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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 Items Pages:  1
Ways to Save Energy you're your Refrigerator
First of all, keep away from heat source and vacate an appropriate gap. When the temperature around indoor raises 40?, the fridge will increase 25 percent of energy consumption. Therefore, keep the refrigerator far away enough from any heat sources and locate it in ventilated places.
Second of all, hot food is not to be put in immediately until it cools down as low as close to the indoor temperature; food inside of refrigerator should be packaged with small plastic bags to accelerate the freezing. Remember to avoid stuffing the refrigerator to the full so as to help ventilate cool air inside.
Finally, avoid frequent opening and closing that will increase consumption of energy and shorten its life span at the same time, for the cold air inside of fridge leaks out while hot air outside slips in, raising the internal temperature in either way. Plus, the compartment light will be turned on, consuming more energy.
Four Reasons for Your Purchase to Order One Now
1.This selection of compact refrigerators indicate their style and fashion vividly whose classic and fashionable appearance never lost people's appeal to them.
2. Its petty bulk let it workable to be located in the kitchen, dining hall, or the living room, never causing any obstruction at all.
3. The capacity is most suitable for a family of three or four.
4. The competitive price gained itself a position in the booming market.