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Toaster Ovens

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 Items Pages:  1
Brief Instructions for Using Toaster Ovens

1. Temperature Control button is to regulate the temperature according to the different food.

2. Timing Knob is to set up time by switching the knob clockwise and operation ends when it sends out a

clear ring.

3. Electric indicator will be always on during the operation.

4. Broiling rack is used for various kinds of food and broiling tray for broiling of grease-drippy food

like meat, fish and other similar ones.

5. Toaster oven should be located flat and steady and make sure the grounding screw touches the ground.

6. The received heat and increasing temperature varies according to different types of food, therefore it'

s important to operate an oven at a proper temperature within a given period. Radiation would appear near

door of oven, keep turning food over to get it even-heated.

7. Power off toaster oven when taking food from it and use fork handles to clamp the baking tray in case of

getting fingers burned.

8. Keep a toaster dry and clean overall; cleanse its interior wall with a soapy dish towel if any stained

condiments or greasiness instead of using water which would cause humidity on internal electric parts.

9. Keep switches for power, temperature and timing on standby when it's not under use.