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Chest Freezer, Upright Freezer, Compact Freezers

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 Items Pages:  1
Regular Maintenance for A Refrigerator/Freezer

Most of the time, smell comes from the refrigerator; defrosting of the freezer also produces smell. Put deodorant or an electric deodorizer into the refrigerator to get rid of smell; give a thorough cleaning to the refrigerator with the machine powered off.
As for the smell from the freezer, cut off power first and then open the door, defrost and rinse frost out before using deodorant or an electric deodorizer.
Since frost is a kind of negative conduct whose conductivity is 1/350 of that of aluminum, covering of frost on the evaporator tends to turn to be a thermal insulation layer which would influence exchanging of heat between the evaporator and food, deferring the cooling down of food and weakening the freezing function of a freezer, as a result of consuming more power. It even adds more chances that overloading heat from the long time operation would damage the compressor finally.
Timely defrosting can avoid smell from various kinds of food stored in a freezer and it's time for defrosting when it accumulates to 5mm.