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Water Dispensers

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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 Items Pages:  1
Maintenance Measurements to A Water Dispenser
1. Transportation: water dispenser with a compressor is only permitted to be sloped within 45 degrees during the transportation.
2. Unpacking: for a small sized water dispenser, take off the packing tape, then cut open with a knife from the bottom to middle of the package; for a big-sized one, untie the wrap and hold up the whole package from the bottom.
3. Loading Water: after locating the water dispenser, tear down the protective film and sealing paste, flip gallon bucket over to water dispenser, press on both cold and hot faucets before powering on the dispenser.
4. Drainage: as the drainage outlet lies in the bottom of small-sized water dispensers while that of large ones lies in the back, you are supposed to make regular cleaning to it every one or two months.
5. External Cleaning: use a towel with toothpaste when a dishcloth fails to wipe up the stains. It will turn out as bright as it is newly bought after your thorough cleaning.
6. Water-Leak: when a faucet appears water leak, switch the upper cover of faucet counter clock-wise and take out the plastic fiber near to the outlet before switching tight back the upper cover and the issue can be fixed.
7. Sterilization: remove the gallon bucket and drain up the remained water inside of the dispenser through the drainage outlet?then take two pieces of disinfectant dissolving in the gallon bucket of purified water, flip over the bucket to water dispenser and switch on the both faucets till water pours out with immersing the dispenser for 15 minutes. Open the drainage outlet and exhaust the disinfected water. Repeat rinsing until the smell disappears.