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HP Pavilion DV9000, 9100, 9200, 9300, 9400, 9500, 9600 Series 7200mAh 12-Cells (Extended Capacity) Laptop Battery by Dekcell

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Item No.: Dekcell - BL-5515H

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 Voltage  14.4V  Capacity  7200mAh
 Type  Lithium Ion  Cells  12 Cell

Price: $56.95    MSRP:$74.09    (Saved $17.14)   
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This HP Pavilion battery sticks out from the bottom, elevates the laptop, and makes the Pavilion laptop easier to use for typing, and keeps the laptop cooler. It does amazingly well with the great demand that laptop gives it with high end games.
If you want a insane HP Pavilion battery life, get this battery. Because this was hard to find any 12 cell battery anywhere. It's high capacity battery with extended hours.
  • It is a replacement Laptop Battery designed for HP Pavilion DV9000, 9100, 9200, 9300, 9400, 9500, 9600 Series
  • And it is compatible with the following Part Numbers: 432974-001, 434674-001, 416996-131, 416996-521, EX942AA, EV087AA, HSTNN-IB34, HSTNN-Q21C
  • Pavilion Battery Type: Lithium Ion, 14.4V, 7200mAh (12 cells, Extended capacity)
  • Brand new, one year warranty!
  • Work with following HP Compaq Pavilion Series:
  • HP Compaq Pavilion DV9000 Series: DV9000, DV9008NR, DV9010US, DV9060US, DV9074CL, DV9000EA, DV9003EA, DV9005EA, DV9015EA, DV9016EA, DV9024EA, DV9030EA, DV9035EA, DV9036EA, DV9037EA, DV9038EA, DV9039EA, DV9040EA, DV9041EA, DV9042EA, DV9043EA, DV9049EA, DV9051EA, DV9052EA, DV9053EA, DV9055EA, DV9056EA, DV9057EA, DV9058EA, DV9059EA, DV9060EA, DV9061EA, DV9064EA, DV9065EA, DV9073EA, DV9074EA, DV9075EA, DV9075EU, DV9076EA, DV9077EA, DV9078EA, DV9079EA, DV9080EA, DV9081EA, DV9083EA, DV9084EA, DV9086EA, DV9089EA, DV9091EA, DV9093EA, DV9094EA, DV9095EU, DV9096EA, DV9097EA, DV9099EA, DV9002EA, DV9003TX, DV9004EU, DV9004TX, DV9005TX, DV9006TX, DV9009TX, DV9010TX, DV9011TX, DV9012TX, DV9013TX, DV9014EA, DV9014TX, DV9015TX, DV9016TX, DV9017EA, DV9017TX, DV9018EA, DV9019EA, DV9019TX, DV9021TX, DV9022EA, DV9022TX, DV9040EU, DV9045EA, DV9046EA, DV9048EA, DV9050EA, DV9062EA, DV9063EA, DV9071EA, DV9075LA, DV9076EU, DV9077EU, DV9082EA, DV9082EU, DV9085EA, DV9085EU, DV9087EA, DV9088EA, DV9090EA, DV9092EA, DV9093EU, DV9096XX, DV9020TX, DV9000 CTO, DV9000T CTO, DV9000Z CTO, DV9001EA, DV9001TX, DV9001XX, DV9002TX, DV9003XX, DV9005CA, DV9005US, DV9006EA, DV9007TX, DV9008EA, DV9008TX, DV9009CA, DV9009CL, DV9009NR, DV9009US, DV9010CA, DV9013CA, DV9013CL, DV9018TX, DV9023US, DV9030US, DV9033CL, DV9035NR, DV9040US, DV9044EA, DV9047EA, DV9054EA, DV9066EA, DV9067EA, DV9068EA, DV9069EA, DV9072EA, DV9095EA, DV9095XX, DV9098XX
  • HP Compaq Pavilion DV9100 Series: DV9100, DV9100 CTO
  • HP Compaq Pavilion DV9200 Series: DV9200, DV9260NR, DV9205US, DV9211EA, DV9213EA, DV9216EA, DV9216TX, DV9217TX, DV9219EA, DV9241EA, DV9243EA, DV9244EU, DV9253EA, DV9265EA, DV9271EA, DV9272EA, DV9273EA, DV9276EA, DV9285EA, DV9289EA, DV9291EA, DV9293EA, DV9294EA, DV9294EU, DV9295EA, DV9295EU, DV9296EA, DV9077EU, DV9201TX, DV9202EA, DV9202TX, DV9205EU, DV9206TX, DV9206EU, DV9207TX, DV9208TX, DV9209TX, DV9210TX, DV9211TX, DV9212EA, DV9212TX, DV9213TX, DV9214EA, DV9214TX, DV9215TX, DV9217EA, DV9218EA, DV9220EU, DV9221EA, DV9232EU, DV9233EU, DV9237EU, DV9244EA, DV9248EA, DV9252EU, DV9254EU, DV9255EA, DV9266EA, DV9266EU, DV9267EA, DV9268EA, DV9269EA, DV9274EU, DV9275EA, DV9283EA, DV9286EA, DV9288EA, DV9292EU, DV9296EU, DV9297EA, DV9299EA, DV9200 CTO, DV9200XX, DV9201CA, DV9203TX, DV9204TX, DV9205CA, DV9205TX, DV9207US, DV9208NR, DV9210CA, DV9210US, DV9218TX, DV9219TX, DV9220CA, DV9220TX, DV9220US, DV9221TX, DV9222TX, DV9223TX, DV9224TX, DV9225US, DV9230US, DV9231CA, DV9233CA, DV9233CL, DV9235NR, DV9260US, DV9265LA, DV9275LA, DV9287CL, DV9299XX
  • HP Compaq Pavilion DV9300 Series: DV9307TX, DV9308TX, DV9309TX, DV9310TX, DV9303EU, DV9308EA, DV9309EA, DV9311EU, DV9314EA, DV9319EA, DV9320EA, DV9324EA, DV9332EU, DV9337EU, DV9338EU, DV9341EU, DV9363EA, DV9372EU, DV9377EA, DV9380EA, DV9389EA, DV9390EA, DV9391EU, DV9392EA, DV9394EA, DV9395EA, DV9396EA, DV9397EA, DV9398EU, DV9399EA, DV9310EU, DV9312EA, DV9350EA, DV9361EA, DV9362EA, DV9378EA, DV9393EA, DV9398EA, DV9300, DV9301TX, DV9302TX, DV9303TX, DV9304EU, DV9304TX, DV9305EU, DV9306TX, DV9309EU, DV9310EA, DV9311EA, DV9311TX, DV9312TX, DV9313EA, DV9315EA, DV9316EA, DV9317EA, DV9318EA, DV9321EA, DV9322EA, DV9331EU, DV9332EA, DV9340EA, DV9342EU, DV9343EU, DV9344EU, DV9345EU, DV9346EA, DV9348EA, DV9351EA, DV9374EU, DV9375EU, DV9379EA, DV9381EA, DV9385EA, DV9305TX, DV9308NR, DV9310CA, DV9310US, DV9312EU, DV9315CA, DV9317CA, DV9317CL, DV9318CA, DV9320CA, DV9320US, DV9323EA, DV9330CA, DV9330US, DV9334US, DV9335NR, DV9339US, DV9343CA, DV9344EA, DV9347CL, DV9373EA, DV9380CA
  • HP Compaq Pavilion DV9400 Series: DV9400, DV9407NR, DV9408CA, DV9408NR, DV9410CA, DV9410US, DV9413CL, DV9417CA, DV9417CL, DV9418CA, DV9420CA, DV9420US, DV9428CA, DV9428NR, DV9429US, DV9438CA, DV9443CA
  • HP Compaq Pavilion DV9500 Seri

Compatible HP Model Number

Pavilion DV9000Pavilion DV9000 CTOPavilion DV9000EAPavilion DV9000T CTOPavilion DV9000Z CTO
Pavilion DV9001EAPavilion DV9001TXPavilion DV9001XXPavilion DV9002EAPavilion DV9002TX
Pavilion DV9003EAPavilion DV9003TXPavilion DV9003XXPavilion DV9004EUPavilion DV9004TX
Pavilion DV9005CAPavilion DV9005EAPavilion DV9005TXPavilion DV9005USPavilion DV9006EA
Pavilion DV9006TXPavilion DV9007TXPavilion DV9008EAPavilion DV9008NRPavilion DV9008TX
Pavilion DV9009CAPavilion DV9009CLPavilion DV9009NRPavilion DV9009TXPavilion DV9009US
Pavilion DV9010CAPavilion DV9010TXPavilion DV9010USPavilion DV9011TXPavilion DV9012TX
Pavilion DV9013CAPavilion DV9013CLPavilion DV9013TXPavilion DV9014EAPavilion DV9014TX
Pavilion DV9015EAPavilion DV9015TXPavilion DV9016EAPavilion DV9016TXPavilion DV9017EA
Pavilion DV9017TXPavilion DV9018EAPavilion DV9018TXPavilion DV9019EAPavilion DV9019TX
Pavilion DV9020TXPavilion DV9021TXPavilion DV9022EAPavilion DV9022TXPavilion DV9023US
Pavilion DV9024EAPavilion DV9030EAPavilion DV9030USPavilion DV9033CLPavilion DV9035EA
Pavilion DV9035NRPavilion DV9036EAPavilion DV9037EAPavilion DV9038EAPavilion DV9039EA
Pavilion DV9040EAPavilion DV9040EUPavilion DV9040USPavilion DV9041EAPavilion DV9042EA
Pavilion DV9043EAPavilion DV9044EAPavilion DV9045EAPavilion DV9046EAPavilion DV9047EA
Pavilion DV9048EAPavilion DV9049EAPavilion DV9050EAPavilion DV9051EAPavilion DV9052EA
Pavilion DV9053EAPavilion DV9054EAPavilion DV9055EAPavilion DV9056EAPavilion DV9057EA
Pavilion DV9058EAPavilion DV9059EAPavilion DV9060EAPavilion DV9060USPavilion DV9061EA
Pavilion DV9062EAPavilion DV9063EAPavilion DV9064EAPavilion DV9065EAPavilion DV9066EA
Pavilion DV9067EAPavilion DV9068EAPavilion DV9069EAPavilion DV9071EAPavilion DV9072EA
Pavilion DV9073EAPavilion DV9074CLPavilion DV9074EAPavilion DV9075EAPavilion DV9075EU
Pavilion DV9075LAPavilion DV9076EAPavilion DV9076EUPavilion DV9077EAPavilion DV9077EU
Pavilion DV9078EAPavilion DV9079EAPavilion DV9080EAPavilion DV9081EAPavilion DV9082EA
Pavilion DV9082EUPavilion DV9083EAPavilion DV9084EAPavilion DV9085EAPavilion DV9085EU
Pavilion DV9086EAPavilion DV9087EAPavilion DV9088EAPavilion DV9089EAPavilion DV9090EA
Pavilion DV9091EAPavilion DV9092EAPavilion DV9093EAPavilion DV9093EUPavilion DV9094EA
Pavilion DV9095EAPavilion DV9095EUPavilion DV9095XXPavilion DV9096EAPavilion DV9096XX
Pavilion DV9097EAPavilion DV9098XXPavilion DV9099EAPavilion DV9100Pavilion DV9100 CTO
Pavilion DV9200Pavilion DV9200 CTOPavilion DV9200XXPavilion DV9201CAPavilion DV9201TX
Pavilion DV9202EAPavilion DV9202TXPavilion DV9203TXPavilion DV9204TXPavilion DV9205CA
Pavilion DV9205EUPavilion DV9205TXPavilion DV9205USPavilion DV9206EUPavilion DV9206TX
Pavilion DV9207TXPavilion DV9207USPavilion DV9208NRPavilion DV9208TXPavilion DV9209TX
Pavilion DV9210CAPavilion DV9210TXPavilion DV9210USPavilion DV9211EAPavilion DV9211TX
Pavilion DV9212EAPavilion DV9212TXPavilion DV9213EAPavilion DV9213TXPavilion DV9214EA
Pavilion DV9214TXPavilion DV9215TXPavilion DV9216EAPavilion DV9216TXPavilion DV9217EA
Pavilion DV9217TXPavilion DV9218EAPavilion DV9218TXPavilion DV9219EAPavilion DV9219TX
Pavilion DV9220CAPavilion DV9220EUPavilion DV9220TXPavilion DV9220USPavilion DV9221EA
Pavilion DV9221TXPavilion DV9222TXPavilion DV9223TXPavilion DV9224TXPavilion DV9225US
Pavilion DV9230USPavilion DV9231CAPavilion DV9232EUPavilion DV9233CAPavilion DV9233CL
Pavilion DV9233EUPavilion DV9235NRPavilion DV9237EUPavilion DV9241EAPavilion DV9243EA
Pavilion DV9244EAPavilion DV9244EUPavilion DV9248EAPavilion DV9252EUPavilion DV9253EA
Pavilion DV9254EUPavilion DV9255EAPavilion DV9260NRPavilion DV9260USPavilion DV9265EA
Pavilion DV9265LAPavilion DV9266EAPavilion DV9266EUPavilion DV9267EAPavilion DV9268EA
Pavilion DV9269EAPavilion DV9271EAPavilion DV9272EAPavilion DV9273EAPavilion DV9274EU
Pavilion DV9275EAPavilion DV9275LAPavilion DV9276EAPavilion DV9283EAPavilion DV9285EA
Pavilion DV9286EAPavilion DV9287CLPavilion DV9288EAPavilion DV9289EAPavilion DV9291EA
Pavilion DV9292EUPavilion DV9293EAPavilion DV9294EAPavilion DV9294EUPavilion DV9295EA
Pavilion DV9295EUPavilion DV9296EAPavilion DV9296EUPavilion DV9297EAPavilion DV9299EA
Pavilion DV9299XXPavilion DV9300Pavilion DV9301TXPavilion DV9302TXPavilion DV9303EU
Pavilion DV9303TXPavilion DV9304EUPavilion DV9304TXPavilion DV9305EUPavilion DV9305TX
Pavilion DV9306TXPavilion DV9307TXPavilion DV9308EAPavilion DV9308NRPavilion DV9308TX
Pavilion DV9309EAPavilion DV9309EUPavilion DV9309TXPavilion DV9310CAPavilion DV9310EA
Pavilion DV9310EUPavilion DV9310TXPavilion DV9310USPavilion DV9311EAPavilion DV9311EU
Pavilion DV9311TXPavilion DV9312EAPavilion DV9312EUPavilion DV9312TXPavilion DV9313EA
Pavilion DV9314EAPavilion DV9315CAPavilion DV9315EAPavilion DV9316EAPavilion DV9317CA
Pavilion DV9317CLPavilion DV9317EAPavilion DV9318CAPavilion DV9318EAPavilion DV9319EA
Pavilion DV9320CAPavilion DV9320EAPavilion DV9320USPavilion DV9321EAPavilion DV9322EA
Pavilion DV9323EAPavilion DV9324EAPavilion DV9330CAPavilion DV9330USPavilion DV9331EU
Pavilion DV9332EAPavilion DV9332EUPavilion DV9334USPavilion DV9335NRPavilion DV9337EU
Pavilion DV9338EUPavilion DV9339USPavilion DV9340EAPavilion DV9341EUPavilion DV9342EU
Pavilion DV9343CAPavilion DV9343EUPavilion DV9344EAPavilion DV9344EUPavilion DV9345EU
Pavilion DV9346EAPavilion DV9347CLPavilion DV9348EAPavilion DV9350EAPavilion DV9351EA
Pavilion DV9361EAPavilion DV9362EAPavilion DV9363EAPavilion DV9372EUPavilion DV9373EA
Pavilion DV9374EUPavilion DV9375EUPavilion DV9377EAPavilion DV9378EAPavilion DV9379EA
Pavilion DV9380CAPavilion DV9380EAPavilion DV9381EAPavilion DV9385EAPavilion DV9389EA
Pavilion DV9390EAPavilion DV9391EUPavilion DV9392EAPavilion DV9393EAPavilion DV9394EA
Pavilion DV9395EAPavilion DV9396EAPavilion DV9397EAPavilion DV9398EAPavilion DV9398EU
Pavilion DV9399EAPavilion DV9400Pavilion DV9407NRPavilion DV9408CAPavilion DV9408NR
Pavilion DV9410CAPavilion DV9410USPavilion DV9413CLPavilion DV9417CAPavilion DV9417CL
Pavilion DV9418CAPavilion DV9420CAPavilion DV9420USPavilion DV9428CAPavilion DV9428NR
Pavilion DV9429USPavilion DV9438CAPavilion DV9443CAPavilion DV9500 Series

Compatible HP Part Number


Product Reviews

Avg. Customer Rating: (5.0 out of 5) based on 10 reviews. Write Your Review

1. Good Part Store

By Ergi from Nebraska on Apr 29, 2011

I had thoughts of a difficult transaction when I had to email the company because they forgot to send part of my order. The company quickly handled the issue and sent out the missing order and was received in amazing time. Very happy. Thanks for great service and a great product.

2. Fantastic price

By arthur from AP on Nov 12, 2010

Fantastic price! Though I was sent out 1 of the 4 items I ordered. I called, got a quick and friendly response. The reception lady explained the situation and no questions asked they sent the missing 3 items. I was very pleased. The product was shipped promptly and arrived in good condition.

3. I like the customer service

By elizabeth from Alaska on Sep 17, 2010

Delivery was fast and everything arrived intact. Customer service was absolutely exceptional. I called in expecting to have to wait at least a half hour to talk to someone (as is typical for some merchants) but waited less than 5 minutes! Also, email responses were very quick and helpful. Brilliantstore will do whatever it can to please its customers.

4. Very good!

By Vic from USA on Jun 7, 2010

There is a good battery, fore now.
Shipping is fast!

5. Great Battery!

By George from Woodburn, OR on May 15, 2010

I followed the instructions for charging a new battery and I am getting over 4 hours of continuous use on this new battery compared to barely 1 1/2 hrs on the stock battery. I have an HP Pavilion DV9208NR laptop and I use it for work and for school. Thanks

6. Fair price - quick delivery

By First time buyer from Divide, CO on May 7, 2010

I just installed this battery, and so far it is performing as advertised. The pricing was fair, and it arrived quickly and packed well.

7. Good Run time for HP DV9000

By Calvin from Norman, OK on Mar 18, 2010

Excellent replacement battery for HP DV9000 laptop. This battery has extended my laptop's 'on battery' operation from 30 minutes to 2-1/2 to 3hrs.

8. HP DV9000 and HP Battery Checker

By Helen from Wala Wala, WA on Feb 17, 2010

Got battery for my HP Pavilion dv9000 and it seems to work fine. Yes, it is bulky and heavy.. to be expected. It is true HP battery check does not work with aftermarket batteries. It will show defective or tell you to replace it. As another user mentioned, the app. BatteryBar will ease your pain. I downloaded free version and works like a dream. I say go get a new 12 cell and BatteryBar. You will be happy.

9. Worked very well,

By CR GI from MN on Dec 29, 2009

I bought this product about a week ago and it has worked quite well. I have been looking for a bigger battery since the 8-cell's wear was about 20%. Though I know I didn't need a new battery yet, I felt that it would be nice to have some more battery life. I am running windows 7 (beta build 7100), I have the core 2 duo 2.4 GHz processor, 8600m GS graphics card, and 7200 rpm hard drives. Well, on power saver mode my computer is underclocked to 792 MHz, and I have undervolted my processor to as low as it could go without crashing. I was able to get a respectable 3 hours and 30 minutes out of my 8-cell (I use Batterybar to determine life), but then I got this battery and my life jumped to about 6 hours just typing and reading pdf's (which is what I primarily do at my university). When I surf the internet and the computer runs more my battery life is about 4:30-5:00. Also, the computer being lifted has made it a little more comfortable to type as well letting the cooling be much more effective. And finally, the shipping was surprisingly fast, only took 3 days to get to my house.

10. High Recommendation

By Niklos from West Virginia on Feb 8, 2009

Positive experience with vendor, definitely recommend to others. Product was exactly as stated. Easy ordering and quick shipping. Good price. Item arrived on time and in great condition and works as advertised. Overall, very satisfied with item ordered and service received, had no problems whatsoever. I would highly recommend for notebook battery.