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HDMI Wireless Transmitter Full HD 1080P

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Item No.: ASK - OS-CPA-5100

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The device can be wirelessly connected from an HD source device to an HD display device such as the TV, projector, HD disc player, game machine, recorder, and set-top-box at home. With the device, you can enjoy HD video anywhere at home. In addition, you are relieved from the layout of cables and installation of a set-top-box and thereby reduce relevant expenses.
Put the antenna end upward.
Do not place any article on the transmitter or beside it to avoid affecting the transmission distance and image effect.
1. The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus.
2. Turn off the Camera/Monitor if the system is not in use. The adapter is used as the disconnect device from the mains. 3.T he adapter shall remain readily operable.
4. The Camera/Monitor can only be completely disconnected from the mains by unplugging the adapter.
5. Do not cut the DC power cable of the apparatus to fit with another power source.
6. Attention should be drawn to the environment aspects of battery disposal.

  • Video formats supported: TV 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p,480p
  • PC: VGA(640X480), SVGA(800X600), XGA(1024X768), SXGA(1280X1024)
  • Audio formats supported : PCM,DTS, DOCBY DIGITAL
  • RF communication system: MIMO
  • Modulation mode: OFDM
  • Maximum transmission power: 12dBm
  • Image transmission distance: ≥30m
  • Image delay : <1 ms
  • Transmission/receivingantenna mode: Built-in
  • Operating frequency: 5.1~5.9GHz
  • IR carrier modulation frequency supported: 38KHz
  • Operating power supply: 100-240V AC mains, 5V 2A DC power
  • Storage temperature: -20~80℃
  • Storage temperature: -10~50 ℃
  • Specification;
  • Instant wireless HD AV transmission;
  • Transmission range in the vacancy indoor environment 30m;
  • Supporting the video HDMI interface at the maximum of 1080P60 Hz;
  • Supporting HDMI1.3 and HDCP1.2 protocols;
  • Supporting the EDID function;
  • Supporting the CEC function (for the receiving and display devices);
  • Supporting the IR extension transmission function;
  • Transmission power 12 dBm;
  • Supporting the point-to-point transmission function currently which can be expanded to the point to multi-point or multi-pointto multi-point transmission function;
  • Supporting the AES128-bit image encryption Function;
  • Supporting the reverse back-transmission channel at the maximum rate of 100 kbs;
  • Supporting OSD display;
  • Supporting WHDI 1.0 specification.
  • Package contents:
  • 1*HD Wireless Video Transmitter
  • 1*HD Wireless Video Receiver
  • 2*Base
  • 1*IR Remote Extension Connector
  • 2*Power Supply

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