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HP Pavilion DV2000 and DV6000 Laptop Battery, 8800mAh 12 Cells

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Item No.: Dekcell - BL-5514

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 Color  Black  Voltage  10.8V
 Capacity  8800mAh  Type  Lithium Ion
 Cells  12 Cell

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This HP Pavilion battery is made of the highest quality cells available and includes all of the proper logic boards, thermal protectors, thermistors and circuit breakers to ensure the maximum levels of battery safety, reliability and efficiency. The Pavilion battery is sold at an unbeatable price and comes with 1 year warranty and excellent customer services. In addition, you can experience the fast shipping if you buy products from our site. Most order will be shipped within 24 hours(business day).
  • HP EV089AA, PART NUMBER 411463-141, Series HSTNN-IB32, Series HSTNN-W20C Family, as well as 417067-001, 432307-001.
  • This 12 Cells Li-Ion battery also replaces the 6 Cell Li-Ion Battery pack EV088AA, 417066-001, 432306-001 and has longer run time.
  • HP laptop Battery Type: 12 Cells, Lithium Ion Battery
  • Voltage: 10.8V
  • Capacity: 8800mAh
  • Color: Black
  • Shipped from California, USA
  • Brand new, 1 year warranty!
  • Replacement for HP: Pavilion DV2000, DV6000 Series

Compatible HP Model Number

G6000 SeriesPavilion DV6500Pavilion DV6500/CTPavilion DV6500TPavilion DV6500Z
Pavilion DV6515EFPavilion DV6520EMPavilion DV6520ETPavilion DV6544EOPavilion DV6544EV
Pavilion DV6545EGPavilion DV6560USPavilion DV6570USPavilion DV6573CLPavillion DV2000T
Pavillion DV2000ZPavillion DV2001TUPavillion DV2001TXPavillion DV2001XXPavillion DV2002TU
Pavillion DV2002TXPavillion DV2002XXPavillion DV2003EAPavillion DV2003TUPavillion DV2003TX
Pavillion DV2004EAPavillion DV2004TUPavillion DV2004TXPavillion DV2004XXPavillion DV2005EA
Pavillion DV2005TUPavillion DV2005TXPavillion DV2005XXPavillion DV2006EAPavillion DV2006TU
Pavillion DV2006TXPavillion DV2006XXPavillion DV2007EAPavillion DV2007TUPavillion DV2007TX
Pavillion DV2008EAPavillion DV2008TUPavillion DV2008TXPavillion DV2009EAPavillion DV2009TU
Pavillion DV2009TXPavillion DV2009XXPavillion DV2010EAPavillion DV2010TUPavillion DV2010TX
Pavillion DV2011EAPavillion DV2011TUPavillion DV2011TXPavillion DV2012EAPavillion DV2014TU
Pavillion DV2014TXPavillion DV2015EAPavillion DV2015TUPavillion DV2015TXPavillion DV2016EA
Pavillion DV2016TUPavillion DV2016TXPavillion DV2017EAPavillion DV2017TUPavillion DV2017TX
Pavillion DV2018EAPavillion DV2018TUPavillion DV2018TXPavillion DV2019EAPavillion DV2019TU
Pavillion DV2019TXPavillion DV2020EAPavillion DV2020TUPavillion DV2020TXPavillion DV2021TU
Pavillion DV2174EAPavillion DV2534TXPavillion DV2602TUPavillion DV2715NRPavillion DV6000T
Pavillion DV6149TXPavillion DV6600 SeriesPavillion DV6700/CT
Pavilion Series:
Pavillion DV2000 SeriesPavillion DV2015Pavillion DV2015NRPavillion DV2020Pavillion DV2020CA
Pavillion DV2020USPavillion DV2025Pavillion DV2025NRPavillion DV2035Pavillion DV2035US
Pavillion DV2037Pavillion DV2037USPavillion DV2040Pavillion DV2040CAPavillion DV2040US
Pavillion DV2047Pavillion DV2047CLPavillion DV2050Pavillion DV2050USPavillion DV2100
Pavillion DV2116Pavillion DV2116WMPavillion DV2120Pavillion DV2120CAPavillion DV2120US
Pavillion DV2125Pavillion DV2125NRPavillion DV2130Pavillion DV2130USPavillion DV2171
Pavillion DV2171CAPavillion DV2171CLPavillion DV2174Pavillion DV2174CLPavillion DV6000 Series
Pavillion DV6040Pavillion DV6040CAPavillion DV6040USPavillion DV6045Pavillion DV6045NR
Pavillion DV6058Pavillion DV6058CLPavillion DV6100 CTOPavillion DV6103Pavillion DV6103NR
Pavillion DV6105Pavillion DV6105CAPavillion DV6105USPavillion DV6107Pavillion DV6107US
Pavillion DV6108Pavillion DV6108NRPavillion DV6109Pavillion DV6109OMPavillion DV6110
Pavillion DV6110CAPavillion DV6110USPavillion DV6119Pavillion DV6119USPavillion DV6120
Pavillion DV6120CAPavillion DV6120USPavillion DV6128Pavillion DV6128ODPavillion DV6130
Pavillion DV6130CAPavillion DV6130USPavillion DV6131Pavillion DV6131ODPavillion DV6135
Pavillion DV6135CAPavillion DV6135NRPavillion DV6140Pavillion DV6140CAPavillion DV6140US
Pavillion DV6149Pavillion DV6149USPavillion DV6150Pavillion DV6150USPavillion DV6165
Pavillion DV6165CLPavillion DV6171Pavillion DV6171CLPavillion DV6174Pavillion DV6174CA
Pavillion DV6174CL

Compatible HP Part Number


Product Reviews

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1. Flaw but Good Service

By Clarissa from Louisiana on Apr 29, 2011

After ordering the parts for a new computer to my APO address (Afghanistan), one item that was "free with purchase" didn"t appear on my invoice. Without a long wait and with zero hassle my customer service rep. Anyway they have fixed the issue and sent the extra part out at no additional cost.

2. Much More Reliable Store than Others

By James D. from Nebraska on May 2, 2010

I've been shopping on-line for close to fifteen years now. My search for a computer part had included the usual suspects, but somehow ' PriceGrabber.com ' popped up and blew every price out of the water and the part was in stock. So that was how I met brilliantstore.com. This was so easy, quick and professional that I was in shock and pensive that something would surely go wrong. I am so very impressed with the Brilliantstore that I'll consult them on EVERY buy. The Brilliantstore raises the on-line buying 'bar' far above what the sleeping giants like newegg only makes believe they can do.

3. HP Artist Edition Notebook

By Famous Star from So-Cali on Feb 19, 2010

I bought an extra battery for my Artist editiion notebook and found this place to be the cheapest this is not the OEM version they also carry the OEM HP one if you want that but this battery does what it should so its a good buy.

4. I will definitely shop there again

By mohammed from South Carolina on Mar 4, 2009

I have ordered all the parts to build my first computer here. Great prices, fast shipping, and a user friendly web site made planning and buying my system a breeze. All the correct parts arrived when they were supposed to. When FedEx ruined several pieces during the delivery process, brilliantstore's customer service department bent over backwards to help me replace them at no extra cost to me. A replacement also came damaged by FedEx and they shipped THAT replacement to me overnight with no shipping charge. As you can tell, I'm impressed with them and their customer service department. (NOT FedEx!!) I will definitely shop there again and recommend them to my fellow "geeks".

5. I Will Purchase Part Again from This Store

By Randall from Indiana on May 19, 2008

Brilliantstore has taken customer service to the next level of greatness. When it comes to great prices, easy purchase, and a wide selection, brilliantstore is by far one of the best. I have yet to experience a more responsible and trustworthy on line company.