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Compaq Laptop Keyboard for EVO 1000, Presario 900, 1500

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Item No.: Dekcell - CPA-1309

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Brand New, Original Hp/Compaq Keyboard. Compatible Part Number: 285530-001, 285531-001, K99010302. For Compaq EVO 1000, Presario 900 1500 Series.
  • Brand New, Original Hp/Compaq Keyboard with ribbon cable. (US Standard)
  • Compatible HP Compaq Part Number: 285530-001, 285531-001, K99010302
  • This laptop keyboard is compatible with the following laptop computers:
    Compaq Presario 900 Series Laptop:900US, 900LA, 903EA, 904RSH, 905US, 905LA, 906US, 907EA, 908EA, 909EA, 910US, 910EA, 911DE, 912RSH, 912EA, 914EA, 915US, 915CA, 915EA, 916US, 917DE, 918RSH, 919EA, 920US, 920CA, 920LA, 920EA, 920AP, 921AP, 922UK, 923AP, 925AP, 925EA, 927AP, 934AP, 940AP, 945AP, 950AP, 955AP
    Compaq Presario 1500 Series Laptop:1500US, 1500CA, 1500AP, 1500AU, 1500SC, 1500T, 1500TC, 1501LA, 1501AP, 1501CL, 1502LA, 1502SC, 1503AP, 1504AP, 1504TC, 1505EA, 1505AP, 1505TC, 1506AP, 1507AP, 1507EA, 1507TC, 1508EA, 1508AP, 1508TC, 1509AU, 1510US, 1510CA, 1510EA, 1510AP, 1510AU, 1510T, 1510TC, 1511AP, 1511TC, 1512AP, 1513AP, 1514AP, 1515AP, 1516US, 1520US, 1520CA, 1520LA, 1520AP, 1522EA, 1522LA, 1522AP, 1523EA, 1525US, 1525CA, 1525EA, 1525AP, 1527EA, 1528CL, 1528AP, 1530SC, 1531AP, 1532AP, 1535AP, 1538AP, 1545AP, 1550AP, 1565AP, 1568AP, 1570AP, 1580AP.
    Compaq EVO 1000 Series Laptop: N1000C, N1000V, N1005V, N1005EA, N1015V, 1020V

Compatible Compaq Model Number

EVO 1000EVO 1020VEVO N1000CEVO N1000VEVO N1005EA
EVO N1005VEVO N1015VPresario 1500Presario 1500APPresario 1500AU
Presario 1500CAPresario 1500SCPresario 1500TPresario 1500TCPresario 1500US
Presario 1501APPresario 1501CLPresario 1501LAPresario 1502LAPresario 1502SC
Presario 1503APPresario 1504APPresario 1504TCPresario 1505APPresario 1505EA
Presario 1505TCPresario 1506APPresario 1507APPresario 1507EAPresario 1507TC
Presario 1508APPresario 1508EAPresario 1508TCPresario 1509AUPresario 1510AP
Presario 1510AUPresario 1510CAPresario 1510EAPresario 1510TPresario 1510TC
Presario 1510USPresario 1511APPresario 1511TCPresario 1512APPresario 1513AP
Presario 1514APPresario 1515APPresario 1516USPresario 1520APPresario 1520CA
Presario 1520LAPresario 1520USPresario 1522APPresario 1522EAPresario 1522LA
Presario 1523EAPresario 1525APPresario 1525CAPresario 1525EAPresario 1525US
Presario 1527EAPresario 1528APPresario 1528CLPresario 1530SCPresario 1531AP
Presario 1532APPresario 1535APPresario 1538APPresario 1545APPresario 1550AP
Presario 1565APPresario 1568APPresario 1570APPresario 1580APPresario 900
Presario 900LAPresario 900USPresario 903EAPresario 904RSHPresario 905LA
Presario 905USPresario 906USPresario 907EAPresario 908EAPresario 909EA
Presario 910EAPresario 910USPresario 911DEPresario 912EAPresario 912RSH
Presario 914EAPresario 915CAPresario 915EAPresario 915USPresario 916US
Presario 917DEPresario 918RSHPresario 919EAPresario 920APPresario 920CA
Presario 920EAPresario 920LAPresario 920USPresario 921APPresario 922UK
Presario 923APPresario 925APPresario 925EAPresario 927APPresario 934AP
Presario 940APPresario 945APPresario 950APPresario 955AP

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