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These humidifiers help you to breathe easier by adding moisture to the air for your home or office, provide year-round relief from the drying effects of air conditioner and heater.
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Showing 1 - 24 of 24 Items Pages:  1
Getting More Care for Your Family
There are more we can do to our humidifiers.
1. Add some anti-virus granules with a ratio of 1:20 with water to a humidifier which would protect your family from influenza effectively.
2. Drip drops of vinegar into a humidifier, being bactericidal to you.
3. Add some drops of toilet water to a humidifier which can avoid kids from nasal congestion.
4. Some drops of lavender attar in the water tank can bring you a more sweet dream every night.
5. A humidifier indoors protects the furniture from deformation and the walls from any cracks.?
6. Add several drops of lemon attar to the water tank which whitens your skin to be more fine and delicate everyday,especially for ladies.
7. Some salty water in the water tank eases you much if you got a sore throat or chronic pharyngitis.
8. Turn on the humidifier when you are cutting onions and avoids you getting sore eyes and shedding tears.
9. Put a humidifier close to your computer can eliminate electrostatics.
10. Keep a few gold fishes in the water tank and create a more cozy home for your family.
And you deserve to get a more cozy home and a more healthy life from now on!