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Inkjet Cartridges

Inkjet cartridges below are designed for Brother, Dell, HP, Lexmark. All inkjet cartridges are made by Sercomp. They are replacements but they have been tested throughout the manufacturing and assembly process to meet the OEM specifications. Buy with confidence and happy shopping!
The fastest way to find the Inkjet Cartridge you need is searching by "model number" or "part number", such as "Epson R300 Inkjet Cartridge".
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Showing 1 - 24 of 28 Items Pages:  1 2

How much do you know about Inkjet Cartridge?

Inkjet Cartridges are used for storing marking ink and finish the typing. From the structure on the market, Inkjet Cartridges are divided into separate ink cartridge and fine cartridge.
Fine cartridge has blow heads gathered in the ink box. After the ink has run out, the Inkjet Cartridge should be replaced, which means the burner cap should be substituted. This kind of Inkjet Cartridge can realize high type exactitude and ensure typing quality. In the light that the sprinkler changes along with the Inkjet Cartridge, typing quality will not decline along with the abrasion of the blow head. However, due to the high cost, this kind of Inkjet Cartridge is sold at high price. Users can pour ink into the empty Inkjet Cartridge once it wears out, which will not cause severe damage to the shower nozzle if operated properly. Generally speaking, after the original ink has run out, users can fill three to four times. If users have found that the typing quality declines, they are suggested to renew one Inkjet Cartridge.

Separate Ink Cartridge means ink box of which the blow head and the ink box are separated, pointing to reduce the cost of typing considering that this Cartridge does not integrate blow heads, resulting in that once the ink box wears out, the burner cap continue to work and it simplifies the detachment procedure for users. The evident default is that the blow head cannot be renewed in time. As the printer works longer and longer, print quality will descend. The first cost of this kind of Inkjet Cartridge is cheaper, but it does not allow users to fill with ink casually. In Separate Ink Cartridge, according to colors, there are mono ink cartridge and multicolor cartridge. Mono ink cartridge means that each single color is packed individually. Users can replace the color worn out and cause no waste. While multi-color Cartridge means that multiple colors are in the same ink box. If one color is running out, the whole ink box should be replaced even other colors are still available. Obviously, the former is more economical.
Generally put, the Inkjet Cartridge bulks large in the whole inkjet printer, especially for low-end printers, two Inkjet cartridges equals one printer. As a result, in the process of purchasing printers, users should consider the circumstances of Inkjet Cartridges.

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