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VGA to TV Converter S-Video RCA Cable Adapter

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Item No.: Dekcell - CPA-1277

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The VGA to TV Converter S-Video RCA Cable Adapter allows video output from your PC/laptop to any TV with S-Video or RCA video input. Connector: HDDB15 15-pin (M x 1), S-Video mini din 4-pin (F x 1), RCA Composite (F x 1).
  • Please study the PDF document on How to Connect a Computer to Your TV Set before you buy it.

    Cable adapter allows video output from your PC/laptop to any TV with S-Video or RCA video input. Molded strain relief at both ends This cable has a VGA connector on one end and both RCA Jack Video (TV) Out and S-Video Out connectors on the other end. It will work with laptops and desktops with VGA cards that has TV-Out function capability through the VGA connector.

    Connector VGA Male (HDDB15) 14-pin (M x 1) (Same as 15 pin)
    Connector S-Video mini din 4-pin (F x 1)
    Connector RCA Composite (F x 1)
    Length: 5-inch

    CAUTION: Only works with VGA cards that have TV-Out functionality through the VGA connector. Check your Video Card manual to make sure that your VGA card has TV-Out capability.

    Special Note: This adapter does Not send a video signal from RCA Composite / S-Video into a VGA Display.

    To make this connection possible, you must have the following:

    A digital TV with a component video input.
    A 15-pin VGA output on your PC/laptop.
    A high resolution capable VGA to component video transcoder (A transcoder is a device that transforms RGB signals into component video signals)
    A computer monitor (for setup)

Product Reviews

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1. Scammer Review

By Jigga from San Jose, CA on May 21, 2012

This place will scam the hell out of you...

2. Nobody's fault but my own

By Josh from Pittsburgh, PA on Nov 11, 2010

Brilliantstore.com did perfectly fine... However, stupid me, I did not read the part on the website that said "READ THIS BEFORE PURCHASING". So the product that I ordered actually wasn't compatible with my laptop. My own fault though!

3. got spammed

By gotspammed from cyber space on Mar 14, 2010

stupid enough to buy from you, got spammed twice about our silly survay