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Compatible Apple Laptop Battery A1175 for MacBook Pro 15" Series, 60W 5400mAh by Dekcell

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Item No.: Dekcell - BL-5871-REPLACEMENT

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(1) This smart Lithium-Ion Apple MacBook Pro battery (Apple A1175 battery) produces steady output and good endurance. (2)It recharged in your notebook using the AC adapter, whether the notebook is on or off. (3) Charge up completely, even if the Apple MacBook Pro battery isn't fully discharged. (4) It is 100% compatible with your original Apple MacBook Pro 15 Inch battery . (5) This Apple MacBook Pro battery has been rigorously tested to ensure it can work well.
  • Apple Laptop Battery A1175 replacement designed for MacBook Pro 15" Series
  • Part No. MA348G/A, MA463LL/A, MA464LL/A, MA600LL/A, MA680LL/A, MA601LL, MA466LL/A, MA681LL/A
  • MacBook Pro Battery Type: Li-Ion, 10.8V 5400mAh, 60W
  • Brand new, one year warranty!

Compatible Apple Model Number

MacBook Pro 15 inch A1150MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463CH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA463J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA463KH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA463LL/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA463ZH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA463ZH/HD100MacBook Pro 15 inch MA464
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA464CH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA464J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA464KH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA464LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA464LL/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA464ZH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA464ZH/CTOMacBook Pro 15 inch MA600MacBook Pro 15 inch MA600J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA600KH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA600LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA600LL/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA600TA/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA600X/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA601
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA601J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA601KH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA601LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA601LL/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA601TA/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA601X/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609MacBook Pro 15 inch MA609*/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609*D/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609B/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA609CH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609KH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609X/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA610MacBook Pro 15 inch MA610*/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610*D/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610B/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610CH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA610J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610KH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610X/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA895*/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA895CH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA895J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA895KH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA895LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA895RS/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA895X/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA896*/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA896CH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA896J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA896KH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA896LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA896RS/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA896X/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB133*/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB133B/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MB133J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB133LL/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB133X/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB134*/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB134B/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MB134J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB134LL/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB134X/AMacBook Pro 15-inch Series

Compatible Apple Part Number


Product Reviews

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1. Flaw but Good Service

By Dotty from Rhode Island on Apr 29, 2011

There was a problem with ship charges too high on this order. Their staff resolved completely and swiftly. I"m not an extremely frequent or large quantity buyer, but with rare exception, it"s only place I go to. This group has set a whole new standard for online marketing.

2. For sure I will buy from them again.

By luc from Maryland on Nov 27, 2010

This was my first time placing an order on Brilliantstore. I thought it gave me all the options I needed to know. The descriptions and details of the product were great. I received item free shipping. Price was awesome. For sure I will buy from them again.

3. Replament laptop battery for Mac Pro 15" Series

By Julio from Chandler, AZ on Mar 10, 2010

Apple's battery is overpriced. This battery works great and is a terrific replacement, especially at half the price. It fits the battery slot just fine and keeps a full charge that lasts as long as the original. My wife thinks it is better, but I think she got use to limping along with the bad cell. We are very happy and would recommend this battery over a new Apple brand.

4. How to removal the MacBook Pro 15" Series battery

By MacShare from Wy on Mar 6, 2010

It appeared a good video for the removal of the MacBook Pro 15" Series battery

See review video:

5. Good Product and Fast Shipping

By Jason D from Alaska on Dec 19, 2009

Have found what I was looking for and was not raked over the coals on the price and it was the right part. Just a great transaction, it was delivered very promptly and arrived and functioning great. I will look to them again next time I need parts.

6. Excellent Service and Good Price

By Erica from AE on Feb 26, 2009

I have placed multiple orders with brilliantstore and have yet to have a single problem. Communications is great, shipping is fast and prices are super! I have only had to deal with RMA twice and the handling procedure was beyond comparison, no hassles at all.I'll definitely continue buying my computer building supplies with these folks.