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Portable Ice Makers

A portable ice maker is compact, easy to use and requires no installation. Ideal for any kitchens, home bars, recreation rooms, cottages, RV's, boats, offices, and more. Just a few simple steps and you can have your first batch of ice in less than ten minutes! Highly portable, you can enjoy cool, refreshing ice wherever AC outlet (and water) is available.
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Requirements & Instructions for An Ice Maker
1. An ice maker should be located in a fluctuated and clean, safe place.
2. It doesn't allow any exposure to direct sunshine or rain. Keep away from any heat sources.
3. Temperature around should be within the scope of 5? and 38?.
4. Leave enough space especially for the back of unit, no less than 250mm for thermal dissipation.
5. Adjust the grounding screws to steady ice maker flat.
6. The temperature for water treating system is no less than 2? or no more than 38?.
7. Hydraulic pressure is no less than 0.02Mpa or no more than 0.8Mpa.
1. Begin with the installation of power supply. First check up the automatic supply system is installed properly with normal amount of pure water before powering up an ice maker.
2. Plug the power cord and ice maker starts working from the pump which would have 2-minute discharging of air. Then the compressor starts operation and ice maker is to be making ice.
3. When ice cube comes to as thick as specified, the probe of ice starts running with electromagnetic valve running and pump ceases. The warm steam enters evaporator melting down the ice cubes within two minutes. On the process of falling down of ice cube, the baffle rolls over and pops open the reed switch. With the second closing of reed, unit recycles its process of ice making.
4. The compressor doesn't halt during the process of ice-forming and ice-detaching.
5. With the full barrel, the reed switch is unable to close down automatically, unit would end its operation till enough ice being taken out and reed switch re-closes. After a delay of 3 minutes, unit recycles process of ice making.