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Best Gift for the Coming MOTHER’S DAY

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Massage, a health care technique, has been developed for hundreds of years no matter in France or in the quaint China. With the rapid development of Chinese medicine and the notion of holistic therapy, massage is gaining its population all around the world. In recent years, many medical electronic products have been under booming demand, becoming the focus of global manufactures.

As one of the external therapies in traditional Chinese medicine, massage is used to adjust the body in physiological and pathological condition by all kinds of massage manipulations towards the surface of the body, which might help to strengthen the body and take care of the health condition. In recent years, many massage equipments have been under rapid burgeoning, for its function and effect have been well accepted by more and more customers.

Soft-touch USB Mini Massager The principle of massage mainly embody in the change of systematic function and the adjustment of biological information. As the Chinese medical theory, especially acupuncture theories suggest that the body surface is connected with internal organs by linking channels and collaterals together with acupuncture points. The stimulation to these channels, collaterals and acupuncture points in body surface is able to delivery the treating information to diseased internal organs, hence strengthening the function of these organs and achieving favorable treatment.

Actually, though difficulty might be caused by reading these traditional Chinese theories, these theories do make sense when linked with modern medical theories. According to the anatomy, stimulation to the human skin, muscles, articular nerve, blood vessel and lymph would lead to better local blood circulation, faster metabolism and stronger immune system, which would also do favor to the release of muscular convulsion and pain.

The appearance of massage equipment has been more and more popular around the globe, especial favorable for the old. Dolphin shape massager is massage equipment that used for massaging the surface of the body, with the function of vibrating and heating when turned off, whose appearance are designed to simulate the shape of dolphin.

The dolphin massager has been under hot sale in Brilliantstore, the online electronics store selling health and beauty products, since the mother’s day promotion had been set up several weeks ago.


With the short coming of mother’s day, have you bought a gift for you beloved and dear mother? A product that represents your best wishes to your mother’s health and beauty would be the first selection. The dolphin massager is featured as following:

  • Single-headed Dolphin with streamlined handle delivers powerful, relaxing massages
  • Deep-tissue massages are achieved by applying slight pressure on the targeted muscles
  • Adjustable intensity provides soothing and effective massages that relieve stress and enhance blood circulation
  • Delivers 3,000 pulses per minute at multiple muscle layers

Do you want to see the surprised and toughed facial expression of your dear mum? What are you waiting for? The click to love is here.

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