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Microwave Ovens

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 Items Pages:  1
Distinct Features of Microwave Ovens
Light-Microwave: comparing to traditional microwave ovens, the light microwave outstands itself by instant heating under high efficiency in steaming, boiling, frying and baking. Little loss of nutrition or the fresh flavor of food occurs. Besides, it has extraordinary function of disinfection.
Baking-Characterized Microwave: generally, it utilizes the circulating heat convection to maintain equate temperature inside the oven and heats food evenly and entirely to the perfect baking. It is applicable for bakery, cookies and pancakes.
Steaming Microwave: it is equipped with a steaming vessel processed by special technology heating food by the steam and convection produced from microwave heating. And this indirect microwave heating preserves the original flavor and avoids carbonization of food.
Frequency Converted Microwave: comparing with traditional microwave ovens, frequency converted oven characterizes itself in energy saving, light case, large capacity and low noise. The heat varies by changing power frequency and gives consistent heating to ensure food even-heated with little loss of nutrition and fresh taste.