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Compatible Apple Car/Auto Power Charger for iBook, Titanium, Powerbook G4 (45W)

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Item No.: Dekcell - AL-3211-CAR

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Needing an alternative source for charging up your Apple? This Auto adapter enables you to simultaneously operate your Powerbook and charge its battery from the DC outlets inside your car. Lightweight designed and easily fits into your carry-on, bag, purse or laptop backpack. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! The 45 Watt car adapter is specially designed to rapidly charge up your Apple in minimal time.
  • Replacement Car/Auto Charger for Apple iBook, Titanium, Powerbook G4
  • Input: 12-36V, DC; Output: Output: 24V 1.875A, DC (45W)
  • Brand new, one year warranty!
  • For following Apple Laptop Model Number: iBook (Dual USB - 12), iBook (Dual USB - 14"), iBook (White - 12"), iBook (White - 14"), iBook 700 (M8860LL/A), iBook 800 (M8861LL/A), iBook 800 (M8862LL/A), iBook 900 (M9009LL/A), iBook 900 (M9018LL/A), iBook G4 (12"), iBook G4 (14"), iBook G4 12-in 1.0/1.2GHz (M9426LL/A), iBook G4 14-in 1.0/1.2GHz (M9418LL/A), iBook G4 14-in 1.0/1.2GHz (M9419LL/A), iBook G4 1GHz (M9165LL/A), iBook G4 800 (M9164LL/A), iBook G4 933 (M9388LL/A), PowerBook G4 (12"), PowerBook G4 (15" Aluminum), PowerBook G4 (15" Titanium), PowerBook G4 (17"), PowerBook G4 1.25GHz (M8981LL/A), PowerBook G4 1.33GHz (M9110LL/A), PowerBook G4 15-in 1.0-1.5GHz, PowerBook G4 17-in 1.0-1.5GHz, PowerBook G4 1GHz (M8858LL/A), PowerBook G4 1GHz (M8980LL/A), PowerBook G4 1GHz (M9007LL/A), PowerBook G4 1GHz (M9008LL/A)

Compatible Apple Model Number

iBook (Dual USB - 12)iBook (Dual USB - 14 inch)iBook (White - 12 inch)iBook (White - 14 inch)iBook 700 (M8860LL/A)
iBook 800 (M8861LL/A)iBook 800 (M8862LL/A)iBook 900 (M9009LL/A)iBook 900 (M9018LL/A)iBook G4 (12 inch)
iBook G4 (14 inch)iBook G4 12-in 1.0/1.2GHz (M9426LL/A)iBook G4 14-in 1.0/1.2GHz (M9418LL/A)iBook G4 14-in 1.0/1.2GHz (M9419LL/A)iBook G4 1GHz (M9165LL/A)
iBook G4 800 (M9164LL/A)iBook G4 933 (M9388LL/A)PowerBook G4 (12 inch)PowerBook G4 (15 inch Aluminum)PowerBook G4 (15 inch Titanium)
PowerBook G4 (17 inch)PowerBook G4 1.25GHz (M8981LL/A)PowerBook G4 1.33GHz (M9110LL/A)PowerBook G4 15-in 1.0-1.5GHzPowerBook G4 17-in 1.0-1.5GHz
PowerBook G4 1GHz (M8858LL/A)PowerBook G4 1GHz (M8980LL/A)PowerBook G4 1GHz (M9007LL/A)PowerBook G4 1GHz (M9008LL/A)

Product Reviews

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1. Available in the car

By Palinmo from Chicago, IL on Jan 25, 2010

My DC adapter for the Apple in the car, once viewed as a luxury has turned into another added emergency tool, parallel to my cellular phone charger. This adapter is well constructed and feel sturdy. The contact point that goes into the power socket is solid. I had other DC charger where the cover housing gets loose, the fuse and the spring fall out. I am surprisingly delighted that I use this charger more than I imagined. I got my worth out of this purchased.