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Magical LED Luminescent Shoelace: Shine the Night!!

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Are you a zealot of nightclubs and parties? If so, have you ever thought of being cool in others’ eyes? Tonight, with the Magical LED Luminescent Shoelace beside, can you actually make yourself a leading role in the crazy night.

Magical LED Luminescent Shoelace

LED(Light Emitting Diode), a new invented semiconductor device that can transform the electric energy into light energy, has been rapidly developed in recent years, leading a trend to an overall revolution in the field of lighting world. With lower energy consumption, higher luminous efficiency, non-radiation and 10 times longer life span than ordinary incandescent bulb, it wins more and more popularity from the users. Some specialists and fans of LED light even predict that LED lights would totally replace the ordinary incandescent bulb in the near future, with the life span extended and the material production cost reduced.

However, apart from the lighting devices, LED also applied to many fields in recent years, such as portable TV, computer monitor, traffic signal lights, automobile light, in which case it cannot be replaced by ordinary incandescent. Under years of development, the LED conductor is transforming to smaller size, lower price and widely use.

As it is known, the curtain of new LED application era has been unveiled, LED conductor, an outstanding material of lighting products, has been developed and utilized more and more in this field. Nevertheless, competition in other areas has been rising as it is in the lighting industry, for instance, in shoes making industry. In order to catch the preference and favor of many customers, especially young customers, many shoes-making companies applied LED gadgets to shoes which would flicker under corresponding circumstance, which looks cool at night. In all, high-tech application is the critical element in modern commercial battle.

Magical LED Luminescent Shoelace

Today, Brilliantstore, a online store with numbers of online discount electronics products during its every-week’s promotion, is introducing a new products to its honorable clients—the Magical LED Luminescent Shoelace.

The shoelace is actually a electronic product other than a ordinary shoelace, which would be the first choice in concerts, dance party, nightclubs, birthday party, wedding and pubs, making you look smart in this dark environment. What’s more, it can be exchanged and be recycled for times. A creative and novel product in skating, outdoor sports, night-jogging, large-scale festival party, concert, promotion activity as well as birthday party it is.

This shoelace is absolutely able to distinguish you from the crowed, with LED luminescence device, battery and switch, it can be easily controlled and set into various mode of colorful flashing, which would easily attracts others’ eye.

The following pictures and description are for the magic shoelace (in three colors), please take a look and enjoy your wonderful night!!

Magical LED Luminescent Shoelace


  • This flashing shoe-lace lights you up and lets you flash around in any night activity or event.
  • It is easy to use .Just turn the driver around; you can fasten and unfasten your shoelace.
  • You can also fasten it on handbag or backpack.
  • With ordinary lithium battery, it keeps on flashing for 70 hours.
  • It is a weatherproof, washable, durable and safe item for children and teenagers over the age of 6.
  • Fasten the lace onto your shoe.
  • Pull the luminescent plastic strips through the holes of plastic piece on two sides respectively
  • Insert the luminescent plastic strips into the luminescence holes on two sides
  • Strip insert aperture, luminous use the block glue lock strip
  • Press the switch in the middle to adjust luminescent mode.
  • Package Contents: 1 x Ultra Bright LED Luminescent Magic Shoelace with Blue Light (Blue)

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