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HP Laptop Battery for Pavilion DV2000 and Pavilion DV6000

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Item No.: Dekcell - BL-5514L

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Ships from U.S Warehouse. Most customers receive within one week.

 Color  Black  Voltage  10.8V
 Capacity  4000mAh  Type  Lithium Ion
 Cells  6 Cell

Price: $48.99    MSRP:$63.69    (Saved $14.70)

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Highlights: (1)This Smart Lithium-Ion HP replacement battery has excellent discharge characteristics and longer battery life than with other types of batteries. It works with your HP Pavilion to reduce power consumption. (2) Recharge in your Pavilion using the AC adapter, whether the Pavilion is on or off. (3) Charge up completely, even if the Pavilion battery isn not fully discharged. (4) It is 100% compatible with your original HP Pavilion laptop battery . (5) This HP Pavilion battery has been rigorously tested to ensure it can work well.
  • This replacement battery is used for replacing the following components: 411463-141, HSTNN-IB32, HSTNN-W20C, 417067-001, 432307-001.
  • HP Laptop Battery Type: 6 Cells, Lithium Ion, Voltage: 10.8V Capacity: 4000mAh Color: Black
  • Shipped from California, USA
  • Brand new, 1 year warranty!
  • It is compatible with HP Pavilion DV2000 and Pavilion DV6000 Series.

Compatible HP Model Number

G6000 SeriesPavillion DV2000TPavillion DV2000ZPavillion DV2001TUPavillion DV2001TX
Pavillion DV2001XXPavillion DV2002TUPavillion DV2002TXPavillion DV2002XXPavillion DV2003EA
Pavillion DV2003TUPavillion DV2003TXPavillion DV2004EAPavillion DV2004TUPavillion DV2004TX
Pavillion DV2004XXPavillion DV2005EAPavillion DV2005TUPavillion DV2005TXPavillion DV2005XX
Pavillion DV2006EAPavillion DV2006TUPavillion DV2006TXPavillion DV2006XXPavillion DV2007EA
Pavillion DV2007TUPavillion DV2007TXPavillion DV2008EAPavillion DV2008TUPavillion DV2008TX
Pavillion DV2009EAPavillion DV2009TUPavillion DV2009TXPavillion DV2009XXPavillion DV2010EA
Pavillion DV2010TUPavillion DV2010TXPavillion DV2011EAPavillion DV2011TUPavillion DV2011TX
Pavillion DV2012EAPavillion DV2014TUPavillion DV2014TXPavillion DV2015EAPavillion DV2015TU
Pavillion DV2015TXPavillion DV2016EAPavillion DV2016TUPavillion DV2016TXPavillion DV2017EA
Pavillion DV2017TUPavillion DV2017TXPavillion DV2018EAPavillion DV2018TUPavillion DV2018TX
Pavillion DV2019EAPavillion DV2019TUPavillion DV2019TXPavillion DV2020EAPavillion DV2020TU
Pavillion DV2020TXPavillion DV2021TUPavillion DV2174EAPavillion DV2534TXPavillion DV2602TU
Pavillion DV2715NRPavillion DV6000TPavillion DV6149TXPavillion DV6600 SeriesPavillion DV6700/CT
Pavilion Series:
Pavillion DV2000 SeriesPavillion DV2015Pavillion DV2015NRPavillion DV2020Pavillion DV2020CA
Pavillion DV2020USPavillion DV2025Pavillion DV2025NRPavillion DV2035Pavillion DV2035US
Pavillion DV2037Pavillion DV2037USPavillion DV2040Pavillion DV2040CAPavillion DV2040US
Pavillion DV2047Pavillion DV2047CLPavillion DV2050Pavillion DV2050USPavillion DV2100
Pavillion DV2116Pavillion DV2116WMPavillion DV2120Pavillion DV2120CAPavillion DV2120US
Pavillion DV2125Pavillion DV2125NRPavillion DV2130Pavillion DV2130USPavillion DV2171
Pavillion DV2171CAPavillion DV2171CLPavillion DV2174Pavillion DV2174CLPavillion DV6000 Series
Pavillion DV6040Pavillion DV6040CAPavillion DV6040USPavillion DV6045Pavillion DV6045NR
Pavillion DV6058Pavillion DV6058CLPavillion DV6100 CTOPavillion DV6103Pavillion DV6103NR
Pavillion DV6105Pavillion DV6105CAPavillion DV6105USPavillion DV6107Pavillion DV6107US
Pavillion DV6108Pavillion DV6108NRPavillion DV6109Pavillion DV6109OMPavillion DV6110
Pavillion DV6110CAPavillion DV6110USPavillion DV6119Pavillion DV6119USPavillion DV6120
Pavillion DV6120CAPavillion DV6120USPavillion DV6128Pavillion DV6128ODPavillion DV6130
Pavillion DV6130CAPavillion DV6130USPavillion DV6131Pavillion DV6131ODPavillion DV6135
Pavillion DV6135CAPavillion DV6135NRPavillion DV6140Pavillion DV6140CAPavillion DV6140US
Pavillion DV6149Pavillion DV6149USPavillion DV6150Pavillion DV6150USPavillion DV6165
Pavillion DV6165CLPavillion DV6171Pavillion DV6171CLPavillion DV6174Pavillion DV6174CA
Pavillion DV6174CL

Compatible HP Part Number


Product Reviews

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1. Fantastic price

By Sanjeet from Kansas on Apr 29, 2011

Fantastic price! Though I was sent out 1 of the 4 items I ordered. I called, got a quick and friendly response. The reception lady explained the situation and no questions asked they sent the missing 3 items. I was very pleased. The product was shipped promptly and arrived in good condition.

2. * * * * *

By Barry from Attleboro on Feb 9, 2010

Fast service,excellent quality and excellent price. This is my second battery purchase and I've always had a good experience with BrilliantStore.

3. Good Parts Store Online

By Johnnie from Virginia on May 11, 2009

Brilliantstore is not just a place to buy computer parts. I ordered some camera accessories last Monday night. Everything was shipped out the very next day and arrived three days later. The order was filled correctly and every item was brand new in original sealed packaging. Their prices were competitive and I got free shipping on my purchases. I had a hard time finding these particular item sin stock elsewhere. This was my first experience with online seller and I was very impressed.

4. Fast Shipping and Good Product

By Pamela from South Carolina on Feb 1, 2009

Thanks for their smooth transaction, quick shipping, timely delivery, order was as specified. Really can't ask for more than that. Would rate as excellent, but since I had not experienced aspects of their customer services, good is as high as I can go.

5. Good Site

By Leonard from North Dakota on Feb 19, 2008

This website has a very good user interface; they also have a variety of products to all my needs and always at the best price. That fact alone this site is very good. Delivery time is also very fast. Only despite I have is about their automated telephone answering.