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Induction Cooktops

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 Items Pages:  1
Instructions for An Induction Cooktop

1. Agreeable Power Cable
As the large power efficiency of the cook top, power cable should be agreeable to 15Amp copper conductor supporting with the outlet, plug and switches. Otherwise, the large current caused during operation will destroy power cable and the outlet. Besides, install a fuse holder next to the outlet if available to assure safety.
2. Laying Flat
For the table that locating the cooktop should be flat enough.If the table isn't flat enough to hold down, the gravity caused by cookware would deform or even destroy the cooktop easily. Plus, the vibration caused by heating increases the risk of cookware slipping out.

3. Obstruction-Free Inlet Openings
With the increasing temperature of the cooktop, assure there is enough space for the ventilator of the vent and inlet opening. Keep the bottom of cooktop clear of any subject or fluids that would get cooktop destroyed. As a possible warning, if the inbuilt fan doesn't revolve during the operation, stop operating and practice some necessary overhaul.

4. Light Cookware Loading
As a cooktop material not the same as brick or metal, its bearing capacity is limited which can not be more than 12lb and the bottom area of a cookware should not be too small centering most pressure on one certain spot.

5. Correct Way to Clean
?Just like other electric appliances, a cooktop need protection from humidity or any harmful fluid. Keep a cooktop off water and avoid flushing directly by water. Rinse it with any solvent or gasoline. Besides, do not scrape off grime or greasy marks from the surface with hard subjects such as metal brushes or emery cloth. For the grime, dip some water with soft cloth and wipe with soft cloth adding light-concentration washing powder. Wiping a heating cooktop with a piece of wet rag is not advisable.
6.Inspection for Functions of A Cooktop
A cooktop has its fair automatic self-inspection and self-protection which is reactive to metal cookware, improper temperature. It is critical when a cooktop is deprived of these functions.
7. Stop Operation If Any Debris
As the surface of a cooktop is made from crystalline ceramics this is fragile and stop operation if there is any debris out there.
8. Stability of Power Efficiency
Heating to a fairly high temperature and taking away a container tends to cause breakdown to the unit as changeable power efficiency would damage the board.