A Gather of School Supplies for Back-to-School Shopping

August 19th, 2011

The colorful summer vacation is going to an end and the new school term is around the corner. It seems that the school bell sounding is on its way to alarm. Although we are unwilling to say goodbye to the lazy and casual days of summer vacation, we welcome in the new school year with open arms.

Whenever a beginning of new school year is coming, children are feeling overwhelmed to check if their summer homework has been finished. And the most overwhelmed thing is to parents, who have to do heavy back-to-school shopping and purchase a mass of school necessities for their lovely children.

Dear parents, please take it easy, the back-to-school shopping is not so boring and cockamamie these days due to the development of online shopping. There are many online stores that provide kinds of students’ supplies you are looking for. All of the articles your child needed could be purchased in one time without step out and expose yourself to the awful sunshine. Just remember that buy in bulk can always gain great benefits when you are doing online shopping.


Brillianstore offers cheap school supplies for you. Does your child need a new schoolbag? Does your child need some pens? Does your child need the cups for drinking? The how about the computer, MP3, glasses, watch, small fans, comb and so on? You can find all these cheap school supplies on brillianstore. And if your child is a high school students or college student and live in the apartment for the single, you may need to purchase him the portable kitchen appliancesportable air conditioner and so on. And if your child is a member of some sporting association, you may need to buy him or her baseball hat, sunglasses and the other accessories either.


Also, the school and teachers need to prepare some teaching supplies and equipment for the new school term. Brillianstore provides many teaching supplies and equipment like laser pointers.


As there are so many online accessories to prepare, better organization need to be done by carefully checking and taking clear record, or you may possibly miss something. In order to assist your purchase and never miss an article, brillianstore also give a purchase guide for you by elaborately making a page specially listed school supplies. Please check and enjoy your shopping.


Several Points Should be Paid Attention to in Purchasing Laptop Backpack

July 22nd, 2011

In modern times, notebook computer become more and more universal. The most advantage of notebook computer, comparing to desktop computer, is their portability and can be carried anywhere. So, how to protect the laptop computer from damaged and reduce people’s discomfort in carrying is an important issue.

Laptop backpacks are popular electronics because they are convenient. The Laptop backpacks divert the weight of laptop to your back and shoulder, also release your hands to do something else.

Laptop backpacks are favored by different people. Commuters need backpacks to carry their laptop between home and office, as today’s commuters always have to continue their unfinished job at home. Travelers are no doubt need backpacks the most. Travelers can take long their laptop and other articles easily by a backpack. Students also favor laptop backpacks, because students could not only load laptop but also load some other articles like books and pen in to it. Normally, there are some additionally pouches for laptop accessories and some daily necessities such as purse, cards and so on. And the backpacks always have extra back and waist straps to easy carry.


People owning laptop knows the importance in choosing laptop bag. Good laptop bag helps you hold the luggage easily to everywhere. Improper laptop bag causes sore shoulders or some other discomfort. A good laptop bag should be easy to handle and have additional pocket for things like mp4, book, document and so on. When purchasing laptop backpack, several points should take into consideration.

1. Make clear of functions that laptop backpack has. If you use the laptop in purpose of carrying laptop only, a backpack with one padded pouch would be OK. If you would to load more things other then laptop, a backpack with several padded pouches would be suitable.

2. Pay attention to the dimension of the bag. It is necessary to keep in mind the size of your laptop and the usually articles you would load when buying the laptop. Then check dimension of each pouch of the backpack, especially the main pouch for loading the laptop

3. Pay attention to the material of the laptop backpacks. As always carried out, laptop backpacks should be capable in resist damage and tear. So the backpack would better in good material of sturdiness and durability and waterproofing. What’s more, good material also comforts you in longtime carrying.

4. Pay attention the design of the bag. A good design of bag offer much comfort to carry. Most of laptop backpacks today are Body Mechanics designed, with straps broad and waist support and ample of padding.

Above are the 4 basic points in purchasing laptop backpack. Besides the 4 points, you just pay the last attention to the price and appearance. Then you can get a perfect backpack for your laptop. Online shopping is the best way for you to compare the price and choose a beautiful appearance. Brillianstore provides kinds of laptop backpacks your reference. They are in good quality and low price comparing to the other suppliers. In a word, the best laptop deserves the best laptop backpacks.



Why People Can’t Resist the Angry Bird Game?

July 11th, 2011

When talking about angry bird, most people know this hot online game so much. And if you do online shopping, you can even find the image of angry birds as funny toys on sale in many online stores. Lot’s of people have been playing his funny game and addictive. The angry birds toys thus the best-selling online cheap toys.



Angry Birds is developed by Finland-based Rovio Mobile, the famous entertainment media company in Finland. The game was first released for Apple’s iOS in December 2009. Since then, it become well-know and widely purchased. In 2010, the game becomes to be worldwide. That’s why new versions are developed constantly and the game is improved time after time. According to the report, more than 12 million copies of the game have been sold so far.


Although seems like mindless, Angry Birds game as a puzzle video game is somehow challenging, and you can also find many video game accessories from BrilliantStore. But the most important is that Angry Birds is the entertainment snacking to improve players’ moods and reduce the stress. This game is played by adults and even many industry executives without any feeling of childish or kinds of wasting times. It is said that the UN prime minister also play this game and quite addictive.



Different from the common birds, these birds are stylized and wingless and look funny. People who play the games agree that Angry Birds is a combination of cute, warm appearance, extremely funny sound and with a reward system. The funny sound is highly commended, especially the scornful laughs and grunts created by the pigs when you miss hitting them. And the reward system is also one factor of appeal. People get great satisfaction by hearing a baritone voice announces, “Excellent!” or “Awesome!” once make further step to move forward and eager to keep on playing. This is the wonderful success of the game.



Angry Birds is a bright spot for iPhones and iPod touches. It has been one of the most popular Apple accessories. Also, people keep in playing the game on the internet and can’t resist its charm at all.


The Widely Use of LED Lighting – Cheap, High Efficiency, Low Energy Consumption

July 7th, 2011

It seems that LED lights are extremely popular these days. You can find them everywhere. At the beginning, LEDs are used in indicating and decorating, like the pilot lamp on the road or glittery lights on an evening party. But now LEDs are widely used in illuminating at home and office, and are intend to replace the traditional incandescent flashlight due to its many advantages.

The working principle of Home lighting Products are not complex. With the electrical current get through, the LED become circuit element and emits light. LED lighting is beautiful with many colors. The red light comes out at the beginning, then yellow and green, now plenty of colors for your choice. Even now different colors could be combined to be a totally new color, like red and green could be combined to be white light.


LED lights are much more efficient than the traditional incandescent lights for sure. The only problem is about the cost. The LED lights are high efficiency and low energy and more light, but it is more expensive at the early stage, because white LED’s require a substrate made of sapphire and an additional mirroring layer to reflect light that would otherwise be lost. Now as the fast development of the technology, the cost problem also solved. The method is to eliminate the expensive layer of sapphire by using silicon as the substrate and zirconium nitride as the reflector. The crystalline structure of silicon also improves the efficiency of LED light while the other materials which sprayed on glass will surely decrease LED’s efficiency. Silicon itself also is a much cheaper material that cuts the cost a lot.
As the bulk production, LED lights become even much cheaper. brillianstore, the outstanding online electronics supplier, who always provide cheap electronics has many cheap and high quality LED lights on sale. Some of the LED lights on brillianstore are discount electronics that make them the cheapest comparing to the other seller.



Expect the Release Date of iPhone 5 and iPad 3

July 6th, 2011

According to newest report, the concerned electronic gadgets iPad 3 and iPhone 5 will release in. Most media have reached common ground that Apple is preparing the release of the new iPad and iPhone at fall.




At the beginning, there is only some info about the iPhone5, and recently the iPad 3 is also mentioned. According in unnamed sources from Taiwan, the new iPhone will begin to produced in the middle of August and increase the production amount greatly in September. Now medias are all reporting that iPhone5 and iPad 3 will meet the same production schedule. Both will be produces in small amount in fall and prompt to be produced in large amount in September.


Now, a fall release of the new iPhone has been a hot talk on the net as well as the release of the iPad 3 at almost the same time. And the release of iPad 3 is more or less a good new to iUsers as it means a speeding-up of Apple’s new product circle which always one year a new product.



On June 21, Bloomberg reported that the new iPhone will release in September and will set up with Apple’s fast processor of A5, also with camera of 8-megapixel and the iOS 5 which a recently introduced mobile operating system. The Bloomberg also reported Apple is developing a smaller, cheaper new iPhone, this new iPhone use “chips and displays of similar quality to today’s iPhone 4.


According to the blog Boy Genius on June 21, August would possibly be the launch date for the iPhone 5. “According to our source, Apple may hold an event in the beginning or middle of August to announce the new iPhone, with availability to follow in the last week of August,”


brillianstore always pays great attention to any news of Apple products or Apple accessories and expects the release date of iPhone5 and iPad 3.