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Pressure Cookers

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 Items Pages:  1
Knowledge on Application and Maintenance for Pressure Cookers
1. Leakage of Pressure Valve?
This is mainly because cooker hasn't been located flat or else the rust caused by the long-use pressure valve and the top brings about this; another possible cause is the top is not screw tight enough. For the possible rust, scrubbing with washing powder or alkali water will work.
2. Air Leakage from Exhaust Pipe?
Generally this is because there may be loose screws or rotten asbestos pad, screw it more tight in time or change for a new asbestos pad can solve the issue.
3. What if the Soluble Slice Melts?
Take down the cooker with a wet towel, wait for internal pressure to lower down then open up the cooker to change for a new soluble slice, then issue could be solved.
4. Air Leakage from Rim of Cooker?
There may be bur on the rim of pressure cooker and the rubber coil is too broad and thin which affects the sealing of cooker and causes air leakage.
5. How to Avoid Maturing of Rubber Coil?
The causes of maturing rubber coil are no timely cleaning up greasy dirt and leave it inside of cooker after each using or keep it too close to fire sources for a long time. Attention should be paid on these situations can avoid maturing of rubber coil
6. Protrusion of the Base of Cooker?
This is normal for a pressure cooker in the process of cooking and will not influence application and function of the cooker.