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Dekcell USB Dual Shock GamePad Game Controller for PC (Black)
  • Dekcell USB Dual Shock GamePad Game Controller for PC (Black)
  • Dekcell USB Dual Shock GamePad Game Controller for PC (Black)
  • Dekcell USB Dual Shock GamePad Game Controller for PC (Black)
  • Dekcell USB Dual Shock GamePad Game Controller for PC (Black)
  • Dekcell USB Dual Shock GamePad Game Controller for PC (Black)

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Dekcell USB Dual Shock GamePad Game Controller for PC (Black)

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Item No.: Dekcell - CPA-1040

Ratings: (6 reviews).

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With this Dual Action Gamepad, its comfortable grip gives you the precision you need, whether you're going for the tackle, the kill, the gold, or the finish line. Features four triggers, 6 action buttons, and an 8-way D-pad.
  • USB Plug and Play.
  • 12 programmable buttons familiar button layout.
  • 8-way D-pad is precise and easy to use.
  • 2 analog mini joysticks with programmable stick buttons for more precise control.
  • 4 trigger buttons comfortable grip.

Product Reviews

Avg. Customer Rating: (4.5 out of 5) based on 6 reviews. Write Your Review

1. Awesome controller! Needs few small fixes. Lots of writing; dont be scared lol.

By BlueBlaster from Chicago, IL on Jul 26, 2010

I've had this controller for a good 6 months now so I've put some good use into it. Here's a quick review for you people skimming the reviews: Firstly the controller is really good, anyone wanting to buy a USB controller for games should totally buy this one. It does everything it says and has 2 vibration motors. You can pay more money for a name brand controller, but honestly unless your getting it cheaper than this controller, don't buy that name brand controller.

Cool, with the short summary out of the way lets get into some specifics. The controller is plug-and-play so it should work on all operating systems. The analog button enables full control over the analog sticks. Analog control is enabled when the button is lit red and digital control is when the light is off; so it's just like the PlayStation controllers.

If you want vibration, you have to install the drivers from the mini-cd included in the package. You might have to do some reasoning because there's multiple drivers on the disc and they are named by model numbers for whatever reason. After you install the drivers, you'll get a vibration tab in the game controllers control panel. You can set how strong you want the vibration. I suggest you don't go over 85% because the plastic screw hole broke apart on the left side of my controller. The left side of the controller has the stronger motor; hopefully if dekcell is reading this, they'll know to take off one plate from the left motor to stop it from creating too much stress on the area around it. But the controller doesn't open up even though one screw isn't really holding anything. It seriously holds itself together well.

The buttons on the controller are also excellent. They are "clicky"; similar to mechanical keyboards. The colors on the buttons are the same as the PlayStation (triangle=green,circle=orange,x=blue,etc). When you first get it, I suggest you take the time to excessively press all the buttons because some of them might not respond new-in-the-box, especially the L2, R2, select, and start buttons. However mine is really good, all the buttons respond because I've pressed all the buttons a lot lol. BTW, there's an L3 and R3 button and those work perfectly like on a PlayStation controller.

So far I've listed tiny little problems that really go away once you've used the controller for a bit. But one of the more dominant problems that some people might not like is with the analog sticks. I'm not sure if this happens to every controller, but in my experience I've seen lots of analog stick controllers for ANY console or computer have analog stick problems where they go out or go haywire. Well good thing for this controller, 6 months and the analog sticks are perfect, but they "stick" lol. I actually got this problem pretty early, I'd estimate it took about 15 - 20 hours of analog use for them to start "sticking". When I say sticking, I mean I'll hold one of the analog sticks in one direction all the way to the max and if I let go theres a small chance it'll be stuck in that position. Another thing is if your just rotating the stick you can hear it creak and feel it trying to stick, so its a bit like moving it through some extra friction. Excessively rotating the stick doesn't help. If you want it to go away you actually have to not use the stick for quite some time and it'll be fine for maybe like an hour and it'll start to stick again but it does depend on game usage. Personally for me, the sticks don't bother me, I don't play any better or worse with the "sticking" but I'm just aware that it might happen.

So here's an overall list:
Things I like:
-Exactly like a playstation controller; very familiar
-Analog control
-Mainboard fits snug inside the controller, doesn't fall apart if you drop it
-Easy to open and clean if you get gunk in it

Things that would be nice to improve:
-100% vibration might break one screw housing on the left side but controller stays together anyway thank goodness
-Analog sticks can become "sticky" after a bit of use
-Would be nice to name drivers on the disc a bit better or include a TXT file with short sentences about the drivers

Hopefully my review helps some people looking at this controller. I really enjoy it and I believe anyone else who buys it will enjoy it as well. Excuse me while I go use it to play games now =)

2. awesome

By Tony from CA on Jul 13, 2010

Play games on PC just like on PlayStation, feel awesome!

3. Old school with semi new school

By Link from hyrule on Feb 11, 2010

I just d.l a bunch of emulators for my pc. All I can say is that I've never played Zelda with a ps2 controller! This is truly BRILLIANT!

4. Just like ps2

By Bagins from Shire on Jan 20, 2010

The controller was really easy to use and it vibrates just like the ps2 controllers. Good Price if you buy two of them. Must buy for PC gamers! Makes it more fun!

5. cool gamepad

By lyljqpcal from New York on Dec 27, 2009

This gamepad is plug-n-play, it have good price and quality, you can't compare with top gamepad, but it is enough to use.

6. works

By Samwise from isinguard on Dec 23, 2009

If u need a cheap controller thats playstation like for ur PS3 this should do the job works fine with mine.