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Aopen Laptop Batteries

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Welcome to Aopen Laptop Battery Store! The Store Offers Aopen Replacement Laptop / Notebook batteries for 1547, 1547-A, 1547-G, 1550-C, 1555, 1555-A, 1555-G, 1556-A, 1556-G, 1556-GL, 1556-J, 1556-JL, 1556-O, 1557-G, 1557-GL, 1557-J, 1557-JL, 1558-JL, 1559-AS and other models. Also, we offer fast shipping and low price guarantee. Aopen laptop battery store only offers reliable and high quality battery for your Aopen laptop. Every Aopen laptop battery has been tested. Buy it with confidence.

How to use AOPEN laptop battery in a right way

Fully charging and discharging the first time you use your AOPEN battery will get a good start for keeping its longevity.

A cotton cloth can keep your AOPEN battery clean and tidy which in response can contact well with the laptop.

The AOPEN battery needs to be activated at least each two or three weeks, otherwise, you should break in the battery described above.

One month or more not using the battery, you're supposed to conserve it in a clean, dry and cool place apart from heat and metals.

Rember to charge the AOPEN battery befor use.