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Dekcell 12 Cell Battery for HP Pavilion DV7 Series, HP HDX, X18 Series, 7200mAh (Extended Capacity)

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Item No.: Dekcell - BL-5527H

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Do you want to have longer battery life for your laptop to play games, listen to music, online chat? Get this HP laptop battery. It is made of high grade lithium ion cells (12 Cells). This replacement battery can only used in HP Pavilion DV7 Series, HP HDX, X18 Series. Please verify your model number before purchasing!
  • Replacement Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion DV7 Series, HP HDX X18 Series
  • HP Pavilion Battery Type: Lithium ion, 14.80V 7200mAh (Extended Capacity), Black, 12 Cells
  • Brand new, one year warranty!
  • It is compatible with the following Part Numbers: 464059-141, HSTNN-IB74, HSTNN-IB75
  • This battery sticks out from the bottom, elevates the laptop, and makes the laptop easier to use for typing, and keeps the laptop cooler. It does amazingly well with the great demand that laptop gives it with high end games. If you want insane battery life get this because this was hard to find any 12 cell battery anywhere. It's high capacity battery with extended hours. Get around 4 hours of battery life.
  • DekCell is Registered Trademark, and it's exclusively sold by BrilliantStore only.
  • It can be used in the Following HP Laptop Models:
  • HP Pavilion DV7 Series: 1000, 1000ea, 1000ef, 1000eg, 1001ea, 1001ef, 1001eg, 1001tx, 1001xx, 1002ea, 1002tx, 1002xx, 1003ea, 1003el, 1003eo, 1003tx, 1003xx, 1004ea, 1004tx, 1005ef, 1005eg, 1005eo, 1005es, 1005tx, 1006tx, 1007ef, 1007tx, 1008ef, 1008eg, 1008tx, 1009tx, 1010ed, 1010ef, 1010eg, 1010el, 1010eo, 1010ep, 1010es, 1010et, 1010tx, 1011tx, 1012tx, 1013tx, 1014ca, 1014tx, 1015eg, 1015el, 1015eo, 1015tx, 1016nr, 1016tx, 1017eg, 1017tx, 1018eg, 1018tx, 1019tx, 1020ea, 1020eg, 1020el, 1020eo, 1020es, 1020ev, 1020ew, 1020tx, 1020us, 1021tx, 1022tx, 1023cl, 1023em, 1023tx, 1024el, 1024tx, 1025eg, 1025nr, 1025tx, 1026tx, 1027ca, 1027tx, 1029eg, 1029tx, 1030eb, 1030ef, 1030eg, 1030el, 1030en, 1030eo, 1030ep, 1030es, 1030ev, 1030tx, 1031tx, 1032tx, 1033tx, 1034ca, 1034tx, 1035ef, 1035em, 1035eo, 1035es, 1038ca, 1040ec, 1040ef, 1040em, 1040eo, 1040es, 1040et, 1040ew, 1045eg, 1045tx, 1048ez, 1050ea, 1050eb, 1050ed, 1050ef, 1050eg, 1050eo, 1050er, 1051xx, 1052xx, 1053ez, 1053xx, 1055ea, 1060ec, 1060ef, 1060eg, 1060el, 1060em, 1060en, 1060eo, 1060ep, 1060ew, 1060ez, 1065ef, 1067ef, 1070eb, 1070ed, 1070ee, 1070ef, 1070eg, 1070ei, 1070ek, 1070el, 1070eo, 1070ev, 1075la, 1080ed, 1080el, 1080eo, 1080es, 1080ew, 1080ez, 1090eb, 1090ed, 1090en, 1090eo, 1090er, 1092eo, 1093eo, 1094eo, 1095eo, 1098eo, 1099ef, 1100, 1123ca, 1128ca, 1130us, 1150us, 1153ca, 1170us, 1174ca, 1177ca, dv7t, dv7t-1000, dv7z, dv7z-1000
  • HP HDX X18 Series: 1000, 1000EO, 1001TX, 1001XX, 1002TX, 1003TX, 1004TX, 1005EA, 1005TX, 1006TX, 1007TX, 1008TX, 1009TX, 1010EA, 1010TX, 1011TX, 1012TX, 1013TX, 1014TX, 1015TX, 1016TX, 1017TX, 1018TX, 1020US, 1023CA, 1024CA, 1027CL, 1050EB, 1050EF, 1050ER, 1058CA, 1070EE, 1080ED, 1080EG, 1080EL, 1080EP, 1080ES, 1080ET, 1080EW, 1088EZ, 1090EZ, 1099UX

Compatible HP Model Number

HDX18HDX18-1020HDX18T-1000Pavilion dv7Pavilion dv7-1000
Pavilion dv7-1001Pavilion dv7-1002Pavilion dv7-1003Pavilion dv7-1020Pavilion dv7-1130
Pavilion dv7-1134Pavilion dv7-1137Pavilion dv7-1150Pavilion dv7-1170Pavilion dv7t
Pavilion dv7t-1000Pavilion dv7zPavilion dv7z-1000

Compatible HP Part Number


Product Reviews

Avg. Customer Rating: (5.0 out of 5) based on 8 reviews. Write Your Review

1. awsome!

By 61mmyers from seymour,IN on Apr 12, 2010

this battery is just awsome because you get the longer battery life plus it raises your laptop up to help with cooling, so you are getting two things for one great low price, you can't go wrong.

2. Easy Order and Good Experience

By John from South Carolina on Apr 8, 2010

This store was one of only a few that had the item that I needed, and it had the lowest prices. The description said the item was in stock, and it was easy to place my order. My order was received in perfect condition less than a week after ordering. Every on-line and / or 'brick & mortar?? experience should be this easy. Shipped quickly and cost effective. Thank you Brilliant Store!

3. So far so good!

By mlmac from Colorado on Mar 4, 2010

This battery was a great bargain. The brand name battery was aroung $150. So far its working great!

4. Excellent Battery Life at an Excellent Price

By tbb from Albuquerque, NM on Dec 30, 2009

This battery gives me longer battery life than the standard battery that came with my laptop. It is priced right, and offers efficient power for people on the go. This is a product that I truly recommend for anyone looking for more extended life on their laptop.

5. Weight was ok, having the extra charge is better

By Ambelsa from Albany, NY on Dec 7, 2009

When talking to the CustomerCare Team, I was debating over purchasing a high capacity vs standard battery. I gave it a try on the high capacity. I liked the extra power. Extra weight, I can adapt to. It's great. Right decision.

6. ideal battery for gamers

By Windsoni from Newport, Ca on Dec 4, 2009

This battery, I was surprised at the weight and balance of it. With the extended form structure, I was not brother by it as I might have expect. It delivers the holding charge (power) as promised. It is a good buy for me. Price was remarkable, cheaper than anywhere else online. BrilliantStore.com

See review video:

7. Flaw but Good Service

By pamela from Arkansas on Mar 3, 2009

The package box was partially broken when arrived. The batteries were in good condition. The one battery was missing. Called the customer service - she was very friendly and this battery arrived in a couple of days. Overall, it has excellent Service and Shipping as two batteries out of five totally arrive DOA. Customer service was excellent and replacement batteries arrived overnight. By the way, I think the ability to track the order status would be beneficial as opposed to just getting the email from the shipping company. Just a suggestion. Thank you for this.

8. Like it, Recommend it

By Michaeleen from New York on Feb 14, 2009

Again, great service with nice prices. I have used brilliantstore.com before and I will continue to do so! I find shopping for all of my computer parts here to be cheap and easy! I find that the website is very organized and easy to use. I also find that they almost always have the best prices and when they do not its maybe one out of 20 items. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is building a system.