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Compatible Laptop Battery for Apple MacBook Pro 15 Inch ( Apple A1175 Battery ) 5800mAh 6 Cells by Dekcell

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Item No.: Dekcell - BL-5871-REPLACEMENT

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This Apple laptop battery is made from high quality Li-Ion cells and provides excellent performance. Usually, 6 Cells lithium ion battery means you can use your MacBook Pro more than 3 hours. The first step necessary to replace your MacBook Pro battery is to identify what size laptop you have. Note: it is MacBook Pro 15 Inch battery.
  • It is a laptop replacement for Apple A1175 battery and can be used in Apple MacBook Pro 15 Inch Series
  • It is compatible with the following part numbers: MA348G/A, MA463LL/A, MA464LL/A, MA600LL/A, MA680LL/A, MA601LL, MA466LL/A, MA681LL/A MacBook Pro 15" MA609J/A MacBook Pro 15"" MA610LL
  • 15 Inch MacBook Pro Battery Type: Li-Ion
  • Volts/AmpH: 10.8V, 5800mAh, 6 Cells
  • Brand new, 1 year warranty!

Compatible Apple Model Number

MacBook Pro 15 inch A1150MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463CH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA463J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA463KH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA463LL/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA463ZH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA463ZH/HD100MacBook Pro 15 inch MA464
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA464CH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA464J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA464KH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA464LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA464LL/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA464ZH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA464ZH/CTOMacBook Pro 15 inch MA600MacBook Pro 15 inch MA600J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA600KH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA600LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA600LL/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA600TA/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA600X/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA601
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA601J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA601KH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA601LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA601LL/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA601TA/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA601X/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609MacBook Pro 15 inch MA609*/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609*D/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609B/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA609CH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609KH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609X/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA610MacBook Pro 15 inch MA610*/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610*D/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610B/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610CH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA610J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610KH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610X/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA895*/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA895CH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA895J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA895KH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA895LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA895RS/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA895X/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA896*/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA896CH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA896J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA896KH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA896LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA896RS/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA896X/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB133*/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB133B/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MB133J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB133LL/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB133X/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB134*/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB134B/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MB134J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB134LL/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB134X/AMacBook Pro 15-inch Series

Product Reviews

Avg. Customer Rating: (4.2 out of 5) based on 11 reviews. Write Your Review

1. For sure I will buy from them again.

By Joseph E from Connecticut on Apr 29, 2011

This was my first time placing an order on Brilliantstore. I thought it gave me all the options I needed to know. The descriptions and details of the product were great. I received item free shipping. Price was awesome. For sure I will buy from them again.

2. Poor Charge, Worse Build

By Jacob from San Jose, Ca on Apr 25, 2011

Same as another reviewer, this battery holds a pathetic charge - after 4 months of fully cycling and calibrating i'm getting an hour of charge time. Worse, though, the actual battery is physically warping and the top aluminum (or whatever its made from) cover is peeling from the rest of the battery. Real piece of blank.

3. Go Affordable Apple Macbook Battery

By Budget Macbook Guy from SF, Ca on May 28, 2010

Be honest, I was a little hesitant to go with a generic replacement battery for my Macbook Pro, so I did quite a bit of research on the available options. This one seemed to stand out as the best one, so I went ahead to purchase it. I've had it for two months now, and so far my experience has been great. This is an affordable, reliable battery. It gives me more charge than i remember than my old macbook pro battery. My old Macbook battery can hold a charge, but only about a quarter of this thing. So i still use both for a long day. Regardless, this battery is about half the price of the OEM macbook pro battery, and if you are on a budget, don't be afraid of the product that costs less.

4. Video for removal and installation of the Macbook Pro battery

By Macguy from Cupertino on Mar 5, 2010

Here you go. Good instruction for Macbook pro 15" series battery.

See review video:

5. Outstanding MacBook Pro 15" Series battery

By Kianna from Delaware on Mar 3, 2010

I needed a new battery for my MacBook Pro 15" Series and compared a lot of prices online and came across this company because of the outstanding reviews on their prices and customer service. I am really happy with this purchase because the battery seems as good as the original, which was what is to be expected from any battery.The important part is the fit and function. The function problems are usually more related to user care than manufacturer quality, so read and follow the guidelines and you can't go wrong with this one!

6. works wonderfully

By Danny from Washington on Feb 16, 2010

Replacement battery arrived this weekend in great shape and works wonderfully!
Thank you Brilliant Store

7. Flawless

By Joya from Chula Vista, CA on Feb 9, 2010

Finally, I have an experience of ordering over the internet and everything functioned satisfactorily. I wish there was a way to share this experience of security and success sufficiently with others without word-of-mouth confirmation.


By IVANisCRAZY from Notzee on Dec 23, 2009

It worked fine for me

9. I won't buy another

By CrazyIvan58 from Ardmore, TN on Dec 17, 2009

I bought this battery in February of 2009. By August, I was lucky if I got 30 minutes runtime out of it.
Now it is December. I'm working at getting a replacement...but I don't have high hopes. I am fortunate if I can get 15 minutes out of the thing. I have followed the instructions regularly to 'maximize' its life and its usability. Seems it must have been a waste of time and effort.

10. Fast Shipping and Good Service

By Johnny from Washington on Nov 12, 2008

I can't believe how quickly it arrived with just their "regular" shipping. The service was excellent. Received the items really fast, in fact I was going to cancel part of the order. I didn't expect it so soon, so I decided to keep it all. As it offers great solution even for someone like me in Montreal Canada ... Brilliantstore.com ROCKS !!!

11. My first choice to purchase computer part

By Janine from Ohio on Feb 27, 2008

I make most of my computer purchases through this website. I try to get a good deal on things so clearly with this computer build; I saw that brilliantstore.com had more options.