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Adjustable Swivel and Tilt Corner Wall Mount Bracket For LCD Plasma HDTV 32 to 50 Inch

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Include one FREE 10ft HDMI v1.4 cable

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Complete your home theater set-up with this Brand New Adjustable Tilt Swivel Corner Wall Mount that will accommodate your 32 to 50 inch LCD/Plasma television. All wall mounts are perfect for installation in your home theater or boardrooms. Securely and easily mount your LCD/Plasma TV, flat panel and HDTVs like a pro with easy to follow-instructions. Tilt and swivel feature allows for adjustment and positioning to achieve your desirable viewing angle. Furthermore, its design includes an extra long extension arm that can reach out up to 24 inches off the wall.
  • Brand New Premium Slim Design
  • Scratch Resistant & Durable Steel Construction In Black Finish
  • Tilt Up Or Tilt Down Your Flat Panel For Desirable Viewing
  • Swivels Left & Right At Wall, Arm, & Faceplate
  • Works Well With LCD Plasma Flat Panel HDTV Screens
  • Assembly Instructions And Parts Included For Installation
  • Mounting Hardware For Concrete, Solid Block, And Wooden Studs Included
  • Easy To Follow Instructions

  • Specifications:
  • Compatible For Displays: 32" to 50"
  • Supports VESA: 600x400mm (23.62"x 15.75")
  • Tilt: -5 to +15 Degrees Up and Down
  • Swivel: 180 Degrees Side to Side
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 50kg / 110lbs
  • Wall To TV: 150 to 625mm (24") from the wall
  • Color: Black
  • Package: Include HDMI Cable v1.4 Cat 2 Full HD 1080p 1440p 24K Gold Plated M2M - 10 Feet 30AWG
  • Miscellaneous:
  • Will Not Fit VESA 100x100mm Or Lower
  • This Mounting Bracket Is Not Compatible For:
  • Pioneer: PDP-6100HD, PRO-1410HD, PDP-614MX, PDP-6070HD, PRO-1540HD, PDP- 607CMX.
  • Sharp: LC-65D93U, LC-65D90U, LC-57D90U, LC-65D64U.
  • Compatible Models:
  • LG HDTV 32LF11 LG HDTV 32LH20 LG HDTV 32LH30
  • LG HDTV 37LF11 LG HDTV 37LH20 LG HDTV 37LH30
  • LG HDTV 37LH55 LG HDTV 42LF11 LG HDTV 42LG50
  • LG HDTV 42LH20 LG HDTV 42LH30 LG HDTV 42LH40
  • LG HDTV 42LH55 LG HDTV 42PQ30 LG HDTV 47LF11
  • LG HDTV 47LG70 LG HDTV 47LH30 LG HDTV 47LH40
  • LG HDTV 47LH55 LG HDTV 50PQ20 LG HDTV 50PQ30
  • LG HDTV 50PS80 Panasonic HDTV VIERA C1 Series TC-P42C1 Panasonic HDTV VIERA C1 Series TC-P50C1
  • Panasonic HDTV VIERA G1 Series TC-L32G1 Panasonic HDTV VIERA G1 Series TC-L37G1 Panasonic HDTV VIERA G10 Series TC-P42G10
  • Panasonic HDTV VIERA G10 Series TC-P46G10 Panasonic HDTV VIERA G10 Series TC-P46G10 Panasonic HDTV VIERA G10 Series TC-P50G10
  • Panasonic HDTV VIERA S1 Series TC-L37S1 Panasonic HDTV VIERA S1 Series TC-P42S1 Panasonic HDTV VIERA S1 Series TC-P46S1
  • Panasonic HDTV VIERA S1 SeriesTC-L32S1 Panasonic HDTV VIERA TC-32LX85 Panasonic HDTV VIERA TC-32LZ800
  • Panasonic HDTV VIERA TC-37LZ85 Panasonic HDTV VIERA TH-42PX80U Panasonic HDTV VIERA TH-42PZ80Q
  • Panasonic HDTV VIERA TH-42PZ85U Panasonic HDTV VIERA TH-46PZ80U Panasonic HDTV VIERA TH-46PZ850U
  • Panasonic HDTV VIERA TH-50PX80U Panasonic HDTV VIERA TH-50PZ800U Panasonic HDTV VIERA TH-50PZ80Q
  • Panasonic HDTV VIERA TH-50PZ850U Panasonic HDTV VIERA TH-50PZ85U Panasonic HDTV VIERA TH-C42FD18
  • Panasonic HDTV VIERA TH-C50FD18 Panasonic HDTV VIERA TH-C50HD18 Panasonic HDTV VIERA U1 Series TC-P42U1
  • Panasonic HDTV VIERA U1 Series TC-P50U1 Panasonic HDTV VIERA X1 Series TC-L32X1 Panasonic HDTV VIERA X1 Series TC-L37X1
  • Panasonic HDTV VIERA X1 Series TC-P50X1 Samsung HDTV LN32A330J1N Samsung HDTV LN32A450
  • Samsung HDTV LN32A540 Samsung HDTV LN32A550 Samsung HDTV LN32B360
  • Samsung HDTV LN32B530 Samsung HDTV LN32B540 Samsung HDTV LN32B550
  • Samsung HDTV LN37B530 Samsung HDTV LN37B550 Samsung HDTV LN37B650
  • Samsung HDTV LN40A550 Samsung HDTV LN40A550 Samsung HDTV LN40A630
  • Samsung HDTV LN40B530 Samsung HDTV LN40B540 Samsung HDTV LN40B550
  • Samsung HDTV LN40B650 Samsung HDTV LN40B750 Samsung HDTV LN46A540
  • Samsung HDTV LN46A750 Samsung HDTV LN46A850 Samsung HDTV LN46A860
  • Samsung HDTV LN46B530 Samsung HDTV LN46B540 Samsung HDTV LN46B550
  • Samsung HDTV LN46B650 Samsung HDTV LN46B750 Samsung HDTV PN42B430
  • Samsung HDTV PN50A760 Samsung HDTV PN50B450 Samsung HDTV PN50B530
  • Samsung HDTV PN50B550 Samsung HDTV PN50B560 Samsung HDTV PN50B650
  • Samsung HDTV PN50B860 Sharp LC-32D47UT Sharp LC-32LE700UN
  • Sharp LC-40E67UN Sharp LC-40E77UN Sharp LC-42D65UT
  • Sharp LC-46BD80UN Sharp LC-46D85UN Sharp LC-46E77UN
  • Sharp LC-47SB57UT Sharp LC-C3237UT Sharp LC-C4067UN
  • Sharp LC-C4677UN Sony HDTV BRAVIA KLV-40ZX1M Sony HDTV BRAVIA L Series KDL-32L5000
  • Sony HDTV BRAVIA S Series KDL-32S5100 Sony HDTV BRAVIA S Series KDL-40S5100 Sony HDTV BRAVIA S Series KDL-46S5100
  • Sony HDTV BRAVIA V Series KDL-46V5100 Sony HDTV BRAVIA VE5 Eco Series KDL-40VE5 Sony HDTV BRAVIA VE5 Eco Series KDL-46VE5
  • Sony HDTV BRAVIA W Series KDL-46W5100 Sony HDTV BRAVIA XBR7 Series KDL-40XBR7 Sony HDTV BRAVIA XBR8 Series KDL-46XBR8
  • Sony HDTV BRAVIA XBR9 Series KDL-40XBR9 Sony HDTV BRAVIA XBR9 Series KDL-46XBR9 Sony HDTV BRAVIA Z Series KDL-40Z5100
  • Vizio GV42L Vizio GV42LF Vizio GV46L
  • Vizio GV47LF Vizio JV50P Vizio L32
  • Vizio L42 Vizio P42 Vizio P50
  • Vizio SV420XVT Vizio SV470XVT Vizio VECO320L
  • Vizio VO32LF Vizio VO37L Vizio VO37LF
  • Vizio VO47LF Vizio VOJ370 Vizio VP322
  • Vizio VP422 Vizio VP423 Vizio VP50
  • Vizio VP504F Vizio VP505XVT Vizio VS370
  • Vizio VU37L Vizio VU42LF Vizio VW32L
  • Vizio VW42L Vizio VW42LF Vizio VW46LF
  • Vizio VX32L Vizio VX37L Vizio VX42L

How can I tell if my TV is VESA compliant?

 Although the vast majority of TV’s are VESA compliant, there are some models that are not. Please consult your TV product manual for more information. Most manuals indicate the exact VESA standard necessary for mounting, or simply indicate the VESA mounts are supported in general. If this is the case, simply purchase a wall mount within the TV size guidelines of your TV.

What is VESA?

VESA is a set of standards for the manufacturing of flat screen televisions and PC monitors. Most manufacturers comply with this standard by adhering to an industry wide “hole pattern” on the back of their displays for mounting purposes.

How do I measure my TV’s VESA standard?

Look for the 4 mounting holes on the back of your flat screen television. Take both a horizontal and vertical measurement (in mm). This is your VESA Standard. A VESA hole pattern is measured in both horizontal and vertical distance between mounting holes. For example, VESA 75 x 75 means your TV mounting holes are 75mm apart horizontally and 75mm apart vertically.

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