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Wine Cooler, Beer Dispenser

These wine coolers and beer coolers are the best way to preserve your wine. Designed to complement any area for all shapes, sizes, storage capacity from 6 bottles to 122 bottles, these wine coolers are perfect for home bar, restaurateur, vintner, wine enthusiast.
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Showing 1 - 24 of 26 Items Pages:  1 2
Purchase Guide to A Wine Cooler
1. Get A Wine Cooler
Most wine lovers preserve the naturality of wine on their own way because of its easily-deteriorating character,especially under a changing surroundings. And a wine cooler with thermostat long guarantees the wine its original taste. And this is the real reason that wine lovers get themselves a wine cooler.
2. Laying Up Flat
Wine should be always laid flat to keep its cork from turning dry by steeping it in the wine which preserves the original flavor in a sealed bottle and prevents oxidization or slaking by possible penetrated air. Up to or above the neck of bottle is proper.
3. Constancy and Consistency of Temperature
Temperature is one of the most critical factors for wine and the point is to keep the internal temperature constant. Besides, elements of wine will be affected by the changing temperature.
4. Relative Humidity
The RH of 65 percent is the best condition for wine conservation. And a constant 55% to 80% RH is fairly suitable too. When the RH happens to be too low, air would permeate into the wine, causing oxidization and infiltration to the cork and too high RH would cause smell to the wine and decay the labels.
5. Avoid Vibration
Frequent vibration influences the stability of wine's sediments. As the sediment grows itself with the period of preservation and vibration would liquefy it back. Besides, frequent vibration damages the elements of wine. A wine cooler's compressor with aseismatic rubber pad which is soundproof and aseismatic assures the precise temperature and absence of any jells. Just get meticulous care to your classic treasure of brand wine from the wine cooler.
6. Circulation of Air
In a humid climate, adequate circulation of air avoids propagation of bacteria. As the immersed cork produces harmful smell and this intense smell penetrates to spoil the originality of wine. And the internal fans absorb fresh air to evacuate the flow and block out any bacteria propagation.
7. Absence of Ultraviolet Light
As ultraviolet light spoils to the organic compounds would speed its maturing, especially with the tannin acid that affects the fragrances and elements of the wine. In consideration of this, wine should be preserved light free environment and avoid any sunshine or electric illuminator which contains special harmful light waves. As the LED light illuminators that haven't any ultraviolet light becomes pretty popular with most wine lovers and it does not cause any heat conduction to influence the temperature of wine.