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Replacement Battery for Amazon Kindle 2 II 2nd Gen S11S01A (1530mAh)

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Item No.: Dekcell - BPA-257

Ratings: (12 reviews).

Availability: Out of Stock

Ships from U.S Warehouse. Most customers receive within one week.

Price: $16.99    MSRP:$25.59    (Saved $8.60)   
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It is a rechargeable Li-Ion battery with high performance. A great price. Compare with other online sites. This Kindle 2 (Kindle II) battery is built with the highest quality cells and has undergone a rigorous safety testing to ensure that it is compatible with your Kindle.
High grade lithium cells that allows your Kindle to have a longer battery life ( The Kindle 2 has a 25% longer battery life than the Kindle 1 ).
  • Replacement Battery for Amazon Kindle 2, Amazon Kindle II
  • S11S01A Replacement Battery
  • Model Number: CS-ABD002SL
  • Li-ion, 3.7V, 1530mAh
  • Brand-new, 1 year warranty!
  • NOTE: It does not work for Model D00701

Product Reviews

Avg. Customer Rating: (3.5 out of 5) based on 12 reviews. Write Your Review

1. Product not in stock as advertised

By pokersteve from Reno, Nevada on Sep 15, 2011

Ordered a Kindle battery yesterday, display page said it was in stock. Today received an e-mail that it is back ordered. Don't want to wait 10 days when many other sellers have this item. Already billed me on credit card for an item they don't have. I would not buy from this seller again.

2. Two defective batteries!

By runnincricket from Meridianville, Alabama on Jul 5, 2011

DO NOT BUY THIS REPLACEMENT! The first one I received was dead, and would not except a charge. They sent me a replacement. The second was not dead, but after running for a few minutes, it quit, never to charge or run again...... each time I replaced with my original battery and it ran fine. I am still running on my original battery, and will buy another from somewhere else..... This place seems to deal in defective products, and I refuse to deal with them any more. Steve L. Jones

3. So Easy Even I Could Do It !!!

By Steve from Farmingdale, NY on Feb 15, 2011

Your replacement battery quickly converted my dead Kindle into a living breathing repository of the written word to which I could, once again, access.

Nice price & lightning fast shipping with tracking info.

Thank you Brilliant Store

4. Bad K2 battery

By Deborah from Ann Arbor, MI on Nov 9, 2010

The battery on my K2 dwindle down to the point where I can't charge it all. I was so upset because these things are still so new and the original battery should have lasted longer. Anyways, a friend of mine recommended I buy from Brilliant Store. So I made my research, found the battery, ordered it, 2 days later - received it!!! Yes, TWO DAYS AFTER I PLACED THE ORDER!! Anyhow, I've been happy with my new Kindle 2 battery from Brilliant and I promise you, I will come back to order more from you guys, especially during for Christmas.

5. Dead Defective Battery, no instructions

By F from MN on Jul 2, 2010

Battery came dead, wouldn't accept a charge. No instructions on how to replace battery.

BrilliantStore.com Customer Service Response

Sorry for the defective. This battery is rarely defective. We have 1 year warranty for it and will replace the battery for you. The instruction is in the web site, see link FOR THE FIRST REVIEW: http://www.brilliantstore.com/amazon_kindle_pda_batteries_dekcell_bpa_257.html#review

6. Kindle 2 replacement battery

By Doug from Austin TX on Jun 15, 2010

The battery arrived as described in less than a week. I would like to recommend that instruction on exchanging the battery be sent with the battery. In my case, I went to YouTube and watched a demo. That could also be recommended.

7. All-round pleasant experience! Kindle 2 Battery

By Bob from DeKalb, Il on Mar 16, 2010

It arrived in good time; enjoyed the Bolero instruction video. I was up in running in less than 15min.

Great Job

8. Great Store - Great Service

By Mikey's Mom from CT on Mar 9, 2010

I never heard of this website until a member of the kindle community (on amazon site) suggested I order a new battery here for my kindle which suddenly died. The website was great - very informative and easy to navigate. I think the battery arrived before I hit the done button. Again, great service.

9. Take care your kindle 2 battery

By Kindle user from Aus on Mar 8, 2010

The Amazon Kindle 2 has a long battery life (My kindle 2 battery life is 7 hours when wireless turning on), but you should recharge it every other day if you frequently use the wireless, and two weeks if you are generally offline. My kindle battery is broken because I do not charge it in time. I usually charge the battery when I want to use it. Now it spend me much time to find a replacement. Compared several online stores, I bought it here. It work well with my kindle, but the battery life is less than the original battery (5 hours, the official annoucement is 7 hours). It is also enough for me using my kindle.

10. I buy Kindle battery

By Richard from UK on Mar 1, 2010

It is said that new kindle battery have been upgraded. And the battery life has increased from 4 hours to 7 hours. However, after a firmware upgrade, my kindle battery still only last 2 hours so that I have to buy a replacement battery for my kindle 2. I bought it from brilliantstore, and it reached my hand 2 days later. I replaced my kindle battery as the video showing. It was easy to do. Now the battery work well. Although this replacement battery can work as long as the Amazon said(7 hours), it also last 6 hours.

11. Kindle 2 battery replacement

By Kindle battery from UK on Feb 27, 2010

Amazon's Kindle is popular because it binds the Amazon platform, a large number of library resources. Users can directly download books through a wireless network from Amazon's online bookstore in foreign countries, and the price is much lower than the traditional paper-based books. In order to meet the customer needs, Amazon launched a new e-book reader Kindle 2. Compared with the previous version, the product design, battery life, flip speed and storage capacity have been improved considerably. But regardless of how to improve them, each battery has a life.
There are some special features about this Kindle battery replacement.
1. It is made of high grade cells, so it can store more power and last longer.
2.This Kindle battery is a OEM battery, for form,for fit, for workmanship.
3.It is Lithium battery. Therefore, the memory effect is a very small.

12. Hard to replace Amazon Kindle 2 battery? Not Really

By Bingo from Lake Taho on Feb 25, 2010

Battery will eventually run out and dead. The cheapest way to replace it is to buy after market battery. Thought it was difficult to do it. I try this video and it helps a lot.

See review video: