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12V 3000mAh Battery Replacement for PANASONIC EY3000, EY6000, EY7000 Series, NATIONAL EZ3000, EZ6000, EZ7000 Power Tools

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Item No.: GB - TB9106G.30H

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  • Battery Type: Ni-MH
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 3000mAh
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 8.4x 8.2 x 9.6cm
  • Product Type: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
  • Compatible Part Numbers: EY9200, EY9200B, EY9201, EY9201B
  • Weight: 834g


  • Panasonic EY3000 Series
  • EY3502FQMKW, EY3503FQWKW, EY3550DQG,
  • EY3790, EY3790B, EY3794B

  • Panasonic EY6000 Series
  • EY6100FQKW, EY6101FQKW, EY6102CRKW,
  • EY6105YQW, EY6405, EY6405FQKW,
  • EY6406FQKW, EY6407NQKW, EY6409GQKW,
  • EY6409NQKW, EY6506NQKW, EY6601BC,
  • EY6803GQW, EY6902NQKW, EY6903GQKW,
  • EY6903GQKW31

  • Panasonic EY7000 Series
  • EY7201GQKW, EY7202GQW, EY7206GQW,
  • EY7270GQW, EY7271GQW


  • National EZ3000 Series
  • EZ3500, EZ3500N22K, EZ3500X,
  • EZ3501, EZ3502, EZ3502N22MK,
  • EZ3502XM, EZ3503, EZ3503N22WK,
  • EZ3503XW, EZ3560, EZ3561,
  • EZ3561NK, EZ3561X, EZ3570,
  • EZ3571, EZ3571N22K, EZ3571X,
  • EZ3591, EZ3591N22K, EZ3591X,
  • EZ3790, EZ3791, EZ3792, EZ3794,
  • EZ3901, EZ3902, EZ3902N22K

  • National EZ6000 Series
  • EZ6101, EZ6200, EZ6201,
  • EZ6207, EZ6307, EZ6401,
  • EZ6402, EZ6402H, EZ6402HKH,
  • EZ6402N, EZ6402NKN, EZ6402X,
  • EZ6403, EZ6404, EZ6404X,
  • EZ6470, EZ6470NKN, EZ6470X,
  • EZ6501, EZ6502, EZ6502X,
  • EZ6503, EZ6503X, EZ6504,
  • EZ6505, EZ6505N22KN, EZ6506,
  • EZ6506NKN, EZ6506X, EZ6507,
  • EZ6507N22KN, EZ6507X, EZ6508,
  • EZ6508N, EZ6508NKN, EZ6508X,
  • EZ6600, EZ6601, EZ6602, EZ6603,
  • EZ6604, EZ6605, EZ6605N22KN,
  • EZ6605X, EZ6606, EZ6607,
  • EZ6609, EZ6700, EZ6701,
  • EZ6705, EZ6802, EZ6802N22K,
  • EZ6802X, EZ6803, EZ6803N2K,
  • EZ6803NKN, EZ6803X, EZ6901,
  • EZ6902, EZ6902N22K, EZ6902X

  • National EZ7000 Series
  • EZ7000, EZ7000N22PK, EZ7000P,
  • EZ7000X, EZ7200, EZ7200NKN,
  • EZ7200X, EZ7201, EZ7201NKN,
  • EZ7201X, EZ7202, EZ7202NKN,
  • EZ7202X, EZ7203, EZ7203NK,
  • EZ7203X, EZ7205, EZ7205NKN-B,
  • EZ7205X-B, EZ7270, EZ7270NKN,
  • EZ7270X, EZ7271, EZ7271NKN,
  • EZ7271X, EZ7300, EZ7301,
  • EZ7301N22PK, EZ7301P

  • Note: Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.

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