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Blenders by Black & Decker, Oster, Sunpentown

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 Items Pages:  1

Using Tips for Sunpentown Blenders

1. Study the manual carefully before you get to use it.
2. Keep the motor case off water to avoid risk of electricity leak.
3. Unplug the power cable to power off when unit is not in use.
4. Before using unit, revolve tight the blade and centrifugal filter, fix the upper jar correctly on the case and then plug the power cable.
5. No touch on rotating parts in use.
6. Make sure the case lid is locked before operation and do not open it in theoperation.
7. Make sure the measuring cup is loaded before operation.
8. Wait for motor runs normal before laying up food in unit.
9. Avoid putting materials that are unduly large, thick or hard in case of damaging the blade and overloading the motor.
10. The Centrifugal cage is not to reserve too much dregs of food and needs clearing up timely or it causes vibration,
11. In each using, you are allowed to open the case lid only when operation of the motor case stops.
12. Do not use the blender in the outer side.
13. Keep staying on the site when motor keeps running and make sure the power is off before leaving
14. Keep cautious on the sharp blade for using.
15. Keep the overall set of blender clean. Prevent the bottom case from flushing water or immersing into any water. That would impair its insulation function of the bottom case.