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Air Cleaners & Air Purifier

All Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers are provided by Soleus, Sunpentown, Whynter, Tiger, Neoair etc.These electronic HEPA air cleaners and air purifiers remove dust, odor, pollen, smoke, mold, spores, and animal dander from the air, you can breathe fresh air in your home or office. Brilliantstore will do best for your health.
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Showing 1 - 24 of 28 Items Pages:  1 2
Have you ever paid attention to the Air pollution Index reported every day?
Have you noticed that air quality inside is usually worse than that of ouside? Yes? No?
Actually, air that in a narrow space is full of impurities which would cause sneezing, pressing-breathe, feeling of dizzy or drowsy, getting allergic or asthma.
Plus, long-time intake of foreign substances probably lead to cancer and chronic respiratory sickness. Some harmful chemicals like the high-density formaldehyde would cause harm to the eyes, nose, throat that increase risk of lung cancer and organic diseases.
Living in an unpolluted space is cherishing our life. And air purifying makes it come true for an unpolluted space. Do you agree on this?
This selection of purifiers, including Andrea, Whynter, Sunpentown and Soleus adopt their unique and original technology of namometer with static dust-proof filter, taking in each micro dust and harmful evoparative gas floating in the air or giving off from your internal painting, your floor blankets, smoking or even from your pets. These purifier render you a completely purified room to live in, for purifiers release active oxygen which is a bacteria killer. With the strong-wind and high-speed operation, air would get purified just ten minutes after the purifier getting started. You can put one of these purifiers in the corner of your living room or bathroom, your office or your car as they are so exquisite and barely noisy. Thus you will be always breathing clean air even without any notice. Your life is getting more fashionable and healthy with this selection of purifiers.
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