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Genuine HP Laptop Battery for Pavilion DV2000 and Pavilion DV6000 6 cells

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Item No.: Dekcell - BL-5514L-O

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Genuine HP Battery (1)This Smart Lithium-Ion HP battery has excellent discharge characteristics and battery life. Built in circuitry works with your HP Pavilion to reduce power consumption. (2) Recharge in your Pavilion using the AC adapter, whether the Pavilion is on or off. (3) Charge up completely, even if the Pavilion battery is not fully discharged. (4) It is 100% compatible with your original HP Pavilion laptop battery . (5) This HP Pavilion battery has been rigorously tested to ensure it can work well.
  • Compatible components: 411463-141, HSTNN-IB32, HSTNN-W20C, 417067-001, 432307-001.
  • Genuine HP Laptop Battery Type: 6 Cells, Lithium Ion, Voltage: 10.8V Capacity: 4400mAh Color: Black
  • Shipped from California, USA
  • Brand new, 1 year warranty!
  • It is compatible with HP Pavilion DV2000 and Pavilion DV6000 Series.

Compatible Model Number

G6000 SeriesPavilion DV6500Pavilion DV6500/CTPavilion DV6500TPavilion DV6500Z
Pavilion DV6515EFPavilion DV6520EMPavilion DV6520ETPavilion DV6544EOPavilion DV6544EV
Pavilion DV6545EGPavilion DV6560USPavilion DV6570USPavilion DV6573CLPavillion DV2000T
Pavillion DV2000ZPavillion DV2001TUPavillion DV2001TXPavillion DV2001XXPavillion DV2002TU
Pavillion DV2002TXPavillion DV2002XXPavillion DV2003EAPavillion DV2003TUPavillion DV2003TX
Pavillion DV2004EAPavillion DV2004TUPavillion DV2004TXPavillion DV2004XXPavillion DV2005EA
Pavillion DV2005TUPavillion DV2005TXPavillion DV2005XXPavillion DV2006EAPavillion DV2006TU
Pavillion DV2006TXPavillion DV2006XXPavillion DV2007EAPavillion DV2007TUPavillion DV2007TX
Pavillion DV2008EAPavillion DV2008TUPavillion DV2008TXPavillion DV2009EAPavillion DV2009TU
Pavillion DV2009TXPavillion DV2009XXPavillion DV2010EAPavillion DV2010TUPavillion DV2010TX
Pavillion DV2011EAPavillion DV2011TUPavillion DV2011TXPavillion DV2012EAPavillion DV2014TU
Pavillion DV2014TXPavillion DV2015EAPavillion DV2015TUPavillion DV2015TXPavillion DV2016EA
Pavillion DV2016TUPavillion DV2016TXPavillion DV2017EAPavillion DV2017TUPavillion DV2017TX
Pavillion DV2018EAPavillion DV2018TUPavillion DV2018TXPavillion DV2019EAPavillion DV2019TU
Pavillion DV2019TXPavillion DV2020EAPavillion DV2020TUPavillion DV2020TXPavillion DV2021TU
Pavillion DV2174EAPavillion DV2534TXPavillion DV2602TUPavillion DV2715NRPavillion DV6000T
Pavillion DV6149TXPavillion DV6600 SeriesPavillion DV6700/CT

Compatible Part Number


Product Reviews

Avg. Customer Rating: (5.0 out of 5) based on 4 reviews. Write Your Review

1. Good Customer Care

By Janice from Montana on Apr 29, 2011

Have done business twice with this vendor. First time was ordering the W.D. Raptor 150GB HD. Ordered drive at 9am in the morning and received confirmation e-mail immediately. At 11pm I received email with UPS tracking #. The package arrived the NEXT DAY just after 12 noon. I was expecting at least the 3-day wait (I chose the free 3-day shipping option). I live in Las Vegas and the warehouse is apparently in California somewhere, which helped I am sure. Needless to say, I was pretty happy with them. They have me for a return customer!!

2. Flaw but Good Service

By Hunter from Kansas on Oct 15, 2010

There was a problem with ship charges too high on this order. Their staff resolved completely and swiftly. I'm not an extremely frequent or large quantity buyer, but with rare exception, it's only place I go to. This group has set a whole new standard for online marketing.

3. I Like This Store

By Michael from Arizona on Jun 19, 2010

I started shopping there couple years ago and I feel that I should help those guys by writing a review. It is not that I was asked. I'm doing it because of their great service. I shopped at brilliantstore com at least five times and I have not had a bad experience once. If you live close to LA, don't ever pick 3day, 2day or next day shipping because if they ship with UPS, you will get your items the next day, so always look for the ground/free shipping.

4. Flaw but Good Price

By Victoria from Georgia on Jan 26, 2010

I was very happy with my experience with Brilliant. I will be shopping more from them. You had the product I needed. I couldn't find it anywhere locally. And they had the best price for this item although handling and shipping cost was higher than anywhere else ($40 may have been realistic since the item weighed 35 lbs, but it seemed high). Bottom line though was that the overall cost was still the lowest that I found.