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Hot Water Pots

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 Items Pages:  1
Instruction for Thermo Pots
1. Locate flat a thermo pot and keep away from any heating sources such as cooking stoves and inflammable gases.
2. Water level of the pot should be kept above the minimum limit or under the maximum limit otherwise the heater groove would be broken or the boiling water would be overflown.
3. Do not heat any other solids or beverages except water.
4. It's not advisable to pour in hot water exceeding 149?.
5. Avoid using multi-functional sockets instead of built-in wall sockets with whose current value is larger than that of a thermo pot.
6. Do not refill water by faucet directly in case of causing partial humidification.
7. Keep wet hands away from a thermo pot.
8. Unplug power cable if long-time idling, holding a thermo pot in good maintenances.
9. Keep a thermo pot from any immersing or flushing with water.