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Compatible External Charger for APPLE MacBook A1185, A1175, A1189, iBook A1061, M8433, PowerBook A1022, A1057, A1078, M6359, M7385, M8983, M8984, M9677

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Item No.: Dekcell - AL-3186

Ratings: (2 reviews).

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Price: $89.95   
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  • External Laptop Charger Designed for APPLE 13" MacBook A1185 Batteries Series, APPLE 15" MacBook Pro A1175 Batteries Series, APPLE 17" MacBook Pro A1189 Batteries Series, APPLE 12" iBook G3/G4 Batteries A1061 M8433 Batteries Series, APPLE 12" PowerBook G4 A1022 M8984 Battries Series, APPLE 12" PowerBook G3 M6359 M7385 Battries Series, APPLE 15" PowerBook G4 Batteries A1078 M9677 Series, APPLE 17" PowerBook G4 Batteries A1057 M8983 Series
  • Charger Specs: Condition: Brand New. Generic Brand.
  • Warranty: One Year
  • Input Voltage: 100 ~ 240V AC 0.16~0.52A 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 12.60V DC
  • Output Charging Current: 3.5A
  • Color: White
  • Compatible APPLE Part Numbers: A1185, A1175, A1189, A1061, M8433, A1022, A1057, A1078, M6359, M7385, M8983, M8984, M9677
  • Fits Laptop Models: APPLE 13" MacBook Series, APPLE 15" MacBook Pro Series, APPLE 17" MacBook Pro Series, APPLE 12" iBook G3/G4 Series, APPLE 12" PowerBook G4 Series, APPLE 12" PowerBook G3 Series, APPLE 15" PowerBook G4 Series, APPLE 17" PowerBook G4 Series
  • NOTE: The battery shown in the picture is for illustration only and will Not Included! This Apple charger will not replace the regular AC adapter for your laptop. It is an external/standalone charger which can charge your battery outside of your laptop.

Compatible APPLE Model Number

iBook G3/G4 12 inch SeriesMacBook 13 inch (Apple A1185 Battery)MacBook 13 inch A1278MacBook 13 inch MB466*/AMacBook 13 inch MB466CH/A
MacBook 13 inch MB466J/AMacBook 13 inch MB466LL/AMacBook 13 inch MB466X/AMacBook 13 inch MB467*/AMacBook 13 inch MB467CH/A
MacBook 13 inch MB467J/AMacBook 13 inch MB467LL/AMacBook 13 inch MB467X/AMacBook 13 inch SeriesMacBook Pro 15 inch A1150
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463CH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA463J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA463KH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA463LL
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463LL/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA463ZH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA463ZH/HD100MacBook Pro 15 inch MA464MacBook Pro 15 inch MA464CH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA464J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA464KH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA464LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA464LL/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA464ZH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA464ZH/CTOMacBook Pro 15 inch MA600MacBook Pro 15 inch MA600J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA600KH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA600LL
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA600LL/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA600TA/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA600X/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA601MacBook Pro 15 inch MA601J/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA601KH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA601LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA601LL/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA601TA/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA601X/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA609MacBook Pro 15 inch MA609*/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609*D/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609B/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609CH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA609J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609KH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA609X/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA610*/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610*D/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610B/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610CH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610J/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA610KH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA610X/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA895*/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA895CH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA895J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA895KH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA895LLMacBook Pro 15 inch MA895RS/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA895X/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA896*/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA896CH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA896J/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA896KH/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA896LL
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA896RS/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MA896X/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB133*/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB133B/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB133J/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MB133LL/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB133X/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB134*/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB134B/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB134J/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MB134LL/AMacBook Pro 15 inch MB134X/AMacBook Pro 15 inch SeriesMacBook Pro 15-inch SeriesMacBook Pro 17 inch Series
PowerBook G3 12 inch SeriesPowerBook G4 12 inch SeriesPowerBook G4 15 inch SeriesPowerBook G4 17 inch Series

Compatible APPLE Part Number


Product Reviews

Avg. Customer Rating: (5.0 out of 5) based on 2 reviews. Write Your Review

1. Mac Charger is a Mac Daddy

By Tom from Longmont, CO on Jun 7, 2010

Great charger so far, operates just as expected and seems to charge as fast as the computer did. Indicator lights do not always meet the same level as the indicators on the battery, but I don't care, it charges full and senses the level of charge where needed - when it's full it stops charging. If I want to know the charge I can look at the LED indicators on the battery itself. I had a tea party with my Macbook pro and was able to recover the mother-board, except the battery charging mechanism was cooked. For $39.00 this a very fair trade to have my battery charging so I can continue to use my laptop vs. it becoming a home PC or a paperweight. Oh by the way, shipping was fast! I just need to be sure to shut down my computer before charging to watch out that the magsafe plug on mac doesn't get ripped out and shut down the computer. This would be a great charger for anyone working with multiple batteries when they travel. I can never count on the inverters or fuses in my cars anyway - much prefer to run on battery!

2. Perry's Apple Macbook

By Perry from Dallas, TX on May 17, 2010

I have an extra-battery for my Apple Macbook laptop on the road and need to get it charged with external charger. This one works good and take only 2 hours to fully charge it (I hope it can get faster), while the other battery can get my Macbook up for 4 hours. The good thing is the LED in the external charger will tell you if the battery is full and ready to go. By the way, the ground shipment took only 3 days to arrive. I'm happy with this order.