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HP Compaq Presario R3000 Keyboard and Presario R4000 Keyboard

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Item No.: Dekcell - CPA-1067-2

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Brand New. Laptop Keyboard for HP Compaq Presario R3000 R4000 Series, 350787-001 310640-001, work with all HP Compaq Presario R4000 Laptops.
  • Brand New
  • HP Compaq Laptop Keyboard Spare Part Number: 350787-001 310640-001
  • This replacement keyboard is compatible with the following HP Compaq Presario R3000 Laptops: R3000 (CTO) DG446AV, DG446AVR, DG448AV, DG449AV, R3000 (CTO) DG446AV, DG446AVR, DG448AV, DG449AV, R3000t (CTO) DL273AV, DL273AVR, R3000Z (CTO) PN304AV, PN305AV, R3001AP (GC) DV799P, R3001US (NA) DS511U, DS511UR, R3001XX MV IUR DV191AT, R3002AP (GC) DV800P, R3002XX MV IUR DV192AT, R3003AP (AP) DV801P, DV801PR, R3003US (NA) DZ337U, DZ337UR, R3004AP (AP) DV802P, R3004US (NA) DZ358U, DZ358UR, R3005AP (AP) DV803P, R3006AP (AP) DV804P, R3007AP (AP) DV805P, DV805PR, R3008AP (GC) DV806P, R3009AP (GC) DV807PA, R3010AP (AP) DV189A, R3010EA (EU) DV190A, R3011AP (GC) DV808PA, DV808PAR, R3012AP (GC) DV809P, R3013AP (AP) DV810P, R3014AP (AP) DV811P, R3015AP (AP) DV812PA, R3016AP (AP) DV813P, R3017AP (AP) DV814P, R3018AP (AP) DV815P, R3019AP (AP) DV816PA, R3021AP (GC) DV818PA, R3022AP (AP) DV819PA, R3023AP (AP) DV820PA, R3024AP (GC) DV821PA, R3030EA (EU) DU985E, DU985ER, R3030US (NA) DS512U, DS512UR, R3038CL (NA) DS513U, DS513UR, R3055CA (NA) DS514U, DS514UR, R3056RS (NA) DS515U, DS515UR, R3060US (NA) DS516U, DS516UR, R3101AP (AP) DX841PA, DX841PAR, R3103XX MV IUR (NA) DZ594AS, R3111EA (EU) PB891EA, PB891EAR, R3112EA (EU) PB882EA, PB882EAR, R3113EA (EU) PB886EA, PB886EAR, R3114EA (EU) PB887EA, PB887EAR, R3116EA (EU) PB884EA, PB884EAR, R3117EA (EU) PB889EA, PB889EAR, R3119EA (EU) PB892EA, PB892EAR, R3120CA (NA) 892U, 892UR, R3120US (NA) DZ353U, DZ353UR, R3128RS (NA) DZ341U, DZ341UR, R3136EA (EU) PB888EA, R3137EA (EU) PB881EA, R3138EA (EU) PB883EA, R3140CA (NA) PD283U, PD283UR, R3140US (NA) DZ357U, DZ357UR, R3145EA (EU) PB885EA, PB885EAR, R3150US (NA) DZ338U, DZ338UR, R3158IT (EU) PB890EA, R3160US (NA) DZ354U, DZ354UR, R3190EA (EU) DZ595AS, R3190US (NA) DZ359U, DZ359UR, R3200 (CTO) PD487AV, PD488AV, R3200 (CTO) 729AV, 730AV, 731AV, R3200 (CTO) 777AV, 777AVR, 778AV, R3201AP (AP) PH488PA, R3201US (NA) PF931AS, R3202AP (AP) PH489PA, R3202US (NA) PF137UA, PF137UAR, R3202US (NA) PF932AS, R3203AP (AP) PH490PA, R3203US (NA) PF136UA, PF136UAR, R3204AP (AP) PH491PA, R3204US (NA) PF157UA, R3205AP (AP) PH492PA, PH492PAR, R3205US (NA) PF139UA, R3206AP (AP) PH493PA, PH493PAR, R3206EAs (EU) PJ840EA, PJ840EAR, R3207AP (AP) PH494PA, R3207EA (EU) PA466EA, PA466EAR, R3208AP (AP) PH495PA, R3209AP (AP) PH496PA, R3210AP (AP) PH497PA, R3210CA (NA) PF158UA, PF158UAR, R3210EA (EU) PB896EA, PB896EAR, R3210US (NA) PF156UA, PF156UAR, R3210XX MV IUR (NA) PF925AS, R3211AP (AP) PH477PA, PH477PAR, R3212EA (EU) PB893EA, PB893EAR, R3215CA (NA) PF161UA, PF161UAR, R3215EA (EU) PA468EA, PA468EAR, R3220CA (NA) PF159UA, PF159UAR, R3220US (NA) PF134UA, PF134UAR, R3228EA (EU) PA469EA, PA469EAR, R3230CA (NA) PF162UA, PF162UAR, R3230EA (EU) PA467EA, PA467EAR, R3230US (NA) PF135UA, PF135UAR, R3235EA (EU) PB898EA, PB898EAR, R3240CA (NA) PF160UA, PF160UAR, R3240EAs (EU) PB922EA, PB922EAR, R3240US (NA) PF153UA, PF153UAR, R3245EAs (EU) PB923EA, PB923EAR, R3247US (NA) PF140UA, PF140UAR, R3248EA (EU) PB899EA, R3249EA (EU) PB895EA, PB895EAR, R3250EA (EU) PB894EA, PB894EAR, R3251EA (EU) PB897EA, PB897EAR, R3255EAs (EU) PB921EA, R3260US (NA) PF154UA, PF154UAR, R3275US (NA) PF111UA, PF111UAR, R3290US (NA) PF110UA, PF110UAR, R3303EAs (EU) PJ853EA, R3304EAs (EU) PJ850EA, PJ850EAR, R3304EAs (EU) PJ856EA, R3305EAs (EU) PJ848EA, PJ848EAR, R3306EAs (EU) PJ843EA, R3306US (NA) PM008UA, PM008UAR, R3307EAs (EU) PJ847EA, PJ847EAR, R3308EAs (EU) PJ841EA, PJ841EAR, R3309EAs (EU) PJ844EA, PJ844EAR, R3310CA (NA) PM013UA, PM013UAR, R3310EAs (EU) PJ845EA, PJ845EAR, R3310US (NA) PM006UA, PM006UAR, R3311EAs (EU) PJ857EA, PJ857EAR, R3312AP (AP) PD124PA, PD124PAR, R3312EAs (EU) PJ846EA, PJ846EAR, R3313AP (AP) PD153PA, R3313EAs (EU) PJ849EA, PJ849EAR, R3314AP (AP) PH481PA, R3314EAs (EU) PJ859EA, PJ859EAR, R3315EAs (EU) PJ855EA, PJ855EAR, R3320CA (NA) PM014UA, PM014UAR, R3320US (NA) PL986UA, PL986UAR, PJ851EAR, R3340CA - INACTIVE PM015UA, R3340US (NA) PM007UA, PM007UAR, R3344EA (EU) PJ900EA, PJ900EAR, R3345EA (EU) PB900EA, PB900EAR, R3347EA (EU) PJ897EA, PJ897EAR, R3353EAs (EU) PR882EA, PR882EAR, R3354EAs (EU) PR885EA, PR885EAR, R3355EAs (EU) PR883EA, R3356EAs (EU) PJ842EA, PJ842EAR, PJ854EAR, R3358EAs (EU) PJ852EA, PJ852EAR, R3360EA (EU) PJ895EA, PJ895EAR, R3360US (NA) PL988UA, PL988UAR, R3363EA (EU) PJ899EA, PJ899EAR, R3370US (NA) PN470UA, PN470UAR, R3375EAs (EU) PR886EA, PR886EAR, R3380EAs (EU) PR884EA, PR884EAR, R3396US - INACTIVE PM010UA, R3399CL (NA) PM011UA, PM011UAR, R3400 CTO (NA) PN318AV, PN318AVR, PN319AV, R3405USs (NA) PR477UA, R3408EAs (EU) PS713EA, PS713EAR, R3410EAs (EU) PS699EA, PS699EAR, R3410US (NA) PT729UA, R3410USs (NA) PR472UA, PR472UAR, R3413EAs (EU) PS714EA, PS714EAR, R3415EAs (EU) PS708EA, PS708EAR, R3415US (NA) PT286UA, PT286UAR, R3418EAs (EU) PS703EA, PS703EAR, R3418EAs (EU1 PS704EA, PS704EAR, R3420EAs (EU) PS701EA, PS701EAR, R3421EAs (EU) PS715EA, PS715EAR, R3422EA (EU) EC076EA, EC076EAR, R3423EA (EU) EC075EA, EC075EAR, R3425EAs (EU) PS718EA, PS718EAR, R3425USs (NA) PR480UA, PR480UAR, R3430EA (EU) EC073EA, EC073EAR, R3430USs (NA) PR452UA, PR452UAR, R3440CAs (NA) PR475UA, PR475UAR, R3440US (NA) PR453UA, PR453UAR, R3445EA (EU) EC074EA, EC074EAR, R3450EAs (EU) PS710EA, PS710EAR, R3454EA (EU) EC077EA, EC077EAR, R3455EAs (EU) PS707EA, PS707EAR, R3458EAs (EU) PS709EA, PS709EAR, R3460USs (NA) PR481UA, PR481UAR, PS716EA, PS716EAR, R3470USs (NA) PR473UA, PR473UAR, R3475EAs (EU) PS705EA, PS705EAR, R3479EAs (EU) PS702EA, PS702EAR, R3480EAs (EU) PS700EA, PS700EAR, R3482EAs (EU) PS706EA, PS706EAR, R3484EAs (EU) PS712EA, PS712EAR, R3485EAs (EU) PS711EA, PS711EAR, R3488EAs (EU) PS717EA, PS717EAR
  • Work with all HP Compaq Presario R4000 Laptops

Compatible Compaq Model Number

Presario R4000Presario R4000 (PL854AV)Presario R4000 (PN495AV)Presario R4001Presario R4002
Presario R4003Presario R4003EAPresario R4005EAPresario R4006EAPresario R4009EA
Presario R4010CAPresario R4010USPresario R4012EAPresario R4012USPresario R4015EA
Presario R4016EAPresario R4017EAPresario R4024EAPresario R4025CAPresario R4025EA
Presario R4025USPresario R4026EAPresario R4028EAPresario R4029EAPresario R4030EA
Presario R4031EAPresario R4035CAPresario R4060EAPresario R4065EAPresario R4075EA
Presario R4100 (EA460AV)Presario R4100 (EA461AV)Presario R4146EAPresario R4225CAR3000 (CTO) DG446AV
R3000 (CTO) DG446AVRR3000 (CTO) DG448AVR3000 (CTO) DG449AVR3000t (CTO) DL273AVR3000t (CTO) DL273AVR
R3000Z (CTO) PN304AVR3000Z (CTO) PN305AVR3001AP (GC) DV799PR3001US (NA) DS511UR3001US (NA) DS511UR
R3001XX MV IUR DV191ATR3002AP (GC) DV800PR3002XX MV IUR DV192ATR3003AP (AP) DV801PR3003AP (AP) DV801PR
R3003US (NA) DZ337UR3003US (NA) DZ337URR3004AP (AP) DV802PR3004US (NA) DZ358UR3004US (NA) DZ358UR
R3005AP (AP) DV803PR3006AP (AP) DV804PR3007AP (AP) DV805PR3007AP (AP) DV805PRR3008AP (GC) DV806P
R3009AP (GC) DV807PAR3010AP (AP) DV189AR3010EA (EU) DV190AR3011AP (GC) DV808PAR3011AP (GC) DV808PAR
R3012AP (GC) DV809PR3013AP (AP) DV810PR3014AP (AP) DV811PR3015AP (AP) DV812PAR3016AP (AP) DV813P
R3017AP (AP) DV814PR3018AP (AP) DV815PR3019AP (AP) DV816PAR3021AP (GC) DV818PAR3022AP (AP) DV819PA
R3023AP (AP) DV820PAR3024AP (GC) DV821PAR3030EA (EU) DU985ER3030EA (EU) DU985ERR3030US (NA) DS512U
R3030US (NA) DS512URR3038CL (NA) DS513UR3038CL (NA) DS513URR3055CA (NA) DS514UR3055CA (NA) DS514UR
R3056RS (NA) DS515UR3056RS (NA) DS515URR3060US (NA) DS516UR3060US (NA) DS516URR3101AP (AP) DX841PA
R3101AP (AP) DX841PARR3103XX MV IUR (NA) DZ594ASR3111EA (EU) PB891EAR3111EA (EU) PB891EARR3112EA (EU) PB882EA
R3112EA (EU) PB882EARR3113EA (EU) PB886EAR3113EA (EU) PB886EARR3114EA (EU) PB887EAR3114EA (EU) PB887EAR
R3116EA (EU) PB884EAR3116EA (EU) PB884EARR3117EA (EU) PB889EAR3117EA (EU) PB889EARR3119EA (EU) PB892EA
R3119EA (EU) PB892EARR3120CA (NA) 892UR3120CA (NA) 892URR3120US (NA) DZ353UR3120US (NA) DZ353UR
R3128RS (NA) DZ341UR3128RS (NA) DZ341URR3136EA (EU) PB888EAR3137EA (EU) PB881EAR3138EA (EU) PB883EA
R3140CA (NA) PD283UR3140CA (NA) PD283URR3140US (NA) DZ357UR3140US (NA) DZ357URR3145EA (EU) PB885EA
R3145EA (EU) PB885EARR3150US (NA) DZ338UR3150US (NA) DZ338URR3158IT (EU) PB890EAR3160US (NA) DZ354U
R3160US (NA) DZ354URR3190EA (EU) DZ595ASR3190US (NA) DZ359UR3190US (NA) DZ359URR3200 (CTO) 729AV
R3200 (CTO) 730AVR3200 (CTO) 731AVR3200 (CTO) 777AVR3200 (CTO) 777AVRR3200 (CTO) 778AV
R3200 (CTO) PD487AVR3200 (CTO) PD488AVR3201AP (AP) PH488PAR3201US (NA) PF931ASR3202AP (AP) PH489PA
R3202US (NA) PF137UAR3202US (NA) PF137UARR3202US (NA) PF932ASR3203AP (AP) PH490PAR3203US (NA) PF136UA
R3203US (NA) PF136UARR3204AP (AP) PH491PAR3204US (NA) PF157UAR3205AP (AP) PH492PAR3205AP (AP) PH492PAR
R3205US (NA) PF139UAR3206AP (AP) PH493PAR3206AP (AP) PH493PARR3206EAs (EU) PJ840EAR3206EAs (EU) PJ840EAR
R3207AP (AP) PH494PAR3207EA (EU) PA466EAR3207EA (EU) PA466EARR3208AP (AP) PH495PAR3209AP (AP) PH496PA
R3210AP (AP) PH497PAR3210CA (NA) PF158UAR3210CA (NA) PF158UARR3210EA (EU) PB896EAR3210EA (EU) PB896EAR
R3210US (NA) PF156UAR3210US (NA) PF156UARR3210XX MV IUR (NA) PF925ASR3211AP (AP) PH477PAR3211AP (AP) PH477PAR
R3212EA (EU) PB893EAR3212EA (EU) PB893EARR3215CA (NA) PF161UAR3215CA (NA) PF161UARR3215EA (EU) PA468EA
R3215EA (EU) PA468EARR3220CA (NA) PF159UAR3220CA (NA) PF159UARR3220US (NA) PF134UAR3220US (NA) PF134UAR
R3228EA (EU) PA469EAR3228EA (EU) PA469EARR3230CA (NA) PF162UAR3230CA (NA) PF162UARR3230EA (EU) PA467EA
R3230EA (EU) PA467EARR3230US (NA) PF135UAR3230US (NA) PF135UARR3235EA (EU) PB898EAR3235EA (EU) PB898EAR
R3240CA (NA) PF160UAR3240CA (NA) PF160UARR3240EAs (EU) PB922EAR3240EAs (EU) PB922EARR3240US (NA) PF153UA
R3240US (NA) PF153UARR3245EAs (EU) PB923EAR3245EAs (EU) PB923EARR3247US (NA) PF140UAR3247US (NA) PF140UAR
R3248EA (EU) PB899EAR3249EA (EU) PB895EAR3249EA (EU) PB895EARR3250EA (EU) PB894EAR3250EA (EU) PB894EAR
R3251EA (EU) PB897EAR3251EA (EU) PB897EARR3255EAs (EU) PB921EAR3260US (NA) PF154UAR3260US (NA) PF154UAR
R3275US (NA) PF111UAR3275US (NA) PF111UARR3290US (NA) PF110UAR3290US (NA) PF110UARR3303EAs (EU) PJ853EA
R3304EAs (EU) PJ850EAR3304EAs (EU) PJ850EARR3304EAs (EU) PJ856EAR3305EAs (EU) PJ848EAR3305EAs (EU) PJ848EAR
R3306EAs (EU) PJ843EAR3306US (NA) PM008UAR3306US (NA) PM008UARR3307EAs (EU) PJ847EAR3307EAs (EU) PJ847EAR
R3308EAs (EU) PJ841EAR3308EAs (EU) PJ841EARR3309EAs (EU) PJ844EAR3309EAs (EU) PJ844EARR3310CA (NA) PM013UA
R3310CA (NA) PM013UARR3310EAs (EU) PJ845EAR3310EAs (EU) PJ845EARR3310US (NA) PM006UAR3310US (NA) PM006UAR
R3311EAs (EU) PJ857EAR3311EAs (EU) PJ857EARR3312AP (AP) PD124PAR3312AP (AP) PD124PARR3312EAs (EU) PJ846EA
R3312EAs (EU) PJ846EARR3313AP (AP) PD153PAR3313EAs (EU) PJ849EAR3313EAs (EU) PJ849EARR3314AP (AP) PH481PA
R3314EAs (EU) PJ859EAR3314EAs (EU) PJ859EARR3315EAs (EU) PJ855EAR3315EAs (EU) PJ855EARR3320CA (NA) PM014UA
R3320CA (NA) PM014UARR3320US (NA) PJ851EARR3320US (NA) PL986UAR3320US (NA) PL986UARR3340US (NA) PM007UA
R3340US (NA) PM007UARR3344EA (EU) PJ900EAR3344EA (EU) PJ900EARR3345EA (EU) PB900EAR3345EA (EU) PB900EAR
R3347EA (EU) PJ897EAR3347EA (EU) PJ897EARR3353EAs (EU) PR882EAR3353EAs (EU) PR882EARR3354EAs (EU) PR885EA
R3354EAs (EU) PR885EARR3355EAs (EU) PR883EAR3356EAs (EU) PJ842EAR3356EAs (EU) PJ842EARR3356EAs (EU) PJ854EAR
R3358EAs (EU) PJ852EAR3358EAs (EU) PJ852EARR3360EA (EU) PJ895EAR3360EA (EU) PJ895EARR3360US (NA) PL988UA
R3360US (NA) PL988UARR3363EA (EU) PJ899EAR3363EA (EU) PJ899EARR3370US (NA) PN470UAR3370US (NA) PN470UAR
R3375EAs (EU) PR886EAR3375EAs (EU) PR886EARR3380EAs (EU) PR884EAR3380EAs (EU) PR884EARR3399CL (NA) PM011UA
R3399CL (NA) PM011UARR3400 CTO (NA) PN318AVR3400 CTO (NA) PN318AVRR3400 CTO (NA) PN319AVR3405USs (NA) PR477UA
R3408EAs (EU) PS713EAR3408EAs (EU) PS713EARR3410EAs (EU) PS699EAR3410EAs (EU) PS699EARR3410US (NA) PT729UA
R3410USs (NA) PR472UAR3410USs (NA) PR472UARR3413EAs (EU) PS714EAR3413EAs (EU) PS714EARR3415EAs (EU) PS708EA
R3415EAs (EU) PS708EARR3415US (NA) PT286UAR3415US (NA) PT286UARR3418EAs (EU) PS703EAR3418EAs (EU) PS703EAR
R3418EAs (EU1 PS704EAR3418EAs (EU1 PS704EARR3420EAs (EU) PS701EAR3420EAs (EU) PS701EARR3421EAs (EU) PS715EA
R3421EAs (EU) PS715EARR3422EA (EU) EC076EAR3422EA (EU) EC076EARR3423EA (EU) EC075EAR3423EA (EU) EC075EAR
R3425EAs (EU) PS718EAR3425EAs (EU) PS718EARR3425USs (NA) PR480UAR3425USs (NA) PR480UARR3430EA (EU) EC073EA
R3430EA (EU) EC073EARR3430USs (NA) PR452UAR3430USs (NA) PR452UARR3440CAs (NA) PR475UAR3440CAs (NA) PR475UAR
R3440US (NA) PR453UAR3440US (NA) PR453UARR3445EA (EU) EC074EAR3445EA (EU) EC074EARR3450EAs (EU) PS710EA
R3450EAs (EU) PS710EARR3454EA (EU) EC077EAR3454EA (EU) EC077EARR3455EAs (EU) PS707EAR3455EAs (EU) PS707EAR
R3458EAs (EU) PS709EAR3458EAs (EU) PS709EARR3460USs (NA) PR481UAR3460USs (NA) PR481UARR3460USs (NA) PS716EA
R3460USs (NA) PS716EARR3470USs (NA) PR473UAR3470USs (NA) PR473UARR3475EAs (EU) PS705EAR3475EAs (EU) PS705EAR
R3479EAs (EU) PS702EAR3479EAs (EU) PS702EARR3480EAs (EU) PS700EAR3480EAs (EU) PS700EARR3482EAs (EU) PS706EA
R3482EAs (EU) PS706EARR3484EAs (EU) PS712EAR3484EAs (EU) PS712EARR3485EAs (EU) PS711EAR3485EAs (EU) PS711EAR
R3488EAs (EU) PS717EAR3488EAs (EU) PS717EAR

Product Reviews

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1. Parts

By AD from Florida on Jan 29, 2010

Fit nicely without problems, nicely priced.