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Laptop Keyboard for HP Compaq Presario M2000, V2100, V2200, V2300, ZV5000, ZV6000, ZX5000

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Item No.: Dekcell - CPA-1067-1

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Price: $23.95

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Brand New. Replacement Laptop Keyboard for HP Compaq Presario M2000 V2000 V2100 V2200 V2300 ZV5000 ZV6000 ZX5000 Series 367777-001 394363-001 394277-001 407856-001
  • Brand New
  • HP Compaq Keyboard Spare Part Number: 350187-001 350787-001 367777-001 394363-001 394277-001 407856-001 441707-001 99.N5982.001 PK13HR60400 PK13HR60000 383664-001 PK13ZZ77000 MP-03903US-698
  • This laptop keyboard will work well with the following HP Compaq Presario Series: Presario C300 C500 C302 C502
  • Presario M2000 Series: M2000, M2000Z, M2001AP, M2001EA, M2002AL, M2002AP, M2003AP, M2004AP, M2005AP, M2005US, M2006AP, M2007AP, M2007US, M2008AP, M2009AP, M2010AP, M2010CA, M2010EA, M2010US, M2011AP, M2011EA, M2012AP, M2013AP, M2014AP, M2015AP, M2015LA, M2016AP, M2017AP, M2018AP, M2019AP, M2019EA, M2020AP, M2020EA, M2021AP, M2022AP, M2023AP, M2024AP, M2025AP, M2026AP, M2027AP, M2029AP, M2030EA, M2031AP, M2031EA, M2033AP, M2034EA, M2043AP, M2045AP, M2046EA, M2050EA, M2052EA, M2054EA, M2055EA, M2065EA, M2070EA, M2071EA, M2075EA, M2105CA, M2105EA, M2105US, M2108EA, M2108US, M2113EA, M2125EA, M2130EA, M2131EA, M2140EA, M2155EA, M2175EA, M2201AP, M2201EA, M2202AP, M2203AP, M2205EA, M2207AP, M2207EA, M2208EA, M2211AP, M2212AP, M2213AP, M2215AP, M2215LA, M2216AP, M2217AP, M2218AP, M2219AP, M2220AP, M2221AP, M2222AP, M2223AP, M2224AP, M2225AP, M2228AP, M2229AP, M2230AP, M2232AP, M2233AP, M2235AP, M2241AP, M2243AP, M2245AP, M2245EA, M2246EA, M2247AP, M2248EA, M2255EA, M2400
  • Presario V2000 Series: V2000, V2000Z, V2001, V2001AP, V2002, V2002AP, V2003AP, V2004AP, V2006AP, V2008AP, V2009AP, V2009EA, V2010AP, V2010EA, V2010LA, V2010US, V2011AP, V2016AP, V2017AP, V2018AP, V2019AP, V2020AP, V2021AP, V2022AP, V2023AP, V2024AP, V2025AP, V2026AP, V2027AP, V2028AP, V2029AP, V2030AP, V2030US, V2031AP, V2032AP, V2033AP, V2034AP, V2035AP, V2035EA, V2036AP, V2038AP, V2039AP, V2040AP, V2040EA, V2042AP, V2047AP, V2069CL, V2100 (CTO), V2102AP, V2104, V2104AP, V2106AP, V2110CA, V2110US, V2113AP, V2116AP, V2119AP, V2120AP, V2120EA, V2132AP, V2133AP, V2134AP, V2135AP, V2135US, V2136AP, V2140CA, V2140US, V2147AP, V2148AP, V2149AP, V2150AP, V2150US, V2151AP, V2152AP, V2153AP, V2154AP, V2157AP, V2205US, V2210CA, V2210US, V2220US, V2250EA, V2305CA, V2306AP, V2306US, V2308AP, V2309US, V2310AP, V2310US, V2311AP, V2311US, V2312AP, V2312US, V2313AP, V2314AP, V2316AP, V2317AP, V2318AP, V2320AP, V2321US, V2324TU, V2325AP, V2331AP, V2331US, V2335US, V2340AP, V2341AP, V2344AP, V2349AP, V2356AP, V2374AP, V2402US, V2403NR, V2404US, V2405US, V2409US, V2410US, V2413US, V2414NR, V2415LA, V2417LA, V2419US, V2424NR, V2600
  • Presario V2100 Series
  • Presario V2200 Series
  • Presario V2300 Series
  • Presario ZV5000 Series
  • Presario ZV6000 Series
  • Presario ZX5000 Series

Compatible Compaq Model Number

Presario C300Presario C302Presario C500Presario C502Presario M2000
Presario M2000ZPresario M2001APPresario M2001EAPresario M2002ALPresario M2002AP
Presario M2003APPresario M2004APPresario M2005APPresario M2005USPresario M2006AP
Presario M2007APPresario M2007USPresario M2008APPresario M2009APPresario M2010AP
Presario M2010CAPresario M2010EAPresario M2010USPresario M2011APPresario M2011EA
Presario M2012APPresario M2013APPresario M2014APPresario M2015APPresario M2015LA
Presario M2016APPresario M2017APPresario M2018APPresario M2019APPresario M2019EA
Presario M2020APPresario M2020EAPresario M2021APPresario M2022APPresario M2023AP
Presario M2024APPresario M2025APPresario M2026APPresario M2027APPresario M2029AP
Presario M2030EAPresario M2031APPresario M2031EAPresario M2033APPresario M2034EA
Presario M2043APPresario M2045APPresario M2046EAPresario M2050EAPresario M2052EA
Presario M2054EAPresario M2055EAPresario M2065EAPresario M2070EAPresario M2071EA
Presario M2075EAPresario M2105CAPresario M2105EAPresario M2105USPresario M2108EA
Presario M2108USPresario M2113EAPresario M2125EAPresario M2130EAPresario M2131EA
Presario M2140EAPresario M2155EAPresario M2175EAPresario M2201APPresario M2201EA
Presario M2202APPresario M2203APPresario M2205EAPresario M2207APPresario M2207EA
Presario M2208EAPresario M2211APPresario M2212APPresario M2213APPresario M2215AP
Presario M2215LAPresario M2216APPresario M2217APPresario M2218APPresario M2219AP
Presario M2220APPresario M2221APPresario M2222APPresario M2223APPresario M2224AP
Presario M2225APPresario M2228APPresario M2229APPresario M2230APPresario M2232AP
Presario M2233APPresario M2235APPresario M2241APPresario M2243APPresario M2245AP
Presario M2245EAPresario M2246EAPresario M2247APPresario M2248EAPresario M2255EA
Presario M2400Presario V2000Presario V2000ZPresario V2001Presario V2001AP
Presario V2002Presario V2002APPresario V2003APPresario V2004APPresario V2006AP
Presario V2008APPresario V2009APPresario V2009EAPresario V2010APPresario V2010EA
Presario V2010LAPresario V2010USPresario V2011APPresario V2016APPresario V2017AP
Presario V2018APPresario V2019APPresario V2020APPresario V2021APPresario V2022AP
Presario V2023APPresario V2024APPresario V2025APPresario V2026APPresario V2027AP
Presario V2028APPresario V2029APPresario V2030APPresario V2030USPresario V2031AP
Presario V2032APPresario V2033APPresario V2034APPresario V2035APPresario V2035EA
Presario V2036APPresario V2038APPresario V2039APPresario V2040APPresario V2040EA
Presario V2042APPresario V2047APPresario V2069CLPresario V2100Presario V2100 (CTO)
Presario V2102APPresario V2104Presario V2104APPresario V2106APPresario V2110CA
Presario V2110USPresario V2113APPresario V2116APPresario V2119APPresario V2120AP
Presario V2120EAPresario V2132APPresario V2133APPresario V2134APPresario V2135AP
Presario V2135USPresario V2136APPresario V2140CAPresario V2140USPresario V2147AP
Presario V2148APPresario V2149APPresario V2150APPresario V2150USPresario V2151AP
Presario V2152APPresario V2153APPresario V2154APPresario V2157APPresario V2200
Presario V2205USPresario V2210CAPresario V2210USPresario V2220USPresario V2250EA
Presario V2300Presario V2305CAPresario V2306APPresario V2306USPresario V2308AP
Presario V2309USPresario V2310APPresario V2310USPresario V2311APPresario V2311US
Presario V2312APPresario V2312USPresario V2313APPresario V2314APPresario V2316AP
Presario V2317APPresario V2318APPresario V2320APPresario V2321USPresario V2324TU
Presario V2325APPresario V2331APPresario V2331USPresario V2335USPresario V2340AP
Presario V2341APPresario V2344APPresario V2349APPresario V2356APPresario V2374AP
Presario V2402USPresario V2403NRPresario V2404USPresario V2405USPresario V2409US
Presario V2410USPresario V2413USPresario V2414NRPresario V2415LAPresario V2417LA
Presario V2419USPresario V2424NRPresario V2600Presario ZV5000Presario ZV6000
Presario ZX5000

Product Reviews

Avg. Customer Rating: (4.7 out of 5) based on 3 reviews. Write Your Review

1. briiliantstore user

By Klara from Ct on Mar 4, 2010

Fail for dropping food on the keyboard.
Bought a brand new one from this store and the keyboard is exactly the same as my original one.

2. Great Product! Great Price!

By The Whizard from NH on May 14, 2007

The keyboard arrived in perfect working order. I purchased it as new and it certainly appeared to be. The purchase price was approximately the same as refurbs on other sites.

3. No Headline

By clara from georgia on Apr 15, 2007

This is exact product for my laptop. It works great. Yhanks alot! Got it fast too!!!!!!!