. Good price. Item arrived on time and in great condition and works as advertised. Overall, very satisfied with item ordered and service received, had no problems whatsoever. I would highly recommend for notebook battery.

4. Good partner

By Brent from New York on Jul 18, 2008

I'm an IT Professional and I believe in treating my customers as #1. For two years now, Brillilantstore has served as a silent partner, on the hardware side of things. They always deliver as expected, have what I need and their prices are typically the best by a long shot. Believe it or not, if you need the customer service for an order, they're top notch there too!