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HP Compaq Laptop AC Adapter for nx7400, nx9420, nw9440 Series

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Item No.: Dekcell - AL-3160

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HP Compaq nx7400 nx9420 nw9440 Series Laptop AC Adapter. Brand New. Compatible Part Number: 384023-001, 391174-001, 397747-003, 397803-001.
  • Replacement Laptop AC Adapter Designed for HP Compaq nx7400 nx9420 nw9440 Series
  • HP Compaq Part Number: 391174-001, 384023-001, 397803-001, 397747-003
  • Output: 18.5V 6.5A 120W & Central Pin Tip/Plug
  • CONDITION: Brand New, 1 year warranty.
  • This power Ac adapter is compatible with Pavilion NX7400, Business Notebook nw9440, nx9420, nx9420 IDS and nx9420 RCTO.

Compatible Compaq Model Number

Business Notebook Series:
nw9440nx9420nx9420 ES439EAnx9420 ES440EAnx9420 ES440EAR
nx9420 ES440ETnx9420 ES441EAnx9420 ES441ETnx9420 ES441ETRnx9420 ES442ET
nx9420 ES443EAnx9420 ES443EARnx9420 ES443ETnx9420 ES443ETRnx9420 ES444EA
nx9420 ES444EARnx9420 ES444ETnx9420 ES444ETRnx9420 ES445EAnx9420 ES445EAR
nx9420 ES445ETnx9420 ES445ETRnx9420 ES446EAnx9420 ES446EARnx9420 ES446ET
nx9420 ES446ETRnx9420 ES457EAnx9420 ES457EARnx9420 ES458EAnx9420 ES459EA
nx9420 ES460EAnx9420 ES461EAnx9420 ES462EAnx9420 ES551EAnx9420 ES552EA
nx9420 ES553EAnx9420 ES554EAnx9420 ES555EAnx9420 ES556EAnx9420 ES557EA
nx9420 ES558EAnx9420 ES559EAnx9420 ES560EAnx9420 ES561EAnx9420 ES562EA
nx9420 ES563EAnx9420 EV266AAnx9420 EV266AARnx9420 EV267AAnx9420 EV267AAR
nx9420 EV268AAnx9420 EV268AARnx9420 EV269AAnx9420 EV269AARnx9420 EV270AA
nx9420 EV271AAnx9420 EV271AARnx9420 EV271ETnx9420 EV271ETRnx9420 EV272AA
nx9420 EV272AARnx9420 EV272EAnx9420 EV272ETnx9420 EV272ETRnx9420 EV273AA
nx9420 EX754PAnx9420 EX755PAnx9420 EX756PAnx9420 EX757PAnx9420 EX763PA
nx9420 EX767PAnx9420 EX779PAnx9420 EX780PAnx9420 EX781PAnx9420 EX801PA
nx9420 EX802PAnx9420 EY453ETnx9420 EZ255LAnx9420 IDSnx9420 RA047US
nx9420 RA050USnx9420 RA051USnx9420 RA068USnx9420 RA079USnx9420 RA081US
nx9420 RA110USnx9420 RA124USnx9420 RA185USnx9420 RC294PAnx9420 RC333PA
nx9420 RCTOnx9420 RD717PAnx9420 RE640USnx9420 RE730USnx9420 RE772US
nx9420 RE975PAnx9420 RE976PAnx9420 RF297UPnx9420 RF689PAnx9420 RF751UC
nx9420 RF914UCnx9420 RG171UPnx9420 RG195LAnx9420 RH302UPnx9420FF RE632US

Compatible Compaq Part Number


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By Shaky Dave from Carson City, NV on Apr 30, 2007

The product arrived as described. The price was well below retail at the hp online store.