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Gateway Laptop AC Adapters

The fastest way to find the adapter you need is searching by "model number" or "part number", such as "Solo 1200 adapter".

Select Gateway AC Adapters by Model Number (or Select by Part Number)

3018GZ 3040GZ 3520GZ
3522GZ 3525GB 3545GZ
3550GH 3550GZ 3610GZ
400SD4 400VTX 4012GZ
4024GZ 4025GZ 4026GZ
4028GZ 4028JP 4030GZ
450RGH 450ROG 450S
450SX4 450X 4520GZ
4525GZ 4530GH 4530GZ
4535GX 4535GZ 4536GZ
4538GZ 4540GZ 4541BZ
4542GP 4543BZ 600YG2
600YGR 6010GZ 6018GH
6018GZ 6020GZ 6021GH
6021GZ 6022GZ 6023GP
6510GZ 6518GZ 6520GZ
6525GP 6531GZ 7110GX
7210GX 7215GX 7305GZ
7320GZ 7322GZ 7324GZ
7325GZ 7326GZ 7330GH
7330GZ 7405GH 7405GX
7410GX 7415GX 7426GX
7508GX 7510GH 7510GX
7515GX 8510GH 8510GZ
CX200S CX200X CX2608
CX2610 CX2615 CX2618
CX2620 M-150S M-150X
M-150XL M-151S M-151X
M-151XL M210 M210S
M210X M210XL M250
M250A M250B M250E
M250ES M250G M250GS
M275 M275R M275X
M275XL M280 M280E
M305 M305CRV M320
M320S M320X M320XL
M325 M350 Series M350WVN Series
M360 M360A M360B
M360C M405 M460A
M460B M460QS M460S
M460X M460XL M500
M505 M505X M520
M520S M520X M520XL
M680 M685 M685E
MX3042 MX3044 MX3044h
MX3210 MX3215 MX3228
MX3558 MX3558h MX3560
MX3560h MX3562 MX3563
MX3563h MX3610 MX6025
MX6025h MX6027 MX6027h
MX6028 MX6030 MX6124
MX6124h MX6128 MX6135
MX6420 MX6421 MX6423
MX6424 MX6425 MX6428
MX6436 MX6437 MX6438
MX6440 MX6442 MX6450
MX6455 MX6625 MX6627
MX6627h MX6629 MX6629h
MX6631 MX6650 MX6650h
MX7118 MX7337 MX7337h
MX7340 MX8520 NX200S
NX200X NX250X NX500S
NX500X NX510 NX550X
NX550XL NX850X NX850XL
P-170L P-170X P-171S
P-171S (FX) P-171X P-171X (FX)
P-171XL (FX) P-6301 P-6302
P-6822 P-6825 P-6831 (FX)
P-6836 S-7200C S-7200N
S-7500N S-7700N Solo 1100
Solo 1150 Solo 1200 Solo 1400
Solo 1450 Solo 2100 Solo 2150
Solo 2200 Solo 2300 series Solo 2300LS
Solo 2300XL Solo 2500 series Solo 2500LS
Solo 2500SE Solo 2500XL Solo 2550
Solo 2551 Solo 3100 (Fireant) Solo 3100SE (Fireant)
Solo 3100SL (Fireant) Solo 3100XL (Fireant) Solo 3150
Solo 3150S Solo 5100 Solo 5100XL
Solo 5150LS Solo 5150SE Solo 5150XL
Solo 600YG2 Solo 600YGR Solo 9100 series
Solo 9100LS Solo 9100SE Solo 9100XL
Solo 9150 Solo 9300 Solo 9300cx
Solo 9300VE Solo 9300XL Solo 9500
Solo 9500cx Solo 9550 Solo 9550CL
Solo Pro 9300-E T-1409j T-1602m
T-1603m T-1616 T-1620
T-1621 T-1622 T-1625
T-1628 T-6208c T-6307c
T-6308c T-6311 T-6313
T-6313h T-6315c T-6316c
T-6318c T-6319c T-6320c
T-6801m T-6802m T-6815
T-6815h T-6816 T-6816h
T-6817c T-6818c T-6819c
T-6820c T-6821c T-6822c
T-6823c T-6826c T-6827c
Tablet PC M1200 Tablet PC M1300
Welcome to the Gateway Laptop Adapter Store! When you're traveling with your laptop, make sure you don't forget to bring an extra power adapter! We offer an excellent selection of notebook power adapters for the Gateway Solo series, M series, P series and T series and others. Our prices are unbeatable and we offer excellent customer service, a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year product warranty. Shop with us and tell your friends!