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Amazon Kindle 1 Battery

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Item No.: Dekcell - BPA-256

Ratings: (7 reviews).

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A good replacement battery may offer your Kindle 1 stable outcome and last long time. This high quality kindle battery is made of high grade cells, it will work well as the description. But it sold at unbeatable price.
  • Replacement Battery for Amazon Kindle 1 (1st Generation)
  • Compatible Part Numbers: A00100, BA1001, 170-1001-00
  • Li-ion, 3.7V, 1530mAh
  • Brand new, 1 year warranty!

Product Reviews

Avg. Customer Rating: (4.3 out of 5) based on 7 reviews. Write Your Review

1. Nice

By Luke from Eureka, Ca on Jul 2, 2010

I needed a replacement battery for my dead kindle and this website popped up on google and after reading the reviews i jumped and bought one. The battery came with in a couple days and thanks to the reviews below that posted a how to video of removing the battery. I popped the battery in and my kindle is alive again.

Thanks Brilliant Store.

2. Amazon Kindel 1 Battery, Love It A++

By E-Book Reader from Boston on Mar 24, 2010

I had to replace the original battery with my Kindle. At first, I admit I was sketical. I was hesitant to order an after-market battery for my dead Kindle battery. After reading some reviews on this Li-Ion battery I ordered it. I received the battery after a couple of days and started using it. I am happy to say that I had the opportunity to read for 10 hrs continuously at which time the battery was still more then half full. better than fine, great!!

3. Bought my Kindle 1 Battery

By Kindle from USA on Mar 9, 2010

Some experts say the Amazon Kindle battery can be used for several years, but I only used the battery for over a year. I bought this Kindle in 2009. Now I had no choice but to buy a battery replacement here. The company's delivery is really fast. I buy it in the first day, and the next day it arrived at my door. I did not know how to replace the battery, so I came here to look for information on how to replace the battery. In accordance with its prompt, I easily put on the new Kindle battery, and it is compatible with My computer. Now, the Kindel work well.

4. My Kindle

By Sundy from NewYork on Mar 1, 2010

When my Kindle stop work, I considered that if it means the kindle invalid. But my friend told me maybe the battery died out. So I searched the kindle battery replacement in google, and I found it here. Fortunately, this site told me how to replace the kindle battery. I did follow with the video. As a result, my device worked again

5. News on the Kindle battery

By Kindle Replacement Battery from Indian on Feb 27, 2010

Amazon announced that they has improved the battery life of Kindle e-book reader when wireless connection is turning on and new Kindle will provide native PDF support.
The new Kindle sold will contain these two technological changes, older users can obtain the above-mentioned support by firmware upgrade.
Amazon said that the improved Kindle battery life has increased from 4 days to 7 days. But the battery life is not different from the past Kindle battery when the wireless connection is closing. (about two weeks).
Amazon said: portable wireless device's battery power management is a complex area of technology. And the announced improvements are research results undergone six-month firmware improving and program testing.
All new Kindle sold will include battery improvement and native PDF support. Users who Purchased Kindle can open the wireless connection to automatically download a firmware upgrade and achieve these improvements.
But it is not determined yet. If the kindle 2 and the older kindle can upgrade the Battery and Read Format?
If you Kindle battery has broken or lost, you can do is to buy a replacement battery.

6. Nice Amazon device, instruction for replacement of the Kindle 1 Battery

By Helen P from Las Vegas on Feb 25, 2010

I found it's very useful tip to replace the Amazon Kindle one battery. Would like to share

See review video:

7. Another instruction for replacement of the Kindle 1 Battery

By Helen P from Las Vegas on Feb 25, 2010

Here is another good demo how to disassembly and replace the Amazon Kindle one battery. Would like to share with the fellow Amazon kindle users.

See review video: