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Air Conditioner's Principle: Cooling

Compressor compresses gaseous refrigerant of high-pressure and high-temperature liquid refrigerant. Refrigerant is then sent to the condenser (outdoor unit) cooling, and becomes a liquid refrigerant at room temperature and high-pressure. So out of the outdoor unit is blowing hot wind.
Refrigerant then be sent to the capillary, and pressure into the evaporator (indoor unit). As the refrigerant reaches the evaporator from the capillary, due to the sudden increase of space, the pressure decreases, the liquid refrigerant will vaporize and become gaseous and low-temperature refrigerant to absorb a lot of heat. Then, the evaporator will be cold, the indoor unit's fan blown the indoor air from the evaporator. Therefore the indoor unit is blowing cold air out. And water vapor in the air encounter the cold evaporator will condense into water droplets. Water droplets flow out along the pipeline. This is the reason for air conditioner will be water.
Finally, gaseous refrigerant go back to the compressor to be compressed. One cycle ends and another cycle started.

Air Conditioner's Principle: Heating

Air conditioner has a heating function, because it is equipped with a component called the four-way valve. Four-way valve allows the flow of refrigerant is contrary to cooling process between the condenser and evaporator. So when the air conditioner is in heating, the outdoor unit is blowing cold air, the indoor unit is blowing hot air.
In fact, air conditioner' principle was based on the following knowledge of physics:
When the gas is liquefied, it releases heat; when the liquid is gasified, it absorbs heat.

Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioner's Principle

Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioner equipped one circulating pump. Circulating pump continuously pumps water from the water tank, and water is sprayed evenly on the evaporator by sprinkler system. Outdoor hot air get into the evaporative cooling media (CELdek), and exchange heat with water within the evaporative cooling media. Because when the water is evaporated absorbing heat and make air cooling. Cool and clean air is pressurized and sent to room by low-noise fan. In this way, indoor hot air is pushed outside by cold air. This achieved the purpose of cooling.
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