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Dell Laptop AC Adapter for Inspiron, Latitude, Precision Series

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Item No.: Dekcell - AL-3129

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Dell Laptop PA-12 PA12 AC Adapter. Dell DP/N: 5U092. Dell Model Number PA-1650-05D. PA-12 Family. Dell part number AA22850, Brand new, 1 year warranty.
  • Replacement Laptop AC Adapter Designed for Dell PA-12 with Power Cord
  • Dell DP/N: 5U092, AA22850
  • Dell Model Number PA-1650-05D
  • PA-12 PA12, PA 12, PA-10, PA10, PA 10 Family
  • Input: 100--240V, 50-60Hz
  • Output: 19.5V 3.34A
  • Brand new, 1 year warranty!
  • This power AC adapter is compatible with the following models: DELL Inspiron 1150, 300m, 500m, 6000, 600m, 630m, 6400, 640m, 700m, 710m, 740m, 8500, 8600, 9200, 9300, 9400, E1405, E1505, E1705, Latitude 100L, D400, D410, D420, D500, D505, D510, D520, D600, D610, D620, D800, D810, D820, X300, Precision M20, M60, M65, M70, XPS M1210, XPS M140, XPS M1710, XPS M2010 Series

Compatible Dell Model Number

DL-X200L SeriesInspiron 1410Inspiron 1420 SeriesInspiron 1501Inspiron 1520
Inspiron 1521Inspiron 1525 SeriesInspiron 1526 SeriesInspiron 1545Inspiron 1720
Inspiron 1721Inspiron 200N SeriesInspiron 2100Inspiron 2500Inspiron 250N Series
Inspiron 2600 SeriesInspiron 2650 SeriesInspiron 2800Inspiron 300m SeriesInspiron 3500 D233XT
Inspiron 3500 D266GTInspiron 3500 D300GTInspiron 3500 SeriesInspiron 3700Inspiron 3800
Inspiron 4000Inspiron 4100Inspiron 4150Inspiron 5000Inspiron 5000e
Inspiron 500M SeriesInspiron 600M SeriesInspiron 7000 D266GTInspiron 7000 D300LTInspiron 7000 Series
Inspiron 700m SeriesInspiron 710m SeriesInspiron 7500Inspiron 8000Inspiron 8100
Inspiron 8200Inspiron 8500 SeriesInspiron 8600 SeriesInspiron 910Inspiron 9100 Series
Inspiron B SeriesInspiron B120Inspiron B130Inspiron E1505nInspiron i1300
Inspiron Mini 9Inspiron XPS Gen 2Inspiron XPS M170Inspiron XPS M1710Inspiron XPS Series
Latitude 120LLatitude 131LLatitude C400 SeriesLatitude C500Latitude C510
Latitude C540Latitude C600Latitude C610Latitude C640Latitude C800
Latitude C810Latitude C840Latitude CP SeriesLatitude CPILatitude CPi 233ST
Latitude CPi 366Latitude CPi A366XTLatitude CPi D233Latitude CPi D266XTLatitude CPi D300 XT
Latitude CPiALatitude CPiA300STLatitude CPiA366STLatitude CPiA366XTLatitude CPiA400XT
Latitude CPiC333GTLatitude CPiC400GTLatitude CPiRLatitude CPiR400GTLatitude CPm
Latitude CPm 166STLatitude CPm 233STLatitude CPm 233XTLatitude CPTLatitude CPt C333GT
Latitude CPt S500GTLatitude CPtCLatitude CPtSLatitude CPtVLatitude CPtV 466GT
Latitude CPXLatitude CPxHLatitude CPXH 500GTLatitude CPxJLatitude CPxJ 650GT
Latitude D400 SeriesLatitude D430Latitude D500 SeriesLatitude D505 SeriesLatitude D510 Series
Latitude D531Latitude D531 SeriesLatitude D531N SeriesLatitude D600 SeriesLatitude D610 Series
Latitude D620 SeriesLatitude D630Latitude D630 SeriesLatitude D631Latitude D800 Series
Latitude D820 SeriesLatitude D830Latitude D830 SeriesLatitude E5400Latitude E5410
Latitude E5500Latitude E5510Latitude E6400Latitude E6400 ATGLatitude E6400 XFR
Latitude E6410Latitude E6410 ATGLatitude E6500Latitude E6510Latitude L400
Latitude LSLatitude LS 400Latitude LSHLatitude LSTLatitude LST C400ST
Latitude PP01LLatitude PP01XLatitude V710 SeriesLatitude V740 SeriesLatitude X1
Latitude X200 SeriesLatitude X300 SeriesPP19LPrecision M20 SeriesPrecision M2300
Precision M2400Precision M40Precision M4300Precision M4400Precision M50
Precision M60 SeriesPrecision M6400Precision M65 SeriesPrecision M90Precision WorkStation M60 Series
SMART PC100NSmartStep 100NSmartStep 200NSmartStep 200N SeriesSmartStep 250N
SmartStep 250N SeriesStudio 1735Studio 1736Studio 1737Studio XPS 1640
Studio XPS 1641Vostro 1000Vostro 1014Vostro 1015Vostro 1088
Vostro 1200 SeriesVostro 1310Vostro 1320Vostro 1400 SeriesVostro 1410
Vostro 1500Vostro 1510Vostro 1520Vostro 1700Vostro 2510
Vostro A840Vostro A860Vostro A860NVostro V1200 SeriesXPS 1330
XPS 1530XPS Gen 2XPS M1210 SeriesXPS M1330XPS M1530
XPS M170
Inspiron Series:
Latitude Series:
Precision Series:
XPS Series:

Compatible Dell Part Number


Product Reviews

Avg. Customer Rating: (4.1 out of 5) based on 9 reviews. Write Your Review

1. exactly as advertised

By Billy from Maryland on Apr 7, 2010

My battery chargerAC adapter for my Dell M600 arrived quickly and worked perfectly. Price was far below what I would have paid to Dell or another dealer for the same item.

2. Simple, and arrived before my Dell got low on battery life

By Justbewhole88 from Eugene, OR on Apr 2, 2010

The one I got just quit working one day. A quick scramble search, I found this adapter for my Dell from Brilliantstore.com It can be use for all three Dell models. I got my order in 3 days. Thanks.

3. Fantastic Service and A Great Price

By A. J. Barone, D.C. from Lanoka Harbor, NJ on Mar 12, 2010

I needed and new power supply for my Dell Laptop. I ordered one from the Brilliant Store because it was one of the best prices. They kept in contact with me by e-mail throughout the whole process. I recieved my product in record time. It is of execellent quality, and it works. Problem solved. The Brilliant Store has their act together

4. Overall

By abel from west end nc on Feb 26, 2010

Excellent customer service........thank you very much

5. Great Product

By BrilliantStore User from Florida (U.S.) on Jun 1, 2007

This is my third adapter that I have purchased in two years! Although the adapter I received was not an original Dell brand, it works great! Thank you Brilliantstore.

6. No Headline

By BrilliantStore User on Apr 30, 2007

it works sometimes , adapter did not work today for 15mins after unplugging it started working will see what happens in a few days

7. No Headline

By BrilliantStore User on Apr 13, 2007

Service and sale was perfect, so no issue there. However, the adapter itself is not a perfect match for our Inspiron 8600, though it looks like it, lists as such, and has correct specs. The machine generally will not boot with it plugged in, as a safety feature due to its nonrecognition. Still, it seems to work fine (so long as you unplug to boot and replug afterward), if a little slow to recharge.

8. No Headline

By Morocco on Mar 31, 2007

I returned the product, as I found the power cord right after I had sent in the request. However, I do appreciate the prompt service it was here within a couple of days. Thank you.

9. quality product, excessive shipping charges

By BrilliantStore User on Mar 25, 2007

the item came exactly as ordered and was delivered overnight which was precisely what i needed. my only complaint? the huge premium i paid for a saturday delivery. i'm in distribution so i understand the pricing structure. i'm willing to pay a premium for shipping and handling and to absorb shipping costs for next day delivery. but the markup from overnight to saturday is essentially just profit to you guys, and taking advantage of the customer's urgency. not cool.