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External|Standalone HP 395751-321 Battery Charger (12.6V DC 2.5A)

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Item No.: PortaTechs - ELC-1049

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As you may know the model number of your battery, you are to choose the right charger compatible with it. Or, you can buy a universal charger ensured to match your 395751-321 battery, meaning the voltage, input, and output are identical. In light that replacement are produced to high standards and severely tested by professional experts of credited manufacturers, Brilliant store offers as many chargers as possible to cater for your need. Please feel relieved to select!
  • HP Pavilion dv1000, dv4000, dv5000, ze2000, zt4000 and Business Notebook nx4800, nx7100 and Compaq Presario v2000, m2000, v4000 Series Laptop Battery External/Standalone Charger
  • Charger Specs: Condition: Brand New. Generic Brand. Made in Taiwan.
  • Warranty: 6 Months
  • Input Voltage: 100 ~ 240V AC 0.6~0.24A 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage: +12.6V DC
  • Output Charging Current: 2.5A
  • Color: Black
  • Model: PLT-DV4000WP
  • We also carry OEM batteries(4800mAh and 8800mAh) and 4800mAh generic battery. See the links on the bottom of the page.
  • This laptop charger is compatible with battery Part Numbers:
  • Compatible Battery Part Number: 395751-321.
  • Fits Laptop Models: Compaq Presario v2000/m2000/v4000 Series:
  • Presario M2000 Series, M2000Z Series, M2001AP, M2003AP, M2010CA, M2010EA, M2013AP, M2019AP, M2031AP, M2033AP, M2043AP, M2045AP, M2052EA, V2000 Series, V2002EAP, V2004AP, V2010AP, V2010US, V2028EAP, V2102AP, V2133AP, V2134AP, V2135AP, V2157AP, V2210CA, V4000 Series, V4002AP, V4003AP.
  • HP Pavilion dv1000/ze2000/dv4000/ZT4000 Series:
  • Pavilion DV1000 Series, DV1004AP, DV1005AP, DV1007AP, DV1008AP, DV1011AP, DV1012AP, DV1030AP, DV1101AP, DV1102AP, DV1128AP, DV1135AP, DV1240CA, DV4000 Series, DV4003AP, DV4012AP, DV4017AP, DV4021EA, DV4030CA, DV4030EA, DV4040CA, DV4045EA, DV4070EA, ZE2000 Series, ZE2000T Series, ZE2000Z Series, ZE2010AP, ZE2011AP, ZE2018AP, ZT4000 Series.
  • HP Compaq Business Notebook nx4800/nx7100 Series:
  • nx4800, nx7100.
  • HP Special Edition L2000
  • NOTE: The battery shown in the picture is for illustration only and will Not Included! This battery charger will not replace the regular AC adapter for your laptop. It is an external/standalone charger which can charge your battery outside of your laptop.

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