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Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard White for iPad

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Item No.: Dekcell - CPA-1569

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Congratulations on selecting the Ultra-Flat Bluetooth Keyboard, it's super slim size with 78 keys. Advanced patent on less noise and adopt latex spring circle and scissor structure. This creative and easy-to-use Bluetooth Keyboard will bring you the novel feeling of wireless transmitting.Light and thin keyboard as this one is, with wireless Bluetooth function, easily to operate. You can type more easily on your devices such as an iPad. What is even better is that it can be charged by Travel and Car USB Charger Kit which enables you charge your keyboard with the USB charging cable included in the package without needing a computer.
  • System Requirement:

  • Windows mobile 5.0 or above
  • Bluetooth version 2.0
  • Product Specifications
  • Bluetooth Specification: Version 2.0 Class 2
  • Range of Frequency: 2.4GHz Spectrum
  • Operating Voltage: 3.7Vdc (powered by Li-ion)
  • Operation Current: ﹤5mA
  • Standby Current: 1.2mA
  • Sleep Current: ﹤0.2mA
  • Transmit Range: up to 10 meters
  • Storage Temperature: -40~+125 degree
  • Dimensions: 284.34mm*119.80mm
  • Weight: 310g +/- 2g

  • Installation Guide:

  • Step 1. Charging the battery
  • When to charge

  • 1 First-Time Use: Please charge at least 6 hours for the first time usage and charge at least 2 hours when battery runs low
  • 2 Red LED Blinking: When the red LED starts blinking, it means the battery is nearly empty
  • How to charge

  • Plug the USB cable into your keyboard and computer by USB port respectively and it starts charging. Keyboard can work uninterruptedly during charging.
  • Step 2. Pairing your Bluetooth Keyboard with your device
  • Press the "connect" button for 1-3 seconds, the red LED on the keyboard should now be periodically flashing.
  • The first step is to enable Bluetooth on your device, do so by tapping 'Start', then 'Settings', choose the 'Connections' tab.
  • Select the Bluetooth icon to open the Bluetooth Settings menu, choose the 'mode', tap the on-screen button to turn on Bluetooth. Then choose the 'Devices' button and then 'New Partnership'
  • Your new keyboard should be found within a few seconds. Highlight it and press 'Next'. Just follow the prompts, you will be asked to make up and enter a 'pass code' (anything you want, it is a one-time only thing and part of the Bluetooth spec - this is a trivial use for Bluetooth and the security obviously is not necessary) on
  • the smart phone keypad. A couple of digits will do, e.g. '0'. Then enter '0' on the Bluetooth keyboard and press Enter. From the services available for the foldable Bluetooth keyboard, select 'Imput Device'
  • Click finish, then you may now type.
  • Troubleshooting
  • If you are unable to connect your Bluetooth Keyboard to the device, or he keyboard work unconventionally, please try the following:
  • Before you install your Bluetooth Keyboard, please make sure Bluetooth is turned on
  • Ensure the Bluetooth Keyboard is within a 10 meters range of your device
  • Ensure the passkey, is same (the keyboard should repeat the passkey and press return)






Red LED Blinking: Pairing or Low in Battery

Green LED on: Charging

Blue LED on: Power On

Product Reviews

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1. Work well

By Jason from Ca on Dec 8, 2010

It works well from the date i purchase. And the shipping is fast