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External Battery Charger for Dell Inspiron, Latitude, XPS, Studio, Vostro Series (12.60V DC 2.5A)

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Item No.: Dekcell - AL-3187

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This is a very versatile charger covering a lot of Dell models. It could possibly be a situation saver for you or a friend.
  • External Laptop Battery Charger Designed for Dell Inspiron 1420 1520 1525 1526 1400 1500 1545 6000 6400 9200 9300 9400 630m 640m, Latitude D410 D420 D500 D600 D600M D620 D800 D810 D820 D830 XPS M140 M1210 M1330 M1530 Studio 1735 1736 1535 1536, Vostro 1400 1500, 13z, 1370 Series
  • Brand New, One Year Warranty!
  • Input: 100 ~ 240V AC. Output: 12.60V DC / 2.5A
  • This Dell laptop charger is compatible with the following battery part numbers: 310-4482, 310-5351, 310-6321, 310-6322, 312-0068, 312-0191, 312-0279, 312-0309, 312-0314, 312-0315, 312-0339, 312-0340, 312-0348, 312-0349, 312-0350, 312-0373, 312-0383, 312-0384, 312-0386, 312-0393, 312-0394, 312-0401, 312-0402, 312-0428, 312-0435, 312-0436, 312-0443, 312-0445, 312-0451, 312-0461, 312-0504, 312-0513, 312-0518, 312-0520, 312-0543, 312-0566, 312-0567, 312-0575, 312-0576, 312-0577, 312-0580, 312-0584, 312-0585, 312-0589, 312-0590, 312-0594, 312-0595, 312-0625, 312-0626, 312-0633, 312-0634, 312-0660, 312-0663, 312-0664, 315-0084, 451-10308, 451-10309, 451-10326, 451-10327, 451-10356, 451-10357, 451-10365, 451-10367, 451-10370, 451-10371, 451-10476, 451-10477, 451-10516, 51-10339, 12-00622, 0FK890, 0KG479, 0NR222, 0NR239, C5331, C5974, C9551, CF623, CF704, CF711, CG036, CG039, D5318, DF192, DF230, DF249, F5608, F5635, FF231, FF232, FG442, FK890, FP282, FT080, FT095, G52
  • NOTE: The battery shown in the picture is for illustration only and Not Included in the order! This Dell laptop charger will not replace the regular AC adapter for your notebook. It is an external/standalone charger which can charge your battery outside of your laptop.

Compatible Dell Model Number

Inspiron 1400Inspiron 1420Inspiron 1500Inspiron 1520Inspiron 1525
Inspiron 1526Inspiron 6000Inspiron 630mInspiron 6400Inspiron 640m
Inspiron 9200Inspiron 9300Inspiron 9400Latitude D410Latitude D420
Latitude D500Latitude D600Latitude D600MLatitude D620Latitude D800
Latitude D810Latitude D820Latitude D830Latitude E5400Latitude E5410
Latitude E5500Latitude E5510Latitude E6400Latitude E6410Latitude E6500
Latitude E6510Latitude M1210Latitude M1330Latitude M140Latitude M1530
Latitude XPSStudio 1535Studio 1536Studio 1735Studio 1736
Vostro 1400Vostro 1500

Compatible Dell Part Number


Product Reviews

Avg. Customer Rating: (3.8 out of 5) based on 5 reviews. Write Your Review

1. Misleading PRICE

By J. DImailig from Vallejo on Aug 21, 2012

Misleading amount. When you search for Dell Inspiron, it brings you to a page showing the Manufacturer and model number plus the price. But when you are ready to purchase it gives you a doubled price. A rip off, DOUBLED price. see the attached photo....

2. Saved Me from Buying a New Laptop

By Nizzy from Philadelphia PA on Oct 19, 2010

This battery charger extended the life of my laptop. I need a new A/C jack and did not want to spend $150 to get it fixed. This charger is a life saver. Kudos!

3. Yeah!!!!! It works!

By Gorillaevans from Shawnee, KS on Apr 7, 2010

I was overjoyed to find that the external battery charger worked. My Dell Inspiron 1525 has a faulty charge connection and I have spent the last 6 months with my wireless laptop connected to a cord at all times. What's the point of having a laptop if you have to be plugged in all of the time. Anyway, I was a little apprehensive as I have found very few reviews for the external chargers and there don't seem to be many of them for sale. But it charged both my batteries right up and I am able to go cord free again!! The only negative part to the transaction is that the manual does not list many of the above batteries or computers so I was afraid to use it. I contacted the seller and they assured me that it would work with my battery and it did. I would recommend updating the manual to avoid confusion.

4. Worked like a charm

By Dina from Fresno CA on Feb 24, 2010

I have purchased this external battery charger for my Dell Inspiron 1500 series because the port on my laptop went bad and I didnt want to spend tons of money getting that part fixed. I love how fast my battery charges with this charger. It works great!

5. Charged up My Dell Battery

By Papa from Madison, WI on Dec 15, 2009

The Dell 1520 Bios has problem and not recognized the AC Adapter resulting in not charging the battery. I just used this external one to charge the battery and last 1.5 hours usage. See the review: http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?p=5329580