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Rice Cookers

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Showing 1 - 24 of 55 Items Pages:  1 2 3
To Be More Power-Saving for Your Rice Cooker
Rice cooker is indispensable for most families as a power-consuming appliance. How should we use and maintain it in a power-saving way? Check the following and see what else we can do to be more economical.
1. Soak the washed rice for 15 minutes before cooking it which can shorten much time of the cooking and the cooked rice tastes better than that hasn't being soaked.
2. Make full use of the after heat of the electric plate: powering off cooker when rice gets boiled and 8-10 minutes later, power it up again to continue , then the red light goes out the yellow one turns on indicating the rice has been done. Power off the cooker and warm the rice with the after heat for 10 minutes.
3. A rice cooker should not be used as a water kettle. The former one would take three times longer than the latter to boil water up, which means taking much more time and power. ?
4. Cooking rice prior to or after rush hours is the easiest way to save more power. When the voltage is 10% less than the normal rated, the consumption time could be extended for about 12% more than original, consuming more power and vice versa.
5. Keep internal and external plate clean timely, or the surface of cooker would get oxidized by the long time using. Just soak it in water and cleanse it with rags till burnish its original metal color.
6. The internal plate and the bottom should be in appropriate touch. Any indentation or protrusion of the internal plate would affect cooker's function.