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Flexible Rubber Keyboards: The Keyboard Transformer

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Generally, flexible keyboards are made from flexible silicone material, which was used in covering the electronic components of the keyboards. Hence the keyboard is quipped with waterproof and seemly non-destroyable surface structure. The keyboards are excellent for use in special situations where a normal keyboard would be ruined. Flexible keyboards, relatively, have some advantages than normal keyboards, making this kind of computer accessories more and more popular. Due to the booming demands for this new type of computer and networking tool, the largest online discount electronics store in the world,, provide some comments on this silicone transformer.


Voiceless Typing

 One of the main advantages of a flexible keyboard is that it is voiceless to type on. Since the keys are made with a flexible material, the keys are voiceless to press. This quite typing action is especially practical at late night, solving the tough problem of normal keyboard and mouse by making annoying and thrilling noise for sleepers. The flexible keyboard’s flat design also offers an easy typing without stress of your wrists.



 Another advantage of flexible keyboards is the keyboard’s flexibility. The keyboard can be placed on a flat surface wherever it is, no matter the table, floor or chair. Tough it is inconvenient to use on other uneven location, but the flexibility makes it almost impossible to be destroyed by hard stuffs. Say, it can withstand all kinds of abuse!!

flex keyboard

 Light Weight and Portability

As what can be seen through its appearance, the weight of the keyboard is so light and portable that you can roll it up and bring it everywhere. This lightweight, ultra-slim and compact keyboard is perfect for travel, school, or any other environment. It fits easily in your briefcase, backpack, or notebook carrying bag and you do not have to worry about any shape edges! The soft material allows a quick tactile feedback typing action that is silent and more comfortable than traditional hard plastic keyboards.


 With silicone and rubber on the covers, most types of flexible keyboards are waterproof and some of them can even survive total immersion without malfunctioning. This is one of the most practical functions of this flexible silicone keyboard, for most electronic gadgets are helpless when come across water. In the aspect of flexibility and waterproofing, the flexible silicone keyboard can be regarded as the superman between keyboards.

The following Silicone Roll up Foldable PC Computer Keyboard is the new arrival products from, which must be your favorite after viewing. Different colors make this little thing charming and precious. Please take the transformer home and enjoy the fun it bring to you.

flexible keyboard


  1. New generic Foldable USB Keyboard.
  2. Flexible USB 2.0 keyboard that’s practical, durable, and comfortable. Unlike normal keyboards, this silicone keyboard can be cleaned with soap and water.
  3. Ultra slim, lightweight keyboard rolls up for easy storage.
  4. Soft material allows discreet silent typing.
  5. Dust and water resistant.
  6. Unique printing technology guarantees letters will not wear out.
  7. Great for travel, school or any work environment.
  8. Compatible with Windows 98/ 2000/ ME/ XP/ Vista; MacOS
  9. USB Cable Length: 150cm
  10. Working Temperature: From -40 degree to 80 degree
  11. Material: Silicone
  12. Weight: 208g
  13. Package Contents: 1 x 85KB Flexible USB Silicone Roll up Foldable PC Computer Keyboard (Random Colors from Five Colors)


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Keyboard for Dell Inpiron 1100, 1150, 5100, 5150, 5160 Series

Thursday, October 8th, 2009