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Apple Compatible Laptop Batteries

The fastest way to find the battery you need is searching by "model number" or "part number", such as "Macbook Pro battery".

Select Apple Compatible Batteries by Model Number (or Select by Part Number)

iBook 12 inch Dual USB iBook 12 inch LCD Series iBook 12.1 inch Screen Dual USB
iBook 14 inch Dual USB Opaque White iBook 14-inch Dual USB iBook 14-inch Dual USB Opaque
iBook 14.1 inch LCD iBook 14.1 inch LCD 16 VRAM iBook 14.1 inch LCD 32 VRAM
iBook 1999 model iBook 2000 model iBook 32 VRAM
iBook Blueberry Series iBook Clamshell iBook Crystal White Series
iBook FireWire Series iBook G3 14-inch Series iBook G4 12-inch Series
iBook G4 14-inch Series iBook Graphite Series iBook Indigo Series
iBook Late 2001 Model iBook Lime Green Series iBook M2453
iBook Opaque White 16 VRAM iBook Snow White Series iBook Tangerine Series
M7692LL/A M7698LL/A M7720LL/A
M7721LL/A M8520LL/A M8758*/A
M8758B/A* M8758J/A M8758LL/A
M8758S/A M8758T/A* MacBook 13 inch A1278
MacBook 13 inch Aluminum Unibody Series (2008) MacBook 13 inch MA254 MacBook 13 inch MA254*/A
MacBook 13 inch MA254B/A MacBook 13 inch MA254CH/A MacBook 13 inch MA254F/A
MacBook 13 inch MA254J/A MacBook 13 inch MA254LL/A MacBook 13 inch MA254SA/A
MacBook 13 inch MA254TA/A MacBook 13 inch MA254X/A MacBook 13 inch MA255
MacBook 13 inch MA255*/A MacBook 13 inch MA255B/A MacBook 13 inch MA255CH/A
MacBook 13 inch MA255F/A MacBook 13 inch MA255J/A MacBook 13 inch MA255LL/A
MacBook 13 inch MA255SA/A MacBook 13 inch MA255TA/A MacBook 13 inch MA255X/A
MacBook 13 inch MA699 MacBook 13 inch MA699*/A MacBook 13 inch MA699B/A
MacBook 13 inch MA699CH/A MacBook 13 inch MA699J/A MacBook 13 inch MA699LL/A
MacBook 13 inch MA699TA/A MacBook 13 inch MA699X/A MacBook 13 inch MA700
MacBook 13 inch MA700*/A MacBook 13 inch MA700B/A MacBook 13 inch MA700CH/A
MacBook 13 inch MA700J/A MacBook 13 inch MA700LL/A MacBook 13 inch MA700TA/A
MacBook 13 inch MA700X/A MacBook 13 inch MB061*/A MacBook 13 inch MB061B/A
MacBook 13 inch MB061CH/A MacBook 13 inch MB061J/A MacBook 13 inch MB061LL/A
MacBook 13 inch MB061X/A MacBook 13 inch MB062*/A MacBook 13 inch MB062B/A
MacBook 13 inch MB062CH/A MacBook 13 inch MB062J/A MacBook 13 inch MB062LL/A
MacBook 13 inch MB062LL/B MacBook 13 inch MB062X/A MacBook 13 inch MB402*/A
MacBook 13 inch MB402B/A MacBook 13 inch MB402J/A MacBook 13 inch MB402LL/A
MacBook 13 inch MB402X/A MacBook 13 inch MB403*/A MacBook 13 inch MB403B/A
MacBook 13 inch MB403J/A MacBook 13 inch MB403LL/A MacBook 13 inch MB403X/A
MacBook 13 inch MB466*/A MacBook 13 inch MB466CH/A MacBook 13 inch MB466J/A
MacBook 13 inch MB466LL/A MacBook 13 inch MB466X/A MacBook 13 inch MB467*/A
MacBook 13 inch MB467CH/A MacBook 13 inch MB467J/A MacBook 13 inch MB467LL/A
MacBook 13 inch MB467X/A MacBook 13 inch MB881LL/A MacBook Air MB003LL/A
MacBook Pro 13-inch Series MacBook Pro 15 inch A1150 MacBook Pro 15 inch A1286
MacBook Pro 15 inch Aluminum Unibody MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463 MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463CH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463J/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463KH/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463LL
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463LL/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463ZH/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA463ZH/HD100
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA464 MacBook Pro 15 inch MA464CH/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA464J/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA464KH/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA464LL MacBook Pro 15 inch MA464LL/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA464ZH/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA464ZH/CTO MacBook Pro 15 inch MA600
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA600J/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA600KH/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA600LL
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA600LL/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA600TA/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA600X/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA601 MacBook Pro 15 inch MA601J/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA601KH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA601LL MacBook Pro 15 inch MA601LL/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA601TA/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA601X/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA609 MacBook Pro 15 inch MA609*/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA609*D/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA609B/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA609CH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA609J/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA609KH/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA609LL
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA609X/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA610 MacBook Pro 15 inch MA610*/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA610*D/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA610B/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA610CH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA610J/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA610KH/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA610LL
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA610X/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA895*/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA895CH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA895J/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA895KH/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA895LL
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA895RS/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA895X/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA896*/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA896CH/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA896J/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA896KH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MA896LL MacBook Pro 15 inch MA896RS/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MA896X/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MB133*/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MB133B/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MB133J/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MB133LL/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MB133X/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MB134*/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MB134B/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MB134J/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MB134LL/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MB134X/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MB470CH/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MB470J/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MB470LL/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MB470X/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MB471CH/A
MacBook Pro 15 inch MB471J/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MB471LL/A MacBook Pro 15 inch MB471X/A
MacBook Pro 15-inch Series MacBook Pro 17 inch A1151 MacBook Pro 17 inch MA092
MacBook Pro 17 inch MA092CH/A MacBook Pro 17 inch MA092J/A MacBook Pro 17 inch MA092KH/A
MacBook Pro 17 inch MA092LL/A MacBook Pro 17 inch MA092TA/A MacBook Pro 17 inch MA092X/A
MacBook Pro 17 inch MA611 MacBook Pro 17 inch MA611*/A MacBook Pro 17 inch MA611*D/A
MacBook Pro 17 inch MA611B/A MacBook Pro 17 inch MA611CH/A MacBook Pro 17 inch MA611J/A
MacBook Pro 17 inch MA611KH/A MacBook Pro 17 inch MA611LL/A MacBook Pro 17 inch MA611X/A
MacBook Pro 17 inch MA897*/A MacBook Pro 17 inch MA897J/A MacBook Pro 17 inch MA897LL/A
MacBook Pro 17 inch MA897X/A MacBook Pro 17 inch MB166*/A MacBook Pro 17 inch MB166B/A
MacBook Pro 17 inch MB166J/A MacBook Pro 17 inch MB166LL/A MacBook Pro 17 inch MB166X/A
PowerBook G3 (1999 models) PowerBook G3 (2000 models) PowerBook G3 12.1-inch M6359J/A
PowerBook G3 12.1-inch M6359LL/A PowerBook G3 12.1-inch M6477LL/A PowerBook G3 12.1-inch M6479LL/A
PowerBook G3 12.1-inch M7229J/A PowerBook G3 13.3-inch M6357J/A PowerBook G3 13.3-inch M6357LL/A
PowerBook G3 13.3-inch M6481J/A PowerBook G3 13.3-inch M6481LL/A PowerBook G3 13.3-inch M6482LL/A
PowerBook G3 14.1-inch M6484LL/A PowerBook G3 14.1-inch M6485LL/A PowerBook G3 14.1-inch M6541J/A
PowerBook G3 14.1-inch M6541LL/A PowerBook G3 14.1-inch M7109J/A PowerBook G3 14.1-inch M7110J/A
PowerBook G3 14.1-inch M7112J/A PowerBook G3 14.1-inch M7304J/A PowerBook G3 14.1-inch M7304LL/A
PowerBook G3 14.1-inch M7308J/A PowerBook G3 14.1-inch M7308LL/A PowerBook G3 M3553
PowerBook G3 M4753 PowerBook G3 M5343 PowerBook G3 M7572
PowerBook G4 (15 inch Titanium) PowerBook G4 (15.2 inch TFT Screen) PowerBook G4 (DVI)
PowerBook G4 (Gigabit Ethernet) PowerBook G4 (Titanium) PowerBook G4 12 inch Series
PowerBook G4 17-inch Series PowerBook G4 M7710LL/A PowerBook G4 M7952LL/A
PowerBook G4 M8591/A PowerBook G4 M8591B/A PowerBook G4 M8591J/A
PowerBook G4 M8591LL/A PowerBook G4 M8591S/A PowerBook G4 M8591T/A
PowerBook G4 M8591X/A PowerBook G4 M8591Y/A PowerBook G4 M8592/A
PowerBook G4 M8592B/A PowerBook G4 M8592J/A PowerBook G4 M8592LL/A
PowerBook G4 M8592S/A PowerBook G4 M8592T/A PowerBook G4 M8592X/A
PowerBook G4 M8592Y/A PowerBook G4 M8760 PowerBook G4 M8760*/A
PowerBook G4 M8760B/A* PowerBook G4 M8760LL/A PowerBook G4 M8760S/A
PowerBook G4 M8760T/A* PowerBook G4 M8760Y/A PowerBook G4 M8858/A
PowerBook G4 M8858B/A PowerBook G4 M8858J/A PowerBook G4 M8858LL/A
PowerBook G4 M8858S/A PowerBook G4 M8858T/A PowerBook G4 M8858Y/A
PowerBook G4 M8859/A PowerBook G4 M8859B/A PowerBook G4 M8859J/A
PowerBook G4 M8859LL/A PowerBook G4 M8859S/A PowerBook G4 M8859T/A
PowerBook G4 M8859Y/A PowerBook G4 M9007 PowerBook G4 M9007B/A
PowerBook G4 M9007CH/A PowerBook G4 M9007J/A PowerBook G4 M9007KH/A
PowerBook G4 M9007LL/A PowerBook G4 M9007SA/A PowerBook G4 M9007ZH/A
PowerBook G4 M9008 PowerBook G4 M9008B/A PowerBook G4 M9008CH/A
PowerBook G4 M9008J/A PowerBook G4 M9008KH/A PowerBook G4 M9008LL/A
PowerBook G4 M9008SA/A PowerBook G4 M9008ZH/A PowerBook G4 M9110LL/A
PowerBook G4 M9183 PowerBook G4 M9183J/A PowerBook G4 M9183LL/A
PowerBook G4 M9183X/A PowerBook G4 M9184 PowerBook G4 M9184J/A
PowerBook G4 M9184LL/A PowerBook G4 M9184X/A PowerBook G4 M9462
PowerBook G4 M9689B/A PowerBook G4 M9689CH/A PowerBook G4 M9689F/A
PowerBook G4 M9689HK/A PowerBook G4 M9689KH/A PowerBook G4 M9689LL/A
PowerBook G4 M9689TA/A PowerBook G4 M9689X/A PowerBook G4 M9690*/A
PowerBook G4 M9690CH/A PowerBook G4 M9690LL/A PowerBook G4 M9690X/A
PowerBook G4 M9691*/A PowerBook G4 M9691CH/A PowerBook G4 M9691LL/A
PowerBook G4 M9691X/A PowerBook G4 M9970B/A PowerBook G4 M9970CH/A
PowerBook G4 M9970F/A PowerBook G4 M9970HK/A PowerBook G4 M9970KH/A
PowerBook G4 M9970LL/A PowerBook G4 M9970TA/A PowerBook G4 M9970X/A
PowerBook G4 Series (15 inch Aluminum) PowerBook M8858LL/A
Welcome to the Apple Laptop Replacement Battery Store! Don't leave your Apple laptop at home when you go on the road. Keep it humming with a powerful new battery that you can fire up anywhere you go. We have an excellent selection of Apple laptop/notebook replacement batteries for the Apple iBook, Macbook Pro, PowerBook G3/G4, StyleWriter and more. Apple laptop batteries are specifically designed for each brand and model. Before ordering, be sure to check your Apple laptop model and determine exactly which battery you need and look for it in the list below. You also can type your query into our search bar. Enjoy your shopping experience and tell your friends about us!

How to Maintain Apple Laptop Battery

(for Macbook and Macbook Pro)

Apple laptops use lithium polymer battery as portable power. Newly released MacBook Pro laptops with built-in (non-mobile) increased battery life, make it more humane.
1. Often slightly used Apple laptop battery. You had better to complete one charge cycles every 1-2 weeks (at least one month to complete one charge cycle).
2. If you are new to purchase Apple laptop battery or every 2-3 months later used, you need to do a calibration for the battery.
3. Do not always let the battery fully discharge (except when you are doing a calibration for the battery)
4. Do not let your Apple laptop or battery in a hot environment (for example: the car back box), a fully charged battery must more pay attention.
5. When using an external power supply to run MAC (MAC PRO), do not remove the battery.

It will be much better, if lithium batteries can often be used reasonably. APPLE ideas: "Use it on the road when you go to work or come off duty, and then charge at the office or at home, so to keep the battery activity." Please note that lithium batteries have no memory effect, it is best not to fully discharge (unless this battery is calibrated). It is not the same with the nickel-based batteries need to fully charge and discharge.
Don't use an external power supply to run Apple laptop all the time. When you use an external power supply, you needn't to worry about over-charging. Because when the battery's capacity is above 95%, Apple laptop will not charge the battery. Basically, the best usage is to use external power to run laptop (Charged to 100% battery capacity equals one charge cycle). You'd better to complete 2 times recharge cycles every week, and 3 years complete about 300 charge cycles, which is most beneficial to the battery. (Complete 100% battery capacity equal to one charge cycle). Please note that you should not remove Apple laptop removable battery when using external power supply. There are two reasons: first, if the magnetic power plug unexpectedly fractured, the data may be lost and the hard disk directory structure is also easy to be damaged; second, it will reduce CPU processor' speed.
Apple Battery has an integrated chip, as a "fuel sensor." Reset the chip, the operating system can accurately judge the performance of the battery charge and discharge. You'd better calibrate the battery every 2 months once. Otherwise, after a long time, it may lead to cell chip can not accurately determine the remaining capacity. This situation can easily cause the Apple can't trigger sleeping at the right time, the hard drive directory is damaged or Apple can not shut down correctly. Once the Apple battery has been damaged due to the above reasons, the battery will not recalibrate, it can only be replaced. Apple provides that "calibration purpose is to enable the battery to maintain 80% of the original battery capacity within 300 charge cycles". For the MBP's built-in battery, calibration purpose is to make the battery capacity to keep 80% original capacity within 1000 charger cycle.
Battery life:
In order to maximize Apple laptop battery life, do not highlight, it is consuming power. If you do not need Bluetooth and Airport connectivity, you can close them. In the experiment, the battery life is usually different from Apple's testing time. They are likely to be limited to simple web browsing and basic word processing. In reality, the battery life is usually less than 1-3 hours of the experimental results. Battery life depends on the type, usage and activities. If life expectancy is shorter than expected, see the health and troubleshooting. If Apple's battery life shorter than expected, see the health and troubleshooting.

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