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Laptop Battery for Apple A1185 Macbook Pro 13" Series, Ma561g/a, Ma561ll/a (White)

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Item No.: Dekcell - BL-5870-WHITE-REPLACEMENT

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Apple BL-5870-WHITE-REPLACEMENT Battery, available in BLACK or WHITE, and rated at 10.8V, 5100mAh, 55WHr. Replacement MacBook battery is guaranteed to meet or exceed original Apple BL-5870-WHITE-REPLACEMENT battery specifications. These are quality made Level 8 Technology laptop batteries manufactured with premium lithium cells. Lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries do not suffer from the memory effect. These batteries also have internal circuit boards with smart chips, which allows the battery to communicate with the laptop to monitor battery performance, output voltage and temperature.
  • Brand:DekCell
  • Part Number:BL-5870-WHITE-REPLACEMENT
  • Product Type:Battery
  • Color:White
  • Battery Type:6-Cell Lithium polymer
  • Output Voltage:10.80Volts
  • Capacity:5100mAh
  • Compatible Product:Laptop Computers
  • Compatible Brand:Apple
  • Compatible Models:Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch Series
  • Width:8.30in
  • Height:3.05in
  • Depth:0.58in
  • Weight:12.9Oz
  • Warranty:1Year
  • UPC:879889006874

Compatible Apple Model Number

MacBook 13 inch MA254MacBook 13 inch MA254*/AMacBook 13 inch MA254B/AMacBook 13 inch MA254CH/AMacBook 13 inch MA254F/A
MacBook 13 inch MA254J/AMacBook 13 inch MA254LL/AMacBook 13 inch MA254SA/AMacBook 13 inch MA254TA/AMacBook 13 inch MA254X/A
MacBook 13 inch MA255MacBook 13 inch MA255*/AMacBook 13 inch MA255B/AMacBook 13 inch MA255CH/AMacBook 13 inch MA255F/A
MacBook 13 inch MA255J/AMacBook 13 inch MA255LL/AMacBook 13 inch MA255SA/AMacBook 13 inch MA255TA/AMacBook 13 inch MA255X/A
MacBook 13 inch MA699MacBook 13 inch MA699*/AMacBook 13 inch MA699B/AMacBook 13 inch MA699CH/AMacBook 13 inch MA699J/A
MacBook 13 inch MA699LL/AMacBook 13 inch MA699TA/AMacBook 13 inch MA699X/AMacBook 13 inch MA700MacBook 13 inch MA700*/A
MacBook 13 inch MA700B/AMacBook 13 inch MA700CH/AMacBook 13 inch MA700J/AMacBook 13 inch MA700LL/AMacBook 13 inch MA700TA/A
MacBook 13 inch MA700X/AMacBook 13 inch MB061*/AMacBook 13 inch MB061B/AMacBook 13 inch MB061CH/AMacBook 13 inch MB061J/A
MacBook 13 inch MB061LL/AMacBook 13 inch MB061X/AMacBook 13 inch MB062*/AMacBook 13 inch MB062B/AMacBook 13 inch MB062CH/A
MacBook 13 inch MB062J/AMacBook 13 inch MB062LL/AMacBook 13 inch MB062LL/BMacBook 13 inch MB062X/AMacBook 13 inch MB402*/A
MacBook 13 inch MB402B/AMacBook 13 inch MB402J/AMacBook 13 inch MB402LL/AMacBook 13 inch MB402X/AMacBook 13 inch MB403*/A
MacBook 13 inch MB403B/AMacBook 13 inch MB403J/AMacBook 13 inch MB403LL/AMacBook 13 inch MB403X/AMacBook 13 inch MB881LL/A
MacBook Pro 13-inch Series

Compatible Apple Part Number


Product Reviews

Avg. Customer Rating: (5.0 out of 5) based on 10 reviews. Write Your Review

1. Flaw but Good Service

By Jessica Hu from Maryland on Apr 29, 2011

The package box was partially broken when arrived. The batteries were in good condition. The one battery was missing. Called the customer service - she was very friendly and this battery arrived in a couple of days. Overall, it has excellent Service and Shipping as two batteries out of five totally arrive DOA. Customer service was excellent and replacement batteries arrived overnight. By the way, I think the ability to track the order status would be beneficial as opposed to just getting the email from the shipping company. Just a suggestion. Thank you for this.

2. Apple A1185 Battery

By James from Albuquerque, NM on Mar 10, 2010

Works just like the original. No problems. No complaints. I wish i bought this earlier, glad i spent less on this one too.

3. Prompt delivery

By D from NYC on Mar 9, 2010

battery works great

4. How to remove Macbook Battery

By MacOnly from Berkeley, ca on Mar 5, 2010

Excellent video for Macbook 13" Repair - Battery Removal

See review video:

5. Deal for Apple Macbook

By Donna from Los Angeles, CA on Feb 16, 2010

We have had this battery for about a month and we get about 4.5 hours real life usage. A battery utility I run on our MacBooks says it should last about 5.5 hours but I'm very very happy with this buy. Will recommend it.

6. Works as it should.

By Dave from Somerset, nj on Feb 3, 2010

Product had some slight fitment issues, took a bit of fiddling to make it fit perfectly.

Holds a charge well, and is a much better value than the Apple battery.

7. Needed the battery, got what I orderd

By Tokast from Austin, Tx on Dec 6, 2009

I was debating for a long time between a replacement or an OEM. This economy got me taking a risk on a replacement. So, I got this replacement from Brilliantstore.com I was not disappointed, not at all. I had it a month now, and still very satisfy with my buy. Thanks.

8. Like it, Recommend it

By Merritt from Indiana on Dec 16, 2008

Again, great service with nice prices. I have used brilliantstore.com before and I will continue to do so! I find shopping for all of my computer parts here to be cheap and easy! I find that the website is very organized and easy to use. I also find that they almost always have the best prices and when they do not its maybe one out of 20 items. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is building a system.

9. fast shipment

By Rick from Wyoming on Apr 5, 2008

One of the first few times I've ever ordered on line. I was extremely impressed with order con- formation and fast (6 day UPS ground) delivery. I'd purchase more from them again.

10. Come again, purchase again

By brandon from Nebraska on Mar 22, 2008

This store has fantastic products and fantastic prices. I have become, over the years, very happy with the customer service as well. I don't think there is any other organization with better customer service. And few times that there have been issues I received excellent customer service; I will continue to buy products from them and recommend them to others.