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Blue 9 Cells Laptop Battery for Acer Aspire One A110, A150, AOA110, AOA150, ZG5

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Item No.: Dekcell - BL-5728H-BLUE

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If you want a insane battery life, get this Acer Aspire One A110, A150, AOA110, AOA150, ZG5 battery. It is high capacity battery with extended hours. And it is a new replacement battery. It provides stable discharge performance. Don't worry the quality. It is 100% compatible with your original Acer laptop battery and has been certified by CE and RoHS. Buy with confidence! The price is also hard to beat.
  • Replacement Extended Capacity Laptop Battery for Acer Aspire One A110, A110L, A110X, A150, A150L, A150X, AOA110, AOA150, ZG5 (Linux), 8GB 8.9" Notebook Series.
  • It is compatible with the following Part Numbers: UM08A31, UM08A51, UM08A71, UM08A72, UM08A73, UM08A74, UM08B31, UM08B71, UM08B72, UM08B73, UM08B74, LC.BTP00.017, LC.BTP00.018, 934T2780F.
  • Acer Laptop Battery Type: Li-ion, 11.1V, 7200mAh, Blue, 9 Cells (High Capacity).
  • Brand new, one year warranty!

Compatible Acer Model Number

Aspire One 10.1 inch (Black)Aspire One 8.9 inch (Black)Aspire One A110-1295Aspire One A110-1545Aspire One A110-1691
Aspire One A110-1698Aspire One A110-1722Aspire One A110-1812Aspire One A110-1831Aspire One A110-1948
Aspire One A110-1955Aspire One A110-AbAspire One A110-AcAspire One A110-AGbAspire One A110-Agc
Aspire One A110-AwAspire One A110-BbAspire One A110-BcAspire One A110-BGbAspire One A110-BGw
Aspire One A110-BwAspire One A110L blauAspire One A110L weissAspire One A110X Black EditionAspire One A150-1006
Aspire One A150-1049Aspire One A150-1126Aspire One A150-1249Aspire One A150-1382Aspire One A150-1447
Aspire One A150-1493Aspire One A150-1532Aspire One A150-1570Aspire One A150-1672Aspire One A150-1890
Aspire One A150-1983Aspire One A150-AbAspire One A150-AcAspire One A150-AwAspire One A150-Bb
Aspire One A150-Bb1Aspire One A150-BcAspire One A150-BGbAspire One A150-BGcAspire One A150-BGw
Aspire One A150-BkAspire One A150-Bk1Aspire One A150-BwAspire One A150-Bw1Aspire One A150L blau
Aspire One A150L weissAspire One A150X blauAspire One A150X weissAspire One D150-1044Aspire One D150-1125
Aspire One D150-1165Aspire One D150-1197Aspire One D150-1322Aspire One D150-1462Aspire One D150-1577
Aspire One D150-1587Aspire One D150-1606Aspire One D150-1647Aspire One D150-1860Aspire One D150-1920
Aspire One D150-1BAspire One D150-1BkAspire One D150-1BrAspire One D250-1026Aspire One D250-1042
Aspire One D250-1116Aspire One D250-1151Aspire One D250-1165Aspire One D250-1185Aspire One D250-1610
Aspire One D250-1924Aspire One D250-1990Aspire One P531h-1766Aspire One P531h-1791Aspire One P531h-1Bk
Aspire One Pro 531f-2G64BkAspire One Pro 531h-1G16BkAspire One Pro 531h-1G25BkAspire One Pro 531h-2G25Bk

Compatible Acer Part Number


Product Reviews

Avg. Customer Rating: (5.0 out of 5) based on 4 reviews. Write Your Review

1. Flaw but Good Service

By Kendal from Maryland on Apr 29, 2011

I thought shipping was too much, as far as finding the item notifications, ordering and delivery date. Everything was great. Thanks!

2. Good Price and Product

By Katy from Arizona on Jun 19, 2010

I keep coming back to brilliantstore.com because the site is easy to get around on and it is easy to get to the part that I need for the specific model I have. Furthermore, they always seem to have what I need and at the best price! Very timely manner as which item was shipped out. Item was securely wrapped for shipping. I would recommend for others to purchase from here.

3. Good laptop battery

By white from US on Jan 19, 2010

It was not until a few months ago that my sister asked me if I wanted a new, longer-lasting Acer Aspire One laptop battery. At first I was a bit hesitant and thought, ?hy the hell would I need that when I could just plug my laptop into an outlet??I asked her where she would get it and she told me about Brilliantstore.com, where she had purchased an accessory for laptop in the past. I did not think that it was much of a necessity; actually, I thought it was pointless, but then I realized how convenient it might be to have one laptop battry. So I decided to try it out.

To my surprise, this Acer Aspire One battery came in handy. Shipping was fast and placing my order online was a brisk. I always take my laptop with me wherever I go, either when I am just walking around the house or when I am driving to school since all of my music is on there. The fact that knowing the Acer Aspire One battery will not die any time soon gives me comfort when I am working on homework or just surfing the web. At school, I do not even have to worry about bringing my laptop charger because I know for a fact that the Acer Aspire One battery life will last me, which helps free some space with all of the books that I have to bring for classes. Having my Acer with an extended capacity laptop battery is the exact opposite of insult to injury and more like a compliment to winning an award.

The Acer Aspire One battery lasts about seven hours, which is more than enough time for me to get what I need done for school and still have time to chat with the ladies. As long as I charge my laptop battery completely the night, I know for a fact that I don? have anything to worry about.

The only down side is that because of it is a higher capacity laptop battery, it is big and protrudes out from the back, so it does not have a leveled bottom. Despite that, this flaw serves as a plus because when I set it down on a flat surface it holds the Acer Aspire One up at an angle, which leaves a air flow for the computer to breathe and not overheat. This Acer Aspire One battery has negative characteristics that serve as positive aspects.

4. For sure I will buy from them again.

By Kevin from Maryland on Feb 7, 2009

This was my first time placing an order on Brilliantstore. I thought it gave me all the options I needed to know. The descriptions and details of the product were great. I received item free shipping. Price was awesome. For sure I will buy from them again.